Released at ovulation – cervical mucus

As a rule, the period of maximum fertility in young, healthy women crouches on the period of ovulation. But the pregnancy as you know, is possible only under condition of full maturity and full exit from its follicle female egg. That’s why to determine the onset of ovulation trying many of the women. Originally by calculating the most favorable for the full conception of days, it is possible to significantly increase your chances of pregnancy. But to evaluate the performance of the entire female reproductive system actually, and General state of health of women in General, observation of the process of ovulation is truly very important. And, yet, yet often we all try to help determine ovulation to calculate the most favorable (and perhaps for some, and the most dangerous) days.

Many women already learned almost exactly determine the occurrence own ovulation again according to their own feelings and experiences, than actually help them a variety of signs and symptoms, including some changes to the usual secretions during ovulation. And this is not unimportant.

Cervical method

Released at ovulation - cervical mucusGenerally, exactly what immediately before the release of a Mature egg from its follicle existing cervical mucus can change its usual consistency, first noticed, strange as it may sound, it is a man – namely, the Australian doctor named John Billing. Because he was the author of the first so-called cervical method of promoting natural pregnancy planning, and subsequently received clear title method of Billing.

And, of course, the conclusions of the doctoral observations have a natural physiological explanation. So multiple changes taking place in the female body, which happens regularly, as you know each month, typically caused by a permanent change in a woman’s body the level of sex hormones. Modern gynecologists confidently say that directly in the course of a single menstrual cycle a woman is experiencing exactly four different seasons. And, as a rule, in the process actually occurring hormone metamorphosis can dramatically change the mood of the woman may change her appetite, and even libido, and overall health. And actually, among other things, literally all the time will change and the nature of women’s cervical mucus.

Cervical mucus is a substance that actively produces exactly the cervix and it fills him all the cervical canal. And depending on the next phase of the menstrual cycle this liquid all the time changes its character its structure and even consistency. So at the beginning of the menstrual cycle, cervical mucus is very thick and tight. It’s pretty tightly closes the channel of the cervix, almost completely preventing any penetration of some pathogens directly inside. And, as a rule, at this time, the woman will not notice yourself any vaginal secretions, making the very first days of the menstrual cycle doctors call “dry”. Then in the following days of the menstrual cycle is quite possible quite thick, dense, or even the formation of clots and fragmented allocation directly from the vagina.

Bloody vaginal discharge during the time of onset of ovulationBut then gradually enough slime beginning to soften, and every day we approach the date of ovulation, is becoming more and more porous. So simple, but very reliable way mother nature cares about our future conception, while providing for a full process of conception all the necessary external conditions. So, through formed in this mucous armour small pores sperm becomes much easier to penetrate directly to the ripened ovule, which, it is likely that awaits them there. In addition at the same time thin and not as thick cervical mucus serves as a sort of sieve: and through it are able to get only the fastest, the strongest, the healthiest and the most piercing sperm. But due to the structure of this mucus is really quite significantly to facilitate their advancement on the female body.

And, as a rule, together with such change of viscosity of the cervical mucus may change its chemical composition, as well as common vaginal environment. Rather, cervical mucus usually tries, as if to protect trapped in the body of the woman, the sperm of its sharply alkaline medium from the acidic environment of the female vagina, where the sperm without such protection can simply be killed. That’s such a simple way, and formed a nice environment in which healthy sperm are not only not die, but can rather quickly, and easily move to its originally intended purpose nature.

And so it is worth to say that literally all of these crucial processes in the body women happen under the leadership of secreted hormones. So directly in the first phase of your menstrual cycle this process is governed by this hormone like estrogen, and with the onset of full-fledged ovulation its concentration reaches its real maximum, but after this time activates the pregnancy hormone – progesterone.

In fact, it was so, just a few days before the full ovulation, a woman can see herself some intensification of the normal vaginal secretions, which then becomes a bit more sticky, more viscous, but then more slippery and even dramatically rich. Often, there are some marks on the linen, and the feeling of real moisture directly into the vagina. And actually this phenomenon may be considered as a real sign of the beginning of your fertile days. So on the structure and appearance of your selection may resemble raw egg whites, it is actually then be ready for pregnancy. If you squeeze this kind of mucus between two fingers, this mucus usually will have to start stretching, like a thread. By the way, quite an experienced gynecologist with ease on this sign say, during the next scheduled inspection of the women on the gynecological chair will immediately be able to identify the approaching ovulation.

Bloody vaginal discharge during the time of onset of ovulation

It should, however, be noted that many women can watch for yourself exactly spotting during the onset of full-fledged ovulation. And actually this picture many of them immediately frightened, waking thereby not very optimistic thoughts. We are glad to tell you, take it easy, our cute ladies, these spotting during the onset of full-fledged ovulation can be quite a normal option to accepted medical standards.Additionally, you can also see some spotting on the day of ovulation and for several days right after her. Usually such emissions have largely brownish color (for example, in contrast to the bright red menstrual blood).

In addition such spotting when full of ovulation are not and cannot be an obstacle to the onset of full-blown pregnancy. And indeed they do not pose absolutely no danger neither for women nor for future pregnancies. However, in some specific cases, especially when the regular repetition of this phenomenon from cycle to cycle, such spotting, unfortunately, can be a real sign, the so-called progesterone deficiency. And, of course, highly experienced gynecologist will always be able to help you solve any doubts that may arise in this regard. The main thing that you have solved in time to this doctor to seek advice.

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