Rice diet

Rice diet has been known to man since ancient times: from the first centuries of civilization, nearly half of the world’s population eats these little grains. Rice porridge is cooked, make the desserts, distilled spirits, and the rice flour used for making noodles, klarov, baking. Know many varieties of rice, and breeders continue to test the potential of this useful grain. And nutritionists appreciate the ability of rice to cleanse the body and help in getting rid of extra pounds.

Rice — one of the most common cooking cereals in the world. Just like the rice diet is one of the most popular mono-diet, not geo-referenced. Rice can be bought everywhere, it is easy to store and simple to cook. Think rice real champion among the iconic national dishes: without it is impossible risotto or paella, no rice, no sushi! These grains perfectly absorb the taste and aroma of other foods, making rice is a versatile side dish.

Ordinary cooking rice white. He is released from the bran by grinding, so its grain is relatively smooth and clean. White rice is cooked fast, but was considered the least useful, along with scaly sheath of its reserves and the lion’s share of nutrients. Remains mostly starch, which white rice gets a high glycemic index and fairly high in calories (about 350 kcal per 100 g of finished product). In addition, to improve the presentation some manufacturers further polished white rice is potentially carcinogenic mixture of talc and glucose. There are known cases, when people, whose diet dominated by cheap polished rice, they suffered from beriberi, a serious lesion of the nervous system caused by lack of vitamin B1. If you have plans rice diet — if possible, do not use polished white rice.

Choosing rice for the rice diet, keep an eye out shelf life: brown rice retains all the valuable substances and very useful, but because of its naturalness fastidious in storage. Long-term (over 12 months) shelf life reddish brown, red or black rice — a reason to worry. Foreign producers can further process the rice to increase its shelf life and reduce costs. Useful qualities under such treatment suffer. Buy domestic rice (Kuban rice farmers have mastered the growing of many varieties, including elite) or foreign rice trusted manufacturers.

Products for the rice diet

Products for the rice dietSteamed white rice — a healthier replacement for ground. Its value is much higher due to the change of techniques of preparation: in the production of parboiled rice paddy (not freed from bran) of the grain is treated with hot steam. As a result more than half of the vitamins and minerals goes under the shell of the grain, and the rice takes on a beautiful translucent appearance, is cooked quickly and retains crispness.

Brown, or brown rice I especially love the adepts of a healthy diet. Unusual colour and rough structure it has by maintaining membrane pityriasis is useful. The taste of this rice a little coarse due to the higher compared with white fiber content, and cooked for a long time (about half an hour), but holds in the composition of folic acid, amino acids, phosphorus, zinc, iodine, copper, vitamins of group B. to Store brown rice careful consideration, making sure the shelf life: containing rice oil pityriasis the skin can become rancid. A separate type of brown rice — red. It is extremely useful in the diet in General and for the rice diet in particular, and, by the way, recently successfully grown in the Kuban.

Black wild African rice grains that resemble needles, is a seeds of herbaceous plants zizaniy, also known as “sea grass”. This “rice” specific aroma and taste, in addition, due to the density of grains is long brewed. This plant has many culinary advantages, however, for the rice diet it should be avoided for the obvious reason — it’s not rice.

But the black “real” rice still exists. For example, a rare variety Nero only grows in one place on the planet – the Po plain in Italy. The aroma of Nero, the composition of which is characterized by a higher protein content, similar to the smell of hazelnut and the taste of this rice is so rich that it can be eaten even without supplements, but are especially tasty Nero with seafood. The black color of its shell gives a high content of antioxidants; the seeds inside the bright Nero.

Results of the rice diet

One of the fundamental properties of rice — it is a powerful enterosorbent. This is why rice porridge is allowed even to those who are recovering from a poisoning. As the rice grains absorb sauces and broth, they absorb harmful contents of the stomach and intestines, contributing to “clean” the rice diet. However, there is also a negative effect: having the property to collect moisture rice can cause constipation. Deciding on a rice diet, remember this is not the most pleasant perspective and combine the rice with plenty of fluid, fruit and vegetables, promotes intestinal contractions.

