Dermatology - diseases of the skin

Rash and irritation on the skin

Rash and irritation on the skin

Skin Rash is a symptom of many infectious diseases. Most often this rash is accompanied by rise of temperature. The combination of these symptoms usually causes the patient to immediately seek medical attention. And for good reason; such signs may be symptoms of serious diseases, early diagnosis and treatment which can sometimes save a person’s life.

Types of rash:

  • Types of rashRoseola – a speck of pale pink color, with a diameter of 1-5mm; turns white when pressed
  • Spot – the area of skin to change in color, not protruding above the skin diameter 5-20mm, pale when pressed
  • Papule is protruding above the skin surface formation, which has no cavity inside diameter of less than 5mm
  • Plaque – formation, elevated above the skin surface, with a diameter of more than 5mm
  • Node – spherical formation with a diameter of more than 5mm
  • Blister – pale pink skin, slightly raised above the skin level, but not having a cavity inside. Diameter from 2 to 15 cm and more. Often accompanied by itching
  • a Vesicle (diameter less than 5mm) and the bubble (diameter 5mm) – education having a cavity inside, containing liquid
  • Pustule – formation having a cavity with purulent contents
  • Petechiae – small (less than 3mm) bleeding in the skin; do not speak, do not fade when pressed

In addition, the so-called secondary rash elements, i.e. elements that are formed over time from primary cells.

  • Hyperpigmentation – darkening of the skin
  • Depigmentation – blanching of the skin
  • Scale – areas of peeling skin on the site of the former papules or vesicles. Scales come in various sizes – from pityriasis, when the skin as if covered with flour up to the plate peeling with the formation of large flakes, which are separated with large areas of the skin
  • Erosion – violation of the integrity of the skin, often at the opening of vesicles and pustules;
  • Cork is formed in place of drying moist surfaces

For accurate diagnosis it is also important to the layout of rashes on the body, what body parts begin rash, how quickly they spread.

Infectious diseases accompanied by skin rash:

If you experience any kind of rash, especially with fever, you should immediately consult a doctor!

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