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Prentatal Yoga

Today, the choice of courses to prepare expectant mothers for childbirth is huge, but many people prefer yoga. And not because it’s fashionable technique. Prenatal yoga allows you to kill two birds with one stone: to prepare for childbirth physically and psychologically. Women who do yoga during pregnancy safely and avoid perineal tears and postpartum depression.

For the child’s future utility any inverted postures – this will help to better accommodate the fetus.

Pregnancy Yoga for Beginners

Many doctors agree that expectant mothers, practicing yoga, have good physical health and radiate optimism. Their bodies are plastic and prepared to ensure that during labor they can take any comfortable position. With the help of yoga exercises (called asanas), you can get rid of various types of pain associated with pregnancy and relieve pain caused by childbirth directly.

What yoga gives expectant mothers? In short, yoga is not only a set of stretching exercises and methods of body purification, relaxation and proper breathing. The purpose of all yoga exercises is not that, according to folk myths be tied in three knots, or a month without food. Yoga teaches us to find comfort in any unusual or uncomfortable situation – physical and psychological. And, of course, strengthens the body and spirit.

When to start doing yoga

the In India a lot of women do yoga, baby. Some start only when they know they are pregnant – they attend special classes, which receive significantly lower loads than those that practiced for a long time. But many women in India who do not attend classes, they themselves perform at home small group exercises, which are learned in the family. Their mothers, grandmothers, great-grandmothers did these exercises while pregnant. Future young mothers in India there is no doubt of the necessity and feasibility of such classes as the Indian women’s special physical and morellatohome for childbirth is a centuries-old tradition.

the yoga Instructor say that to begin classes in any term of pregnancy, citing the example of women who came to them for 2-3 weeks before the birth and did something donaucity. However, when you practice yoga already in an interesting position, it is always necessary to consider two issues: your time and your level of physical fitness. If you have practiced yoga before, it makes sense to go to a special “pregnant” group. Instructor which, incidentally, must have a certificate that is provisioned to moms-to-be.

Benefits of yoga for pregnant women

It is clear that the training program for pregnant women tailored to their interesting position. Yoga exercises great strengthen the entire body, gently work with the spine and joints that have an increased load during pregnancy. Static postures improve circulation in the pelvic area, strengthens the spine and muscles directly involved in the family act. All asanas should be performed slowly and smoothly, without any attempts to aerobics.

For the child’s future utility any inverted postures – this will help to better accommodate the fetus. Stretching exercises will make the tissue more elastic, and this enables the woman to avoid at the time of birth perineal trauma.

Especially needed for pregnant women breathing exercises: it is recommended to perform several times a day. They additionally provide oxygen to the mother and the child, and most importantly, yogic breathing practices will be useful during labour – they will ease the pain, help to avoid weak labor activity, as well as hypoxia in the child. Those who practiced yoga during pregnancy, argue that the technique of cleansing the body will help reduce the toxicity or to get rid of it altogether.

And, maybe most important of all yoga helps the expectant mother to cope with the mood swings and make her more confident. Because for any yoga practice, the main task is to find the balance between body and mind.

Harm of yoga for pregnant women

If you are pregnancy is not practiced yoga, do not rush right off the bat: the load should be increased very gradually. But if doing some asana, you feel severe discomfort or pain, immediately stop. Properly performed exercise will never cause pain,nausea or dizziness.

Contraindicated in pregnant any postures associated with position “lying on stomach”, or for which you need to strain the abdominal wall. If you perform balance exercises, is a safety net to rely on a chair or the wall.

Finally, in certain pathologies of pregnancy any physical activity are prohibited. Therefore, if your pregnancy runs with deviations, about yoga it is better to consult a doctor.

Types of Prentatal Yoga

That yoga fashion trend is evidenced by the huge number of training centers, and even special journals devoted to this important subject. Meanwhile, the eyes of newcomers flee from the names of schools: Kundalini yoga, Hatha yoga, Ashtanga yoga etc.

The division into types of yoga mean, what kind of practices the emphasis in this school.

Hatha yoga — emphasis on working with the body. In the ranking of yogic disciplines is considered to be the most suitable for beginners. The concept of Hatha yoga a lot and rejuvenating techniques.

Kriya Yoga – focus on cleansing, it may be yogic cleansing of the physical body, and purification by mamandram and meditation.

Kundalini yoga is the practice of awakening the inner Kundalini energy that underlies the birth and development of both man and the world.

But there are modern schools of yoga. They can be compared with the author’s methods, but with one detail – the authors have achieved considerable peaks in all other types of yoga and just managed to find and present your style.

Ashtanga yoga – a very dynamic style associated with active breathing. What do Ashtanga, Madonna and Tom cruise. However, pregnant and just not recommended for beginners to practice this style – it requires a good physical preparation.

Sivananda yoga: combines static and dynamic postures. The school is not as well known in the West but in India has a great reputation.

Iyengar on the contrary, the static practice, which can be engaged by the untrained person. Great attention is paid to careful execution of the asanas.

Asanas of Pregnancy Yoga for Beginners

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