Pregnancy – Early Signs

Signs of early pregnancy is very mild and can even be absent. However, women still can’t wait to see happen in this cycle to conceive a child or not, and they tend to pay attention to every minor detail. Let’s look at the signs of early pregnancy to delay and in the first weeks after it started.

Signs of pregnancy before the beginning of your period

These symptoms we will consider briefly as to trusting them not. Look for signs earlier than one week before the proposed date of commencement of menstruation is not worth it.

1. Toxicosis. you Probably have met women who claimed that the day after the incident conception they felt their interesting position. Immediately began nausea, have any bowel disorder, insomnia, fatigue and other “charms”. However, as you might guess, these signs of pregnancy at an early period to delay often not what first comes to mind, as a symptom of poisoning, and just a nervous overstrain. Many sensitive girls during severe stress experience frequent urges to urinate in the toilet, severe nausea and other unpleasant sensations.

2. Measurement of basal temperature. it is Recommended that only those women who in this matter experts who are not experienced women, for the first time decided on these measurements, can make the wrong conclusions. Sure to note that the signs of early pregnancy, the temperature of which is increased one of the main is not always 100% result. This may be due not only pregnancy, but also with sex, which was the day before, nervous excitement, illness, violation of the rules of measurement of rectal temperature, etc.

3. Unpleasant sensations in the field of mammary glands and nipples. Chest starts quite ill, and slightly longer. But this may be due to functional changes in tissues cyclic changes characteristic of women of reproductive age. In rare cases, such a sudden pain may be associated with pathology, but not with signs of early pregnancy to delay. If the chest is felt volumetric education of the nipples appear for selection have to go to a mammalogist or gynecologist.

Signs of pregnancy after the beginning of menstruation

Early Symptoms Of PregnancyThese signs of pregnancy on early term much more interesting and authentic.

1. As it is not trivial – the absence of menstruation. On this fact pay attention to all women, or otherwise care about their health. However, many on the absence of menstrual periods for several days do not pay attention, because now the ladies who menstruate go day in day is a rarity. Our nervous life does not give the body to work correctly. Expectant mothers are no cyclic bleeding during the entire period of carrying a child. Improving menstrual cycle for a few weeks/months after birth, is dependent, to a greater extent from feeding woman breastfeeding a child or not, and how regularly does it.

2. Pain in the lower abdomen. it happens in normal and expectant mothers, and the ladies, who’s going to go period and with the threat of miscarriage. Need to monitor the regularity, duration, and strength of these pains. Usually women intuitively understand – worry or not. But be that as it may, every expectant mother should have in your first aid kit antispasmodic – pill, which quickly relieve muscle spasm.

Keep in mind that drinking antispasmodics for pain on one side of the abdomen, especially on the right, is not recommended. This could be appendicitis, but this pain you hurt the doctor to make a correct diagnosis.

3. The increase in the number of allocations. Sometimes the most obvious signs of early pregnancy – selection. Of course, here we mean not bloody discharge from the vagina and not the signs of sexually transmitted diseases, as usual, colorless, stretching separation, typical of the period of ovulation. By the way, in some cases, there may be bleeding, but in small numbers. Many women take them for menstruation. If period is too scarce – it makes sense to pass the examination.

4. The increase in the abdomen. Young girls that have not experience motherhood, believe that the signs of early pregnancy to delay accurately indicate the creation of new life. And what is most characteristic of this feature is traditionally the growth of the abdomen. Looking at their form, they are trying to see a little vyplachivayut the abdominal wall and, it should be noted, sometimes they have really something to see… But only in this case, the lifting of the abdominal wall is not connected with pregnancy. The uterus begins to visibly protrude only in the second half of the second trimester, not before. And at such an early time even gynecologists are not able to separate the pregnant uterus from not pregnant.

5. The pregnancy test is positive. That is clearly positive. Clearly shows two strips. In such cases, the error is practically eliminated. This applies to significant signs of early pregnancy – selection, fever and rectal is now a secondary issue. But be aware that in some cases, the test shows 2 stripes and after a miscarriage, and ectopic and frozen pregnancy, and some serious pathologies of the body. Therefore, we would recommend to visit the doctor.

First-pregnancy-symptoms6. Gynaecological examination. While pregnant uterus is determined only by vaginal examination, but a little later, closer to the second trimester, the size of the uterus can be identified already during external inspection on the couch, which, in principle, and you will wait at every visit to the gynecologist in the future. In this simple way the doctor with a rather high accuracy will determine if developing fetus or not, is there a delay in development.

More or less precisely the doctor can say about pregnant women at term from 5 obstetric weeks. At this time the cervix is a bit backwards, the labia become bluish tint, and the uterus becomes globular and weekly increases in size.

7. HCG. Many women noticed the signs of pregnancy at an early period, do a blood test or urine (often the first) to know the exact result. Doctors also prescribe this analysis is usually suspected ectopic or frozen pregnancy. If a child is something wrong, the level of human chorionic gonadotropin below normal for this period of pregnancy. But you must take into account the fact that sometimes a few lower values are observed in the absence of pathology. This hormone begins to produce 7-10 days after conception.

8. Ultrasound examination. Fertilized egg can be seen almost immediately after implantation of the fertilized ovum in the uterine wall. But to guarantee that the fertilized egg will be the beginning of a new life, the doctor will not be able, because of an embryo at this early period have not yet seen. So, even if the signs of early pregnancy to delay present, and then the doctor uzist has diagnose uterine location of the ovum is not yet time to relax.

We have listed only the main symptoms of early pregnancy, but really there are much more. However, they are not all equally reliable. To diagnose an interesting situation still, must gynecologist.

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