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Removal of warts and papillomas with nitrogen

The appearance of warts on the fingers, hands, body, face, foot first points to the instability of the human immune system. As it is known that their occurrence is of viral origin, and with a provoking factors that reduce the protective forces of the organism, the risk of infection and growth of papillomas and warts increases.

When he found any tumors anywhere on the body, especially if it causes discomfort, a person should always consult a dermatologist to identify the causative agent and take action to remove it.

In our time, cancer of any tension change on the skin, change the color of a mole, oozing or change in size, the appearance of child neoplasms, should be cause for concern, as occurring pathological internal processes in the body are felt in the form of cutaneous manifestations.

Naturally, a healthy body produces a decent immune response to the introduction of any virus into the body and the stronger the health, stronger immune system, the less the chances of HPV and other viruses to proliferate and cause various abnormal growths on the skin. But what to do in case, when a failure in the body resulted in warts? Today, medicine offers several different methods of removing tumors, one of them the wart with liquid nitrogen we will cover in this article.

Modern methods of wart removal

Of course, most of us fear various medical procedures, and therefore are looking for people’s methods and ways of elimination of the formations of the house (like get rid of a wart at home) to avoid visits to the doctor and an eventual painful procedures. Yes, you can try to remove warts with celandine juice or extract or ready pharmacy acidic or alkaline solutions:

  • Verrucae — cresol and phenol
  • Kriofarma, Wartner cryo — a mixture of propane and dimethyl ether
  • Solkoderm — a mixture of natural acids.

But it is quite risky, because careless handling of poisonous celandine or strong chemically active substances can also lead to painful sensations and burns to the surrounding tissues, while improper or inappropriate handling may not be as effective. In addition, without an accurate diagnosis, it is dangerous to make any procedures. What is offered modern medical technology, how to remove a wart in a medical facility as efficiently, safely and how much it costs?

  • Laser removal of warts — not a cheap procedure (30-300 $ depending on the type, size, quantity, location), but quite effective, painless, or less painful, say doctors — safe.
  • Removal liquid nitrogen — or cryotherapy influence of low temperatures gives the effect of deep freezing of the tissues and their destruction.
  • Electrocoagulation under local anesthesia with high-frequency current from a thin metal loop is made of surgical coagulation, cut off the wart and the surrounding tissue koaguliruut.

More recently, with the help of the scalpel produced a true surgical operation to remove a wart with a long recovery period, complications, formations of scars. So no one produces, all private clinics have started to use modern equipment and advanced technology (see How to remove the wart, which is the best method).

Is it Possible to remove the warts?

Question about removing warts occurs in the following situations:

  • Soreness, itching, burning at the growth of warts
  • Tumor changes color, shape, size, appear uneven color
  • Is the multiplication of entities, increasing their number
  • Warts in a conspicuous place, that cause aesthetic discomfort
  • Bleeding education, anguish
  • the Growth of warts on the skin, where they interfere, and can be injured

What is the price of removal of warts with nitrogen?

The price of services for the removal of warts with liquid nitrogen varies depending on the medical center, the city in which the procedure is performed, from the area affected, that is, the magnitude of warts and their number, type of neoplasm, its location — the face, fingers, warts on the intimate places, plantar education.

If the tumor is not more than 0.5 cm the price of his removal will be in the range 15-60 $. More than 0.5 cm from 50 to 300 $, the larger the wart, the more expensive, when processing several elements clinics offer discounts. You should also choose an experienced qualified professional, because it affects the quality of the procedure, the aesthetic appearance of skin after wound healing, in overdose, too deep cooling, the formation of residue on fabrics.

Contraindications for the removal of warts with nitrogen

  • Removal of warts with nitrogen cannot be used under the following conditions:
  • In the case of individual sensitivity to nitrogen
  • Epileptic condition
  • With high blood pressure – hypertension
  • Angiospasm
  • It is Impossible to remove warts with nitrogen in the presence of any irritation, rashes around tumors During pregnancy cannot be produced any methods of removing warts
  • During colds, flu, ORVI, acute infectious diseases, inflammation of any internal organs, even minor illness and low body temperature it is impossible to perform the operation

How is the procedure wart removal by freezing?

