Premature ovulation

As a rule, regular observation of the onset of full-fledged ovulation allow the woman to get an incredible a lot of very important information about their reproductive soundness and reproductive health so actually the state of the whole organism. Because the onset of full-fledged and most importantly timely ovulation though indirectly, but all the same may well prove the correctness of the work, and about the General state of some internal organs and systems of the woman.

In addition, the onset of full and timely ovulation can quite accurately determine a woman’s ability to successfully conceive. Because the normal full attack ovulation should occur every (or almost every) month, approximately in the middle of the menstrual cycle. Although, of course, it should be noted that in modern society, women have increasingly come the so-called “failures” in this natural mechanism, as, for example, all the same the premature onset of ovulation.

What is premature onset of ovulation?
Premature ovulationFor some reason many of the young girls think that the onset of ovulation is always strictly in the middle of the menstrual cycle. As you know actually this is the most absolutely perfect case. Among physicians, it is believed that on average, the onset of full-fledged ovulation occurs somewhere fourteen (maybe 12 or 15) days prior to the first day of the subsequent month, what with the full and adopted by the normal 28-day menstrual cycle and is the middle. I must say that even for such young girls, with almost “ideal” of the menstrual cycle, it is not recommended to use the so-called calendar method of contraception, and all this only because the onset of full-ovulation – this phenomenon is extremely unstable and to some extent even capricious. Literally in every particular cycle offensive full ovulation may occur as before, and a bit later than usual, sometimes it can happen twice in one cycle or does not occur in a particular cycle. And actually if you do not regularly measure, indicators of basal body temperature, it can not even guess it is about anything, nor about the occurrence of ovulation or the lack thereof.

It should also be noted that within the absolute norm happens and so that almost any woman a few times a year may well be completely anovulatory cycles, as well as a full ovulation may shift, and completely in any of the parties.

As you know if, for example, the output is already quite Mature egg from its follicle took place a little earlier than it should happen you in your usual state, this kind of ovulation will be considered premature. Additionally, the onset of full-fledged ovulation on the ninth or eleventh day of the menstrual cycle are not always going to be premature, in fact that is why this interpretation of the term “premature ovulation” is not quite correct.

And, of course, to judge that the onset of full-fledged ovulation happened prematurely will only be able the woman that leads her ovulation at least some supervision and control. If in the normal state (and within a few menstrual cycles in a row) full attack ovulation occurs specifically you say 11 or on the 15th day from the moment when they began menstruating, then of course what happened is valid on the eighth day of this menstrual cycle ovulation definitely will be considered premature. But agree, it is not excluded that option, when in a particular case such an early ovulation will be absolute and constant rate.

Why ovulation may occur prematurely?
Why ovulation can occur prezhdevremennogo safe to say that absolutely all processes in the female body, incredibly closely related to the female menstrual cycle. Moreover, in each phase of this menstrual cycle, most activity will be to be certain, but completely different hormones (estrogen, progesterone, and of course luteinising hormone, as well as follicle-stimulating hormone), which as you know will not be able to go completely unnoticed and unnoticeable for most women. And it is logical to note that almost any abrupt changes, such as oscillations and even shaking, in reality can affect the duration of the menstrual cycle so actually during the onset of full-fledged ovulation.

Thus, frequent colds, severe stress, fatigue, as well as easy change of climate or weather conditions, a change of your constant power mode or sleep may well be able to “move” the onset of full-fledged ovulation closer to the beginning or towards the end of the menstrual cycle. The reason for such a premature ovulation can also become and alcohol abuse, and sometimes receive some serious drugs, and even some cerebral activity of the woman.

Sometimes the premature onset of a full-fledged ovulation can be a real testimony and some of the most dangerous diseases or pathologies going on in your body: it can be a variety of inflammatory processes in the genital organs, and even dysfunction of the cortex of your adrenal glands and other glands secreted hormones.

In General, of course, nothing particularly wrong with that approach full ovulation occurred earlier than usual, no. And, sometimes, however, in some specific cases such unpleasant hurry can be fraught with very concrete consequences.

What can be dangerous to prevent premature ovulation?
When and how are ovulatingIt should be noted that mainly the premature onset of ovulation is a real danger for those young girls who are accustomed to use the calendar method of contraception not wanting to get pregnant. Despite the beliefs of doctors at his unreliability, many of us still just rely on your destiny. Agree too early ovulation occurred in this case, it will be able to play specifically with you rather cruel joke and this unwanted and even “unlikely” pregnancy can be more than tangible and real.

So “miss” sometimes those women who are actively planning to attack her pregnancy. After all, the premature onset of a full-fledged ovulation may be the real reason for the inability of most women to successfully conceive a baby. Moreover, these mainly observed in those women who have very short or catastrophically irregular menstrual cycle. Typically, such situations require strictly qualified and timely treatment, and treatment with the help of special hormones. In such cases, the woman directly in the region of the navel or in the thigh by conventional subcutaneous injection impose special hormonogenesis drugs, of course, assign who will have only a specialist and only after conducting preliminary complete the survey.

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