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Running for Weight Loss

Running is one of the best exercises for healthy and active weight loss. In this article I will tell you why running is so useful and how to properly run, if your goal is rapid weight loss.

Running helps to lose weight quickly

  • Running is a natural way of movement, this exercise, which gave us nature. The human body adapted for running, although many people their body is launched…
  • Running is a great dynamic stress, which involves almost all the muscles.
    We can say that this exercise for the whole body.
  • Running trains the heart, and is the best way for the development of the respiratory and circulatory systems. This type of load significantly enhances the entire metabolism and is a great way to relieve stress and overvoltage nervous system.

This is the best way to develop General endurance and improve the health of the body. In most sports running is necessarily used in the complex of physical preparation of the athlete.

Rules of running for weight loss

What is fat deposits in the body?

What you eat, the body spends on the activity – for movement, for the work of the organs for the synthesis and recovery of body cells.

When excess food, when you eat more than you need, all the excess is converted into fat and deposited in the reserve. Body fat is “batteries” of the body which accumulates energy.

In modern life, people often violate the balance of nature – eating too much and totally wrong, when it moves very little, so grow fat and lead to health problems.

But fats can be spent on physical activity !

If to move a lot and waste a lot of energy, the body will be forced to “print” its reserves and will begin to consume fats.

What is the benefit of running for obesity:

  • While running, you move your body weight, that’s a pretty big weights.
  • The work includes almost all the muscles of the body, and every muscle consumes energy.
  • After a little training a person is able to run for a long period of time by moving your body weight over a long distance and spending a lot of energy.
  • Is a natural, safe, affordable exercise that is suitable for any age.

How to run for weight loss

Your goal is to learn to run long!

100 meters of running at high speed is a great power exercise muscles, but for weight loss it is inefficient.

To spend a lot of fat, you need a long, easy run!

The body uses energy always fat, even when you are sleeping, but during exercise the consumption of fat increases many times. However, the speed of fat burning increases slowly, the body needs time to enhance this reaction.

About 5 minutes after the start of running, the body significantly increases the use of fats, and the longer the load, the more is spent fats. After about 20 minutes of easy running fat burning out at a very high level.

Fats are spent only with providing the body with oxygen, so it is recommended to run at a moderate speed.

If you are suffocating and you need air, then you are running too fast.

Lack of oxygen causes the body reduces or stops the use of fats.

Moreover, at high speed you will not be able to run long enough, so will not be able to do much work to spend a lot of fat.

Running needs to be light and long:

Light – that the muscles have enough oxygen to burn fat and so you can run for a long time.

Long – so you can do a lot of work and spend more fat.

In addition, under such loads is a significant increase in ability of the body to use fats at all ! The body “learns” to use fat active resources, vigorously develop the capillary network and improves metabolism.

How to run to lose weight?

Each person will have their own speed depending on the preparation.

While running, you will feel that there is a speed at which you can run for a very long time.

This is the rate at which fats are burned efficiently.

If you run correctly, you will feel:

  • Pulse quick, but not “crazy”, breathing, active and strong, but you are suffocating, and the air is enough, the muscles do their work, but there is growing fatigue, they can continue for a long time…
  • Whole body works as a single mechanism, precise rhythmic footwork measures distance, taking small steps, breathing is consistent with the footwork, you are calm and can even forget that you are running. By the way, there is a kind of meditation during a monotonous run.
  • Also, you will find the “threshold speed”, exceeding the which you start to get tired quickly.
  • How is exceeding the threshold speed:
  • Breath sharply increases, you breathe harder and deeper, but you still can’t breathe, you start to suffocate, muscle fatigue increases rapidly, you feel that you have to exert more effort to keep this speed, the run becomes gradually hard for you.
  • Your task is to run without exceeding the threshold speed and to stay away from him, then you will be able to run very long.
  • If you feel that breathing is not enough, or in the muscles increases fatigue, reduce your speed.
  • With the development of abilities of the body, your speed of easy running will increase and the threshold at which the choke you will move on.

Listen carefully to your body and it will tell you the running speed.

A Gradual increase in the distance during the run

How to run for weight lossMany beginners use from heavy loads and hard trying to “break” your body, in the end they have very sore muscles, and every workout is torture. How many beginners did not stand up and throws classes, and could be good athletes…

Strengthen your body gradually and then you will get pleasure from Jogging.

Go out for a run to relax, to energize and to feel the energy in your body!

Beginners need to start running 2-3 times a week. Gradually a number of workouts can be increased to 3-5 times per week.

Run up until you are pleased, but as soon as you start to choke or muscles becomes hard, immediately reduce the speed of your run or go for a walk.

You can do several series of running, alternating with walking, this will help the beginners more time to “stay the course”.

Run on time, not distance, see how long you can run and every workout add for example 1 minute.

Or 1-2 weeks for example run for 10 minutes when you feel that the muscles got stronger go on for 15 minutes, then 20 and so on.

Gradually increase the time of easy running to 40 minutes and more, then you will quickly lose weight.

But even recreational Jogging with a duration of 20-30 minutes will also help you effectively waste fats.

In some cases, you can immediately begin to run

  • If you have not played sports and are very overweight
  • If you find it hard to run even 1-2 minutes you start panting and sore feet.

In such a situation too big the extra weight is harmful to the joints and weak muscles do not allow you a long time to run.

Jogging workout for weight loss and nutrition

Running helps you to quickly spend body fat, it really is a very effective way. But if you eat too much, you will not lose weight even from running !

The result will be, if in training you spend fats, and then sit at the table and eats them again. It’s silly to expect weight loss with food in your stomach !

If you will eat correctly, and eat less than you expend, your fat stores will melt at the sight and you lose weight fast.

Plan your running for weight loss every day

  • To lose weight need to run a lot. Not 5-10 minutes, is a standard 6-7 laps of the stadium, and more. Remember, to reset the excess weight you need to run at least 30-40 minutes. Ie half an hour to drink.
  • If You’ve been doing all year, from fall to spring, in the gym or have You had constant power load. That need to run continuously for 30 minutes minimum. Your body is already prepared. Also, continuing to go to training, run through the day with no school.
  • If You are a professional athlete or are preparing for a competition, You coach himself says how much to run. Usually, it’s running on the stairs or on mountainous terrain is also 40 minutes minimum.
  • Were You doing dance aerobics, Pilates, i.e. a lighter form of fitness. Need to run 30 to 50 minutes, but alternating walk, fast walk. You can not stop, alternate walking and running. But, at least the first 10 minutes to run, and then alternate. Through the day, alternating days with fitness classes.
  • You do any sport not engaged and decided to run. A more difficult case, but with a strong desire and become a marathoner. And to outdo the above-mentioned athletes. Anyway, for weight loss, aerobic exercise — running, should be at least 30 minutes. Start with at least this. Circle ran, the circle walked. After 2 weeks, You will feel that it is possible to increase the load and on the state of health will increase, will walk less and run around more.


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