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Running Into Old Age

Managed to prove that using a regular jog, you can significantly slow down the effects of aging. A recent study by researchers at Stanford University of medicine showed that Jogging prolongs life, improves its quality. This significantly reduces the time period at the end of life, which is characterized by the appearance of helplessness, all kinds of restrictions associated with inability to perform daily activities.

Is it Possible to run the elderly

More than twenty years, scientists have conducted monitoring of elderly people who go Jogging. The study involved 540 people over the age of fifty years. In comparison with the control group of those who were not engaged in Jogging, runners, on average, fifteen years later, faced with those restrictions that can be linked with physical condition. In the control group during the experiment, the mortality was 34% and in the group of runners only fifteen. To extend the active life for a dozen years only four hours a week of relaxed running.

Rules of running for the elderly

The basis for Jogging and General exercise persons of elderly and senile ages is based on the principles of physiotherapy. This means that all actions should be aimed at support, rehabilitation, preventive treatment. It is important to note that in the elderly more opportunities to use the principles of restorative treatment than in the senile, in which first supports supporting therapy. Preventative physical exercises consider it necessary and in elderly and senile age. Beyond doubt, you need to follow the principle of individual approach, this is taken as the fundamental law of the medicine to the patient at any age.

Walking or running – which is better for old people

The main types of exercise in old and elderly consider: walking, gymnastics, labor movement in occupational therapy. Other types of loads like Jogging, skiing, swimming, rowing, Hiking is considered to be a Supplement and use only taking into account the state of health, prior training, medical.

To use a health Jogging an elderly person is only under the condition of good endurance walking. We should not strive to maximize the duration of continuous running. Better in old age Jogging (start with fifty meters) to be alternated with breathing exercises and walking. Very old people is better in most cases to refrain from running.

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