Results of the rice dietIn the raw rice a lot of valuable zinc, silicon and magnesium, useful for the smooth operation of the internal organs and the immune system. High level of potassium causes the ability of rice to “pull” the water, which is why it is recommended for edemas of different origins, the appearance of phlegm in the lungs and bronchi and so on. Rice contains lecithin, particularly useful for nursing mothers, and does not contain the protein gluten, intolerance affects many adults and children.

Rice diet is a great way to practice to experience all the advantages of this product.

Rice diet “Two dishes”

This gourmet diet is designed for 5 days. Every day is allowed for two meals, one of which consists of boiled rice and the other from seafood or fish (poached in water or grilled). Mix the rice and the seafood can’t: for example, if in the morning you eat a portion of fish fillet, in the afternoon eat rice.

During the rice diet “Two dishes” you can drink green tea (no more than 4 cups per day) and simple non-carbonated water, not to quench thirst, it is recommended not later than 30 minutes before eating and no sooner than 1.5 hours after the meal.

The amount of dishes the rice diet is not regulated, but it is assumed that the portions will not be huge. It is recommended that the rice be soaked overnight for fermentation and release of nutrients. On different days you can try different varieties of rice. Add oil and salt to the seafood and rice cannot.

Rice diet “Two dishes” improves skin condition and helps to lose 3 to 5 pounds in 5 days.

Mono-diet of “5 volumes”

This is the most popular rice diet, which fans not deterred its severity. The basic principle of “Five volumes” is simple, but requires some preparatory ritual. You should bring 5 cups of a standard volume of 200 ml. In each of the cups poured 2 tablespoons of dry rice, filled the rest pure non-carbonated water. Proper diet starts in four days and before that every day you should drain the water from each glass and pour a new one.

On the fifth day you are to take the first drink habitually to pour the water, but the rice has become soft to eat. A glass to wash, to sleep there familiar 2 tablespoons of rice, pour water and put in the end of the “queue”. The ceremony should be repeated within 14 days, in which, in addition to yeast rice, you are allowed to eat fresh fruits and vegetables and a little protein (cheese, eggs, meat, fish — not more than 150 g/day). Drink water, tea and coffee without sugar on the rice diet “Five volumes” can be in unlimited quantities, but without adding sugar.

The result of this the rice diet — minus 5-7 kg in two weeks.

Rice diet 7 day

Clear rice diet: three meals a day, each of which represents a portion of boiled rice. To the rice you can add herbs and fresh vegetables. The condition here is only one rice per serving should be more than vegetables. During the break between Breakfast and lunch you can afford a little fruit (but not bananas and grapes). No seasonings, additives, salt, only soy sauce is natural fermentation, and olive oil.

The result — minus 4-6 kg per week.

Hard rice diet

This diet can be resorted to only in a very forced action, when you need to lose weight in limited time frame. It can last no more than three days and not be repeated more than once in six months. The measure approved product — soaked overnight in rice amount 1 Cup, cooked in water in a ratio of 1:1,25. Divide this number by 6 meals throughout the day and drink plenty of water. If hunger is cracking down, you can afford 1-2 green apples a day. From physical exertion in the days of strict rice diet should be abandoned.

“Fasting days” on rice

"Fasting days" on riceMany nutritionists and are well aware of nutritional value and detoxifying properties of rice, using it for menu fasting days to help the body to recover after a period of grazing (e.g. on holidays) or to maintain normal weight (could be a “cleaning” rice day weekly, at the same time).

For example, nutritionists suggest this recipe: measure out 230 grams of brown rice and cook, adding water until the rice is completely soft and smooth. Then add to the porridge Cup chopped dried apricots, your favorite spices and mix thoroughly. The resulting dish to share for two days and eat only them, without restrictions quenching his thirst with plain water and green tea.

Rice fasting day will help get rid of 1-1,5 kg of weight (mostly fluid and delayed beyond all laws of hospitality, the contents of the intestine). In addition, short rice diet will help “shake up” the metabolism, if you are working on losing weight, but noticed that the process has stalled.

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