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Ringworm (Zoster)

Ringworm (Zoster and Microsporia Trichophytosis) is a fungal infection affecting the skin and its appendages. The most commonly affects the hair and nails in very rare cases. With such a well-known fungal infection, trichophytia, microsporia is merged in the General name of “ringworm” because these diseases are very similar symptoms and are characterized by the overall condition of the hair they cut.

Generally these “herpes” in dermatology and hearing a lot from the doctor, such as the name “pityriasis rosea”, one can often see the frightened face of the patient, confusing it with microspores. But fear not, it’s totally different “things”…

Ringworm is a disease that occurs everywhere, but most often in children. Microspores is caused by a fungus of the genus of Microsporum, dermatophytosis – the fungus genus Trichophyton, hence the name. Ringworm is a very contagious disease. Often have to see an outbreak of infection in kindergartens. Transmitted by contact from people and animals through skin contact with the skin, amazed by the hair, through the objects, which get infected flakes of the patient.

Symptoms of Ringworm (Zoster)

Symptoms of ringwormOn the skin or hair, the pathogen begins to multiply. The incubation period for transmission depriving from one person to another 4 – 6 weeks, from the animal just 5 to 7 days ( from the moment of infection until the first signs). It should be noted that at this time, patients also contagious, and clinical signs in some cats we can not see.

In practice distinguish microsporia smooth skin and scalp.

1) Microsporia smooth skin characterized by the appearance of ring-shaped spots on the skin that is characterized by inflammation of the roller along the edge of the hearth. Inflammation resolves to the center of the visible peeling of the skin. Itching may not be or it will be moderate. The number of lesions usually from one to three. The diameter of three millimeters. Often during this period, people are confusing the disease with various types of dermatitis, eczema begin to use hormonal anti-inflammatory ointments, giving this nourishing environment for the development of microspore and generalization of the process.

2) Microsporia scalp is most common in children. This feature is explained by the difference in the chemical composition of sebum on the field. Early in the disease on the hair appears white scales. As the reproduction of the fungus breaks down hair gives the appearance of ostrogannoj (ringworm) on 4 – 6 mm from the skin hair in the lesion gray, dull. The skin over the lesion is inflamed, there is swelling.

When ringworm broken hair is lower – at the height of 2-3 mm on all different levels: hair, broken off at the skin level (“black dots”), there is hair in the shape of a comma (not able to break through the layer of scales), has a long, outwardly not changed hair.

Inappropriate treatment and, consequently, secondary microflora may appear suppurative form of the disease with the characteristic pustules.

I do not release the favus of the nails, since there are a few instances, clinically very similar to other onychomycosis and they are treated equally.

Diagnose of Ringworm (Zoster)

Differential diagnosis is done areata, secondary early syphilis. Diagnosis is reduced to the examination of skin flakes and hair on the fungi. Very well, if you manage to hold and culture method with determination of the type of fungus, but this method is costly and not available to all. When microsporia scalp are examined using a wood’s lamp. Hair, fungal infections, acquire a bright green glow. Trichophyton glow is missing.

Treatment of Ringworm (Zoster)

Treatment of ringwormTreatment pathology is local, and with the defeat of the appendages of the skin and internal treatment. Vellus hair above the fireplace definitely lasipalatsi after application of 10% salicylic ointment, and on his head astrosaurs completely, or the lesion + healthy region. Of antifungal drugs most often used tincture 2 – 5% iodine, sulfur – tar ointment, lamisil, myponga. Of the drugs administered orally, prefer griseofulvin tablets or lamizila.

During treatment you can not wash, not to spread of the pathogen with water on other parts of the body, frequently change underwear and bed linen with its boiling. After treatment, you must pass an (scraping for fungi) no less than three times.

Be sure to have surveys of persons in contact with a sick person.

Complication of Ringworm (Zoster)

As mentioned above, microspores contagious disease and is not necessary to avail themselves of the treatment of folk remedies. There are plenty of modern, effective means. Although in medicine of the 21st century for the treatment of fungal infections of the past has passed us by, for example, sulfur – tar ointment. It has long been observed that sulfur and tar effectively compete with fungi. But its specific smell, I think, will alienate You from more than one person.

Therefore, I urge You to avoid such troubles as: the spread of the infection, the appearance of pustular skin diseases, transmission of infection to other family members – promptly contact your doctor.

Ringworm Prevention

Prevention is the detection of infection, treatment of patients, proper treatment of animals. You should alert the foci of alopecia of the skin of our smaller brethren. One very good thing to take a homeless animal a home, but as quickly as possible, you should show it to the vet!

Doctor Consultation for Treatment of Ringworm

Question : the Affected hair after the treatment of Microsporum recover completely?
Answer: is Yes.

Question : what animals are most common microspores?
Answer : Most cats, the second place dog.

Question: is it necessary to euthanize the animal with microsporia?
Answer is: in Any case. Microspores animals effectively treated by veterinarians.

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