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Pump up the press – for men

Today a very large number of athletes wondering how to build the press? This is particularly a problem of concern to beginners. It is worth saying that this is nothing complicated, just need to know some pumping of the muscles of the abdomen, and also have strength of will and perseverance. Relief and incised abs always attract the female half of the population, and also give you the opportunity to take part in Amateur bodybuilding competitions.

Often beginners due to the lack of knowledge begin to divide press on the top, middle, bottom, side, etc. actually there is only one rectus abdominis, which is the upper and lower abs and also obliques, which form the so-called lateral press. Can be divided rectus on the upper and lower part, both always used when performing exercises, but some moves can be focus on each of them.

What you need for good press

To be made in such a press you don’t need a clock to perform crunches or leg lifts in a vise, the most important condition – low percentage of body fat. If the fat will, even the most pumped-up muscles will hide under them and to see them will be difficult. So, if you want to have the cubes, then the first thing you have to think it’s a diet you can throw the extra fat with cutting calories, either through fat-burning workouts.

For pump relief abdominal muscles you will be enough exercise only 2 – twists and leg lifts, these movements do all professional athletes, adding sometimes slightly modified versions for variety. It is important to know the technique of performing these exercises without proper technical work to progress it will be very difficult.

Pump up the press – Features

You already know the basics of how to swing a press, but you should know some features. First, for efficient pumping of the stomach muscles need to doderzhatsya a certain range of repetitions in one approach you should not perform more than 20 repetitions, if you still have forces in this number, is any way to complicate the exercise – the extra weight, pause at peak contraction, etc. Secondly, it is impossible to train the press too often, this muscle and so it receives a static load when performing many exercises (squats, thrust, hyperextension, etc.), therefore, not to drive our muscles, they need to train every 3-4 days.

For fast growth you need to train both upper and lower portion of the rectus abdominis muscle together, for this one exercise you must do crunches and leg lifts in a vise. We Recommend that you first warm up your muscles with crunches, this exercise is relatively easy, then it is better to move on to leg lifts, and then again to finish off the abdominal muscles with crunches. The principle is important to first understand light exercises, then heavy and then light again for finishing.

Program for men press

From beginners to athletes left the question – how to pump up the press, we will provide an effective training program, which can be used to make cubes. It is worth remembering that without the lack of subcutaneous fat to achieve six pack abs is impossible. So here’s what exercises a beginner should do:

  • Twisting on the floor (feet on bench) 3-4 sets of 10-15 repetitions;
  • Reverse crunches on a bench 3-4 sets of 10-15 repetitions;
  • Twisting in the chair with a turn 3 sets of 10-15 repetitions.

You may have noticed that the leg lifts we did not use, instead we took a similar mechanics of movement – reverse crunches, they are a little easier and suitable for beginners. This set is certainly enough exercise to build muscle press, subject to a minimum amount of fat.

To pump up the press – Training

1. Top press.

pump press 1









2. Push-UPS

pump press 2

3. Pumping up the muscles of the buttocks

pump press 3

4. Exercise for the abdominal muscles

abs 4

5. Exercises for the muscles of the thorax

abs 5

6. Strengthening the oblique muscles of the abdomen

abs 6

7. Strengthening the muscles of the lower press

abs 7

8. Training of the abdominal muscles tone

abs 8

9. Exercise bike for burning calories and to tone abdominal muscles

9 to pump up the press

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