Cryosurgery with liquid nitrogen is carried out using an applicator, by means of deep freeze is the impact directly to the wart with a little pressure for 10-40 seconds. The applicator is 25-30 cm wooden stick with cotton tip, also apart from him for this procedure can be applied cryoapplicator with a tip of different configuration – a tank of liquid nitrogen.

Removal of warts with nitrogenDuring freezing the formation begins to fade, thicken, turn white, after the procedure place frozen red and swollen in a few hours or on the next day, place a bubble with serous or hemorrhagic contents. This self-absorbed bubble for 6-8 days and in its place there is a crust. After 10-14 days the crust alone is separated and in its place a pink spot.

When you need treatment of juvenile warts, the nitrogen is only dushirovanie skin. At the same rapid rotational movements the doctor carries out the applicator parallel to the surface of the affected area of the skin at low pressure to low blanching. After 1-2 minute process is repeated, and so 3-4 times. Week processed through the skin first darkens, then peels off and tumors disappear.

Removing warts on feet (foot) liquid nitrogen

The appearance of warts on the foot for a long time can not bother humans, but when you germinate them deep into the tissue, they cause pain while walking. Favorite their localization on the pads of the fingers, the base of the toes, on the heel, very often the plantar growths are formed in children.

During the procedure removal of plantar warts with liquid nitrogen, always there is pain the patient, because it takes more pressure and more time for the freezing process. Also more severe and the recovery period, sometimes it leads to disability of the person for 2-3 weeks, so as to tread on the painful areas of the foot becomes impossible.

In addition, when the plantar wart treatment nitrogen should be carried out 3-4 times every 3-4 days, in rare severe cases, treatment may be delayed up to 6 months. The doctor for a good treatment, it should be possible to accurately determine the depth of influence is that after the removal is not formed on the sole of the dent and healthy skin is not damaged.

What is the skin care after removal of warts with nitrogen?

Once you see the bubble on the venue of the session, it should be protected from getting wet, perforation, and try not to touch it, as well as 2 times a day – morning and evening be treated with a strong solution of potassium permanganate, or salicylic alcohol 2%. A week later, when will start peeling of the tissue, the treatment can be discontinued.

It should be remembered that any and all warts are a consequence of the progression of viral infection on the skin, which is fairly easily transmitted by contact-household through household items, clothing, towels, etc. Therefore, always observe the rules of personal hygiene and to have individual washcloths, towels.

Advantages and disadvantages of wart removal nitrogen

Results and positive aspects:
  • Fairly affordable prices for the session removal of warts with liquid nitrogen
  • Brevity of the procedure, lack of training
  • Impact of freezing eliminates the spread of infection on the skin
  • Minimal risks for the development of scars after removal of education
Disadvantages of the method and the consequences:
  • Need for anesthesia. Depending on the localization of the growth, in very sensitive areas, especially during the procedure children, there may be significant pain, which in some cases last up to 1-2 days.
  • It is Very important correct evaluation a doctor of depth and time effects on the fabric, there is the probability of obtaining a burn trace on the skin after healing of the wound.
  • For large warts is likely not a complete treatment of education and the need for a second course or even a few sessions.

Testimonials from patients about cryotherapy of warts and papillomas

As with any treatment in each specific clinical case, the patients have different reactions, effects, reviews and impressions. Most people who have undergone this procedure note the following:

  • Many patients experience pain during the session and for 2 days after that due to the individual pain threshold, especially in children.
  • According to the majority of patients – the removal efficiency of nitrogen tumors is very high.
  • Carrying out several cycles in some situations, due to the presence of a large area of education, the lack of effect on the roots of growths, as well as reduced immunity, so in such cases your doctor may prescribe vitamin therapy or immunomodulators.
  • After removing warts with liquid nitrogen, the consequences in the form of discomfort, which brings a distended bladder, the need for processing it – note how all the disadvantage of the method.
  • Many patients have called this method the most simple and accessible. In most cases, the skin is left with scars and scars.


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