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Proper Breathing While Running

Proper running involves many components. It is not enough to learn to keep the right body position and to set the right leg, breathing technique while running. There are several opinions on how to breathe correctly while running. But all professionals agree that when running, breathing should be easy, free, and easy. So how do you learn how to breathe correctly?

How to Breathe When Jogging

Beginner runners it is very difficult to concentrate on correct breathing has a lot of things to keep in mind: how to keep the trunk of the body, where to put his feet and how to move the hands. Because the one who to take care about proper breathing, creates some artificial run. While the benefit and enjoyment of the run can be obtained only when running totally natural. Because it is important not to focus on breathing – just breathing. But to let the process of breathing on the slide too, is not: certain running technique require proper breathing.

So, Jogging should be accompanied by a uncomplicated, free-breathing. Moreover, experts recommend breathe exclusively through the nose. If a beginner runner can’t breathe, then he should slow down – this will allow you to continue to breathe through the nose. If there is a pressing need to mouth breathing, so the body lack of oxygen. In this case, for a few seconds to switch to mouth breathing even useful. Especially if the runs are along the pond or in the woods.

By the way, before running must perform warm-up – this will allow you to prepare loads not only the muscles but also other body systems. During the warm-up is important to do exhale all the exercises that occur on compression of the thorax. Accordingly, if the chest expands, the need to breathe. All the stretching exercises that are accompanied by breathing: this exercise is exhale, and during a small bending forward or in a standing position – the breath.

Proper Breathing While Running: Highlights

  • Experienced runners are advised to breathe using the diaphragm or lower abdomen. That is, the breath should not be superficial through the upper chest. How can you learn? To exercise should be walking, if not in a calm state. First we need to take a deep breath while puffing out his belly.
  • With a slow running, it’s best to exhale and inhale was carried out in 3-4 steps. But the first is to train to breathe in 2 steps. You can try this rhythm of breathing when walking. When this type of breathing will become a habit, you can break into a sprint.
  • Breathing when running in winter should be! When mouth breathing hypothermia and contamination of the airway is inevitable. After all, when Jogging in the fresh air all microorganisms and dust deposited on the tonsils, into the trachea and bronchi. As a result may develop infections and colds.

Three types of breathing when running

Some experts, proper breathing while running is divided into three kinds, emphasizing that not everyone is comfortable to breathe only a nose. Thus, there are:

  • with pursed lips inhale and exhale,
  • inhale through your nose, exhale through the mouth,
  • inhale mouth, exhale through the mouth.

The usefulness of each type of breathing is due to the specialists defined theories:

  1. Nose Breathing has advantages because the air during passage through the mucosa, is warmed and moistened. Therefore, it protects from cooling and drying of the upper respiratory tract. At the same time, through the nose air resistance stronger than through the mouth.
  2. While inhaling through the nose and exhale through the mouth Airways are not supercooled. While exhaling through the mouth allows you to quickly cleanse the body of gases. It is believed that novice runners who have trouble breathing exclusively by the nose, should start with this breathing. Do on one inhale, two steps, also two steps to do exhale.
  3. Mouth Breathing provides easy and quick inhale and exhale.

It is worth noting, proper breathing while running not only makes it easier to run, but also promotes healing of the body, fights aging, improves carbohydrate metabolism, liver and gastrointestinal tract. So aim correctly and breathe deeply as often as possible.

How To Breathe Properly While Running

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