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Running: Risks and Benefits

Someone on first glance it would seem that running in the morning is extremely useful procedure, because sports can’t be harmful, but running is good exercise, suitable for all. And someone is going to argue that running can only get degraded health and a bunch of other problems. On whose side is the truth, it’s easy to understand.

Let’s start with the fact that the opinion about the dangers received from running in the morning, spread not lazy and violent opponents of a healthy lifestyle. Just they do not understand all the characteristics of physical loads. But the real professionals know where, to whom and how it should be run, and in some cases it is better to find an alternative solution Jogging.

Running: Risks and Benefits

The ideal option would be a jog in the fresh air. It is fresh and not polluted city air or smog can strengthen the respiratory system and not to provoke a lot of diseases. If the same run around the city, which is located close to a major chemical plant or other industrial concerns that produce in the environment tons of harmful emissions, all these substances can easily enter the lungs. Benefits and harms of Jogging in the morning will be to contradictory outcomes: it is possible, the muscles will become toned and stronger legs, but the development of asthma will be the inevitable consequence of such sports activities. Therefore it is necessary to choose correctly the place after Jogging for which you will feel better and better. Don’t neglect Jogging in the morning, on vacation in ecologically pure resort areas, in forest areas along the coast.

Exclusively obtained benefit and harm, which does not have to say later on, is received, if run correctly. There is a group of people for whom running is contraindicated for health reasons. Back pain, diseases associated with the spine, incorrect posture, damage to the lumbar is the reasons why you should abandon the run in the morning, not to receive more serious injuries. People who do not have such problems, need to run so that the body was in flat position, stays in place and not swinging around. Press must be in the pulled up state, because when tense the abdominal muscles, at the expense of them is supported and the lower back, thus it is protected from damage.

Another cause that can become a limiting factor in the desire to run in the morning, is a disease of the cardiovascular system. The fact is that while running, the muscle mass isn’t increased, because the power load, as such, no, if not to run with weights on their ankles. Like any other muscles in our body decreases and the heart muscle. As a consequence, disrupted her work, deteriorating health of the person even more. However, in this case it is not necessary to say that harmful for the heart run. Jogging at a moderate pace, with careful monitoring of heart rate will not do harm and will not become a threat. To conquer a marathon is not necessary, to prepare themselves for the Olympic race – also stupid. For the average person, devoting three or four days a week of physical training, quite a few kilometers at an average pace.

How to run without risk for your health?

Experts believe that benefits and harms can be considered also depending on the time, when a person runs. After running in the morning can disrupt the nervous system, but only because that would fail the biological clock of your body. For example, you used to sleep until seven or eight o’clock in the morning. Getting up before work for two or three hours to have time to run and get ready for work, have Breakfast and prepare for school children, you break the usual pace of rest and wakefulness in your body. The claim that you should run early in the morning immediately after the spill, appeared on the grounds that another time a man working and raising children, not just during the day and for myself remains only the previous morning. And if you have the opportunity, go Jogging on the weekends, twice a week is also sufficient to maintain physical fitness. Jogging should begin no earlier than three hours after lifting. Then, the cardiac system will also have to Wake up, and it will not be a shock and stress began loading.

Observing all recommendations and given the state of his health, it is possible to forget about the harm from the run and think only about the positive results. For example, running can extend a man’s life for five or six years, if you do them at least three times a week. In humans, reduced the risk of colds and the ingestion of the infections, because the immune system is inextricably linked to Jogging. With the help of Jogging in the morning can minimize the development of atherosclerosis, of diabetes and reduce cholesterol. We are constantly running around people do not have problems with metabolism. After three months of regular Jogging, the normalization of metabolism, relieves chronic fatigue syndrome. The feeling that your muscles are toned, for many is an incentive for another run. Getting rid of excess weight and getting a slender body is one of the main goals of the majority of those who decides to do a run. For women it is useful to run to prevent the development of cellulite. Running is the most natural physical activity for each person, the benefits and harms which are regarded to each of us individually. Therefore, when deciding whether to start Jogging, learn the features of your body, and do not take the example of a neighbor who is sure that