Repeat caesarean section

Delivery by cesarean section has long ceased to be a novelty, or something unusual. And due to deliver by caesarean section, many women get a real opportunity to become a full-fledged mothers. Clearly, this delivery method has its supporters and people not adopted. And no wonder, because this method has many advantages, and many disadvantages. When the first delivery was by caesarean section on that there was any objective reasons, a reasonable question arises – what will need to wait for all subsequent pregnancies and births.

If the first birth after caesarean section – the next generations will also be a C?

Unfortunately, very many years in our country, the answer to this question has been extraordinarily positive. Because the environment of physicians authoritative it was thought that after the first cesarean section second similar delivery woman can not be avoided. And even more so after the second such delivery, the women were asked either to wrap the pipe, thereby making it infertile, or was proposed to remove the uterus, in order to avoid problems associated with subsequent pregnancies. And all because of what is left on the woman’s uterus scar literally with every new caesarean section brought such a woman to the most that neither is fatal consequences.

Fortunately, today doctors are not only not in a hurry to propose the removal of the uterus (which in itself can be called monstrous!), but try to convince women that repeat cesarean section is quite possible to avoid later having given birth to healthy toddler through natural patrimonial ways. Indeed in the modern practice of obstetrics know a huge number of cases, when after caesarean section re pregnant women in their second and even third baby was given birth, without resorting to surgery. Actually re procedures cesarean attitude has changed dramatically. Today, with the right approach and the right procedure experienced gynecologists will be able to “get” from the mother’s womb even third or fourth toddler.

It is extremely important to execute strictly defined conditions which doctors always agree. The most important thing is no abortion in the period between pregnancies, as well as any abortion after the first cesarean section and at least it will be three years after the first birth (because this is the amount of time you want the female uterus in order to fully recover). Today, virtually every pregnant woman and the doctors are trying to set up at birth naturally, regardless of what it is first childbirth or perhaps tenths. And yet, like our desires aren’t always perfectly match with our capabilities, and often repeated cesarean section is not to avoid, no matter how hard you try.

Medical indications for repeat cesarean section

Absolute medical indications for cesarean section include those readings, which through natural patrimonial ways a woman will not be able to give birth, and neither in the first nor in any subsequent pregnancy. Along with this there are also relative medical indications for repeat caesarean section, which, incidentally, may well arise is directly in the process is completely natural childbirth.

Indications for caesarean section:

Anatomically or clinically narrow pelvis in women. And if during pregnancy the doctors will clearly supply you such a “diagnosis” that, unfortunately cesarean section cannot be avoided. However, very many civilized European countries, women with a narrow pelvis manage to give birth to healthy children without any surgical intervention.
First birth after caesarean section

Various deformities of the pelvis women and some divergence of female pubic bones, especially important degree of such problems.

Serious cancers detected in the mother (possibly tumor pelvic or ovarian cancer, for example).

Physiologically incorrect presentation of the fetus (for example, cross-presentation or perhaps gluteal), too large fetus with this presentation (fetus weighing more than four pounds).

Physiologically wrong placenta previa (in particular the presentation in the previous scar left on the uterus), as well as premature detachment of the placenta.

Serious diseases found in the mother (diseases of the nervous or cardiovascular system, serious vision problems, systemic diseases like diabetes mellitus, exacerbation of diseases such as genital herpes and other).

Previously, the problem with the scar on the uterus or its failure after the first cesarean section (maybe it’s the prevalence of connective tissue directly into the scar area, and lack of education of muscle tissue).

Certain problems with the health of the child (for example hypoxia).

Too weak labor activity in the mother.

Possible risks from repeated cesarean for the mother and for the baby

Almost all of modern physicians confidently talk about the possibility of risks and complications of vaginal birth after primary caesarean section. However, what is important about the consequences of such a repeat cesarean usually say very little. And if they do it is usually about the risks of uterine rupture in women, but such information many women understandably scare, not a joke, and because of this, many women do not dare to exercise repeated pregnancies, depriving society of new inhabitants, and its fun to be a mom, twice or three times.

Indeed, before finally deciding to get pregnant again and go for delivery after primary caesarean birth, the woman is very important very carefully think things through. And if you decide to already repeated pregnancy be sure to prepare in advance and as well as possible. As previously mentioned, the re-carrying out a caesarean section would be safer to spend (and as for the mother, so actually for her baby) not earlier than three years after a successful first operation. And besides always the first thing to consider to give birth to a second or perhaps third child without the use of immediate medical intervention. Moreover, it is quite possible and even safer for you than repeated cesarean section.

Risks after cesareanOf course, almost all doctors and pregnant women are afraid of possible rupture of the uterus directly in the field of primary scar, but it is important to remember that this gap usually doctors save the woman and her child. And at the same time, in the event of repeated cesarean section significantly increases the risk of uterine bleeding.

And it very often may cause complete removal of the uterus in women.

And indeed repeated cesarean section fraught with very many real complications (as it may be, and certain injuries of the intestines and the bladder, it may be anemia or endometritis, possibly the formation of large adhesions, and other troubles).

Negative consequences from repeated procedures cesarean section at each stage lurk and baby. Anesthesia for the mother may well be the real cause of cerebral circulatory disorders in newly born baby. Yes and indicators kid on the standard scale Apgar after this procedure will be extremely low. Usually, when you procedure cesarean section newborn babies are born slightly premature, and therefore actually increase the risk of a variety of childhood illnesses (and up to and including asthma).

We hasten to comfort the mothers-to-be after all, these “terrible diagnoses”, at least have a place to be and very often even at the hearing are, however, in real life you don’t see very often. Believe me, citing such examples, we in no case do not want to scare you, or to dissuade from repeated pregnancies. In any case, the final decision a woman will take solely in the circle of his family. Neither we, any doctor will never be able to make a woman forced to give birth by natural means, or Vice versa to go again to the caesarean section. However, each of the modern gynecologists will be obliged to give you the most complete and most importantly accurate information about all kinds of risks and common complications after repeated dissection of the cavity, so actually after delivery through natural patrimonial ways.

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