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Recent head injury or blow to head/face

Found 20 diseases with symptom Recent head injury or blow to head/face.

Symptom Clasification

Primary loss of consciousness at the time of head injury, extended light interval and secondary shutdown of consciousness
loss of consciousness lasting from several tens of minutes to several hours
the development of the disease in less than 48 hours after head injury
the development of the disease in the period from 48h to 12 days after head injury
development of symptoms 12 days or more after head injury
Partial paralysis of the limb or half of the body after head injury
Skull irregularly shaped or enlarged (not from injury)
Headaches occurred or increased significantly AFTER head injury

Indication of symptom

Short-term loss of consciousness (up to half an hour) after a blow to the head

Symptom of disease

Disease Threat Number of signs  
Eclampsia high 11-15
the Fracture of the skull base in the area of anterior cranial fossa high 8-11
child concussion Syndrome high 8-11
the Fracture of the skull base in the area of the middle cranial fossa high 5-7
Subarachnoid hemorrhage high 7-9
Subdural hematoma high 10-14
severe brain Injury high 4-5
chronic Subdural hematoma high 8-11
Epidural hematoma high 11-15
Compression of the brain high 12-16
Concussion high 9-11
optic Neuritis high 16-21
Traumatic sinusitis high 3-5 + basic form
moderate brain Injury high 9-12
bell’s Paralysis average 12-16
Whiplash neck injury, post-whiplash syndrome average 3-5
nasal bone Fracture average 8-10
mild brain Injury average 6-8
mandibular Fracture low 8-10
head Injury without negative effects on the brain low 7-9

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