Pregnancy test

Reusable pregnancy test

Many women, in order wholly to learn about her pregnancy buy multiple tests simultaneously. There are many reasons: strips bad translucent or does not appear, the test was conducted at the wrong time. Many online portals conduct statistics, which shows that up to a quarter of women who used tests for pregnancy, as a result, he was confused and could not fully with him to understand.

Reusable pregnancy testNothing strange that the modern “inventors” who want more and more to improve each device, don’t leave not their attention to the pregnancy tests. So, today’s technology has allowed developers to come up with reusable test for pregnancy. Today it is hard to find, because he has not yet gained enough popularity, and the price he’s decent. However, compensate for this modern developers that such a pregnancy test almost positive outcome. Moreover, it is still possible to calculate the expected date of childbirth.

This happens thanks to the digital technology. The principle of operation of reusable test based on these technologies. Reusable test for pregnancy can be connected to a personal computer through the USB connector. If so, then absolutely no problems with determining the outcome does not occur. Appearance reusable pregnancy test similar to conventional computer the flash drive, only he is still equipped with a monochrome display.

It is at this display and displayed all the necessary information in the form of a corresponding inscription: “+/-” or “Yes/no”. Before connecting the test to the computer, on it it is necessary to conduct ordinary procedure to obtain the result. Therefore reusable pregnancy test has a removable, disposable cartridge strips (they are only included 20). As a result, first over them is a standard procedure, then the cartridge is inserted into a computer to read data.

Test strips for pregnancyThe data are reproduced in the form of a conventional spectrogram, and additional analysis capabilities tests at the level of LH and hCG in urine allow you to calculate the approximate date of childbirth – that is, if the test is positive. If it is negative, on the same indicators test counts the most “good” days for conception.

Although this test is also “not eternal” – 20 strips when something ends. But, for a husband and wife who worked diligently to conception and constantly expect pregnancy, reusable test very handy. After all, no one knows how long the woman to wait two strips. Therefore with reusable test will not have much time to run to the pharmacy. Convenient and practical in use, it is always with you, and can become an excellent assistant in preparation for conception.

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