Prevention of yeast infections

Prevention of yeast infections (candidiasis) is necessary not only in case if the patient hedgehog successfully recovered from the aggravation of this disease precaution is particularly necessary for people who are at high risk.

These include patients who:
-suffer from diabetes;
-blood diseases;
-prone to decreased immunity and other severe pathologies;
-taking antibiotics or hormones.

Candidiasis – what are the features of this disease
In the treatment and prevention of thrush it is necessary to remember that to fully rid the body of yeast fungus while maintaining the usual conditions of life – this microorganism is representative of the normal microflora and its negative effects on the body has only in cases when the immune system fails.

Even if the patient, regardless of gender and age was discovered yeast, this fact does not become evidence of thrush – examination is important to identify yeast at all, and discover its increased amount. The doctor prescribes the General and local antifungal therapy, as well as immunomodulatory medications only in case if the patient is striking clinical picture of the disease and the typical complaints.

Prevention of yeast infection

Prevention of yeast infectionsFirst of all, to prevent a yeast infection, you must cease contact with infected people, strengthen the immune system, carefully follow the rules of personal hygiene. Very important point is also timely diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases as candidiasis is a frequent companion of diseases that are sexually transmitted (venereal diseases).

Those patients who have already undergone treatment and rehabilitation, to eliminate the possibility of re-infection is recommended:
-use barrier methods of contraception;
-to conduct the examination and treatment of all diseases of the genitourinary system;
-to refuse sex with people who are potentially infected;
-in a timely manner to treat the pathological process, which caused the development of immune system disorders.

The most important rule is to abandon the self – diagnosis of a yeast infection and attempts at self-medication, in case of any discomfort or concerns should consult a physician. You should never rely on the advice of “knowledgeable” friends or advertising of medicines in the media – only a qualified physician can prescribe the necessary treatment and prevention for a particular patient.

What makes up your daily prevention
How to prevention-of-yeast-infectionFor any patient thrush, especially after the successful completion of assigned and completed the treatment, you must:

Wearing only clothing made of natural fabrics, synthetic material makes it difficult ventilation and artificially creates on the body moist warm places, which are the perfect breeding ground for fungi and bacteria.
To refuse the use of intimate deodorants, perfumed Soaps, scented pads and tampons.
To avoid douching unless necessary, as this destroys the normal microflora and prevent its recovery.
Nutrition for the prevention of candidiasis, it is necessary to exclude from the diet of excessive amounts of simple carbohydrates, all harmful products, especially those in which a lot of preservatives, food dyes, to give up bad habits, especially Smoking and alcohol abuse.

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