Infectious diseases

Rabies virus

Rabies – a serious illness caused by a viral infection Rabies Virus. This virus causes inflammation of the brain (encephalitis) in humans and animals. The virus enters the body with the saliva through the bite of infected animals. The virus gets to the nerve cells of the brain and causes irreversible changes.

Rabies can be transmitted around the world except Antarctica and Australia. Carriers and vectors of disease can be both Pets and wild animals. Get infected by rabies virus through the bite of cats, dogs, wolves, farm animals, bats, foxes. Virtually no known cases of transmission to humans from small rodents (rats, mice).

The animal becomes infectious in about 3-10 days before the onset of symptoms, and continues to be contagious during the entire period of the disease. To identify a sick animal by the abundance of saliva, paralysis and foam at the mouth. Wild animals usually lose their natural fear of humans and Pets begin to behave unusually. To prevent rabies, it is imperative that annual vaccination of dogs and cats.

Rabies – an extremely dangerous disease, and is incurable once the symptoms. If this occurs, rabies will result in death. However, if a person has a high resistance to disease, or by the bite of the body got a small amount of the virus, the symptoms may not be manifested. Usually emergency vaccination after a bite is enough to cure the patient. The incubation period for rabies is from 10 days to 3-4 months (but more often 1-2 months). The disease occurs in three stages. First ill slightly increased temperature (up to 37.2 – 37.3°C), appears anxiety, insomnia, depression. May feel pain in the wound, even though she healed.

The next stage is greatly increased sensitivity to light and sounds, and this causes cramps. Also develop spasms of the throat at the sight of water or liquid, the so-called rabies. The patient becomes aggressive, he begins to hallucinate and rave. On the third and last stage of the disease appears paralysis, and consequently death. The total duration of the disease is from five to eight days.

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