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Pyoderma (purulent diseases of the skin)

Pustular disease or pyoderma is a group of infectious inflammatory diseases of the skin. As the word “infectious”, it becomes clear that called pyoderma microorganisms, most often by staphylococci and streptococci. On healthy skin, these bacteria can exist without causing any ailments. But under certain conditions, such as: various minor injuries and dermatoses, accompanied by pruritus (itchy, eczema), contamination of the skin, decreased immunity, chronic diseases, changes in the composition of sweat and increase its branch (oily skin), manifest themselves.

Symptoms of pyoderma

This pathology is a group of nosology, there are several different diseases. We explain the basic:

1) Folliculitis – inflammation of hair follicles. On the surface of the skin we will see pustules and papules (besplatnoe, is found above the skin level education). Precipitation occurs with small soreness or itching. If affected the entire hair follicle, then this condition is called sycosis. Very often occurs in individuals with excessive sweating, shaving people (when the injury is deeper). If not treated this condition or treated incorrectly, it can move to the next

2) Boil – purulent lesion of the hair follicle and the surrounding tissues. It is dense, restablishing node. The pain has a pulsating character. In the center of the node we see the “festering head”. Very dangerous localization of furuncle in the nasolabial triangle area, where because of the abundant blood supply in this area, the process may rasprostranitelei and the brain. When several furuncles merge with each other, then it is called a carbuncle. This is a more difficult process that is often accompanied by fever and worsening of General condition. Well, and the third nosologia, when there is a limited inflammation of the tissues – abscess requiring emergency surgical intervention.

3) Hydradenitis – inflammation of the sweat glands that occur most often in the armpits, at least in the inguinal folds and scalp. The disease is accompanied by a sharp soreness in the area of inflammatory focus, increase overall body temperature. Such a coincidence is not rarely requires surgery.

Symptoms of pyoderma4) Impetigo and ecthyma is caused by staphylococci and streptococci. If impetigo – superficial lesion characterized by the formation of bubbles, then erosion and then scabs, then ecthyma is a deeper, ulcers, crusts tightly to her. Very often we find the “gate of infection” – any trauma to the skin or traces of scratching, such as in itching dermatoses.

5) Acne the inflammation of sebaceous glands. Frequent localization on the face and torso. Very relevant in today’s world that require additional examination of the body, about which I will speak later. Especially bad for the acne conglobata with the formation of massive lesions, and cosmetic problems in the form of scars. This is severe acne.

Diagnosis of pyoderma

Problems of pyoderma engaged dermatologist, but if, God forbid, require surgery, the surgeon respectively. It is not enough to cure the skin, you should understand the causes of pustular diseases.

Not necessarily for all of the above conditions, it is necessary to examine the blood sugar. On elevated sugar microorganisms grow and develop successfully. You should pay for pyoderma special attention if acne appeared after puberty.

In addition to the above analysis is definitely fluorogram of the lungs, if not done to exclude tuberculosis of the skin, fecal analysis for intestinal dysbiosis and examination of the whole gastrointestinal tract. As for female, it is necessary and examination of the uterus and appendages (ultrasound). Very often, the inflammation of the ovaries and hormonal shift in favor of male sex hormones leads to the formation of as acne and folliculitis. Very typical for this condition, when a rash in the chin.

There is a misconception that the extra time to consult a doctor is not necessary, if the patient is a teenager, arguing that “grow or begin to maintain a regular sex life and everything will be fine”. Ends are complications in the form of infection or cosmetic defects.

Treatment of pyoderma

Treatment of pyodermaThe main drugs which are necessarily present in the treatment of pyoderma – topical treatment (antibiotic ointments, exfoliating, aniline dyes). In severe cases, antibiotics are prescribed in the form of tablets and injectables. If during prolonged and frequent inflammatory – immunological drug (autohemotherapy, progeniture), vitamin. Well, in severe, acute cases – autopsy purulent focus with its subsequent processing and drainage.

Parallel treatment to correct the cause of pyoderma.

Are assigned and old folk remedies along with medication. For example, brewer’s yeast acne. They contain vitamin b, participating in the immune system and beneficial influence on the intestinal flora, which is involved in qualitative immune response. When you boil help dressing with onions that have antibacterial properties.

Complications pyoderma

If we talk about the complications, they should be divided into two types: cosmetic and bacterial. About the first I mentioned is the formation of scars and scars. Bacterial infection in the deeper parts of: abscesses, purulent lymphadenitis and limfangiity (inflammation of lymph nodes and vessels). Well, if the microorganisms affect the organs and systems – blood poisoning.

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