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Probiotics and prebiotics

We all know that intestinal flora to support. But if support is not well, there’s a goiter, and it will have to recover. Can yogurt can capsules. Yogurt tastes better, capsules somehow more solid, then everyone chooses what he or she likes. But in a good closer should be common sense: all this stuff is being promoted through advertising, to believe, of course, not worth it. And here’s why.

Probiotics and prebiotics – what are they
Probiotics and prebiotics - what are theyBacteria living in the human body, several times more than the cells of the body, their species – a few hundred. They are located mostly in the intestine. There are some bacteria helps, for example, to digest food, some treats potentially dangerous, but not particularly manifests, allowing you to peacefully coexist with others. Under the influence of antibiotics or some other medications, and also various diseases of the balance that was established among inhabiting the intestine of microorganisms is disrupted. In the end, pathogenic bacteria get out of control and can cause diarrhea, pain, bloating, etc. And in this case in United States in the doctor’s office can usually hear: “you Have dysbiosis”. In fact, it’s the same as if the trauma is recorded in the card of a person with a broken arm: “Diagnosis: the pain in my arm”. The dysbacteriosis is not an independent disease but a symptom. And, of course, you must first find the cause. However, in some situations, attempts to restore intestinal flora” can be justified.

In this case we usually use probiotics (products containing “good bacteria) and prebiotics (what they feed on). There is also a method of transplantation of feces, but it is not applied widely.

When they want
Although probiotics are keen, convincing evidence of their effectiveness was only in a small number of cases. Apparently, they really help with antibiotic-associated diarrhea. Since antibiotics kill bacteria, probiotics need to be taken two hours before antibiotics. Likely in children with diarrhea caused by rotavirus, have the effect of large doses of lactobacilli is the duration of illness will be reduced by half a day. Data shows that when irritable bowel syndrome, lactose intolerance and complications of treatment of ulcerative colitis probiotics also help. However, in the case of these diseases more research is needed.

When pointless to use probiotics?
Recently it was found that these drugs do not affect the course of colic in children.

“Immunity” is probably not the best idea. In Europe it is forbidden to tell in the advertisement of probiotics and yogurts with “friendly bacteria” on the reduction in the number of colds and generally improve the functioning of the immune system due to these products. The fact that this effect is not proven, and even more likely, the opposite is proven.

Doctors also do not recommend to support intestinal flora with prophylactic administration of probiotics. This just makes no sense. To understand why, you need to know the mechanism of action of probiotics.

There are several assumptions as to how the probiotics help to cope with diseases and unpleasant symptoms. For example, they are considered to directly or indirectly kill the bacteria that bring damage to our bodies, as well as reduce their growth. Moreover, they replace the “good bacteria”, who died under the influence of any drugs or diseases – thus, they help to restore the necessary balance. (Although, of course, their number is small.)

How to choose
I want to buy probiotics there are two ways: to the grocery store or pharmacy. Of course, the yogurt has a more pleasant taste than pills, but the problem with them is that nobody can predict what the number of bifidobacteria and lactobacilli in the intestines. The fact that they’re while “waiting” for the buyer, then pass through the hydrochloric acid in the stomach, which destroys a significant number of them, and only then get to where they are needed most.

What is prebioticsThe composition of probiotics from the pharmacy may be more diverse than in the yogurt. Although, of course, bifidobacteria and lactobacilli are the most common. These drugs are usually enteric shell, which perhaps helps them to reach the intestines in a predictable quantity. But to guarantee its quality, no one can: in the West, where everything is available on the pharmaceutical market, is rigorously tested, probiotics are not drugs, and diet supplements. In Europe and the United States, however, these drugs (and in some cases Supplements) are not traditionally qualitative studies of efficacy and safety. Therefore, it is desirable that probiotics has written a competent specialist. Besides, he knows that different bacteria produce different effect and methods of production of these drugs leave the bacteria a chance to survive.

What is prebiotics
Prebiotics are carbohydrates that feed on the “good” bacteria. To buy them is pointless: they are found in tomatoes, asparagus, onions, garlic, artichokes, chicory and bananas. By themselves they are not able to cope, for example, antibiotic-associated diarrhea, and therefore purposefully put them in a better diet, along with probiotics.

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