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Removal of moles, nevus and warts in children

First nevi on the body appear in early childhood. Usually 1-2 years on the body already there are the first pigment spots (nevus is the skin cells, consisting of a larger number of pigment). Although, of course, there are congenital spots, when the child was born with a mole or she was manifested on the first days or weeks of life.

Types of nevi in a child:

  • Red nevi. These spots are congenital and passing. The reason for their appearance is friction in the problem areas, where red spots appear on the pelvic bones while in the womb. The most common red nevi on the back of the head, the forehead, the eyelids, the nose of the baby and can re-emerge during the baby’s emotions, especially when weeping;
  • Flat spots. Such nevi grow with the growth of the baby, congenital birthmarks, however, they should be removed as early as possible with a laser. Is a pleasure a spot of congestion of blood vessels (that’s why they expanded the visible appearance of moles);
  • Ordinary nevi. This is the most simple and flat brown moles that can how to disappear and remain with the child for life. A benign tumor is not pose a danger to health;
  • Hemagioma. are quite common in modern newborn. These pigmented spots may vary. Some of them have bright red color, soft texture, can grow with the child and change in color. Others have a vascular structure, can be called blue, or blue, but over time go away;
  • Giant nevi. These moles are extremely rare, but are the place to be. This innate spots, which occupy the body of a baby on the surface of a body part, such as the hands, chest, neck, etc. the Danger of such nevi is that they can degenerate into a dangerous tumor is a melanoma. Sometimes such birthmarks have a danger of degeneration to 9-10 percent!

If your child has a large spot on the body, it does not indicates an extremely high possibility of the degeneration of nevus into a malignant tumor. However, this does not mean that your child’s going to get skin cancer. If you’re worried about tumors, you should consult a specialist for help without resorting to medication.

Mole, wart, and nevus in a child – is dangerous

Moles in children sometimes scare parents too much, but to run for advice on each new spot on the body of the baby is not worth it. In your power to conduct the examination of the body of the baby, neoplasms, and keep an eye on how your child reacts to them – scratching or scratches may naevus sore, and causes him discomfort.

Types of nevi in a child:If children regularly rub or scratch the mole, trying to get him, you need to make every effort to teach the child not to do it. The fact is that moles injure is not necessary, because this is extremely dangerous and once again increases the risk of degeneration of nevus into a malignant tumor. The child learned not to scratch nevi, can put a band-aid, however, if you do not have time to prevent injury tumors, we first need to stop the bleeding:

  • Armed with the necessary tools – the solution of hydrogen peroxide, cotton, bandage and scissors
  • With Clean hands, moisten a cotton wool in hydrogen peroxide and Bessarabia the wound;
  • Apply a dry bandage, pre-cut quantities and folded in 3-4 layers until then, until it stops bleeding. Try to reassure the child that he did not cry and did not run around the room, and quietly waited until the bleeding stops.

After this procedure, contact your doctor or immediately call Salacinol Elena Vladimirovna to schedule an urgent appointment for a specialist to help you stop the bleeding from a baby and was able to remove nevus of problem as early as possible.

Threat factor is the fact that a growing mole in a child. The growth of tumors is a favorable factor along with:

  • pain,
  • bleeding, suppuration and injuries
  • peeling and itching,
  • burning and tingling
  • changes in color, structure, size,
  • loss of hairs first covered with hairs nevus,
  • formation of the halo and seal.

All of this suggests the need for urgent visit to oncodermatology for advice and take necessary tests.

But to consult from friends who have been through it” or in the beauty parlor is not necessary, because proper education and knowledge these people have. Sometimes even surgeons before removing nevi send patients to an oncologist who will be able to draw accurate conclusions about the diagnosis of suspicious moles. Most moles doctors suggest not to remove if the stains do not bring discomfort because the baby will not be able to control his actions, and for the skin to take care of, so that may form a scar that will last a lifetime.

Is it Possible to remove a birthmark from a baby

Not always mole removal in children is to postpone for a long time to come, sometimes it must be done as early as possible, especially if the nevus has become dangerous and might degenerate into melanoma. However, a special age limit for removal of nevi is not available, although it is desirable to do so only on medical professionals. The problem of getting rid of moles in infancy can lead to a keloid scar, which is hardly absorbed and is removed in the office of a plastic surgeon.

Removal of nevi in children of different age does not differ from the methods of removal of moles in adults. Can be used the same methods of getting rid of tumors, including pain relief. Stands out as well and such a coincidence – as a ban on removal of pigmented spots in the home, folk method, and in the beauty salon. In some cases lack the required knowledge and compliance with health requirements, in others – increases the risk to injure nevus, not to cure him. In fact, is not no way to cure your skin from moles, they can be deleted completely, depriving of possibility to appear on the body again.

If moles have a baby 2 years become a threat, they just need to remove without delay at a later age. But just an ugly stain you can not remove, to prevent the formation of traces after the operation that will become a bigger problem for the child. And to other nevi do not suddenly began to trouble, we should abandon common and spent long periods under direct sunlight, although irradiation with ultraviolet rays can be obtained even in the shade, so try to walk with the baby until 10-11 o’clock in the morning and after 16-17 hours of the evening.

Removal of nevi in children apply:

  • Surgical method. Most high-quality and practical, but it is more a long, frightening, and may leave a reminder of himself and a scar. However, if the nevus has already begun its rebirth or it is quite large, you should use this option of getting rid of tumors.
  • Laser method. the Most modern and popular method, leaves no residue, takes a couple of minutes and is completely bloodless. The area around the nevus anesthetized so that children are not frightened of a slight stinging sensation from the laser exposure, after which the laser beam layer by layer cuts off the cells of the pigmented growths. If the degeneration has not begun, but the spot began to itch, to itch or peel off, as well as in cases of injury, should remove nevus laser method.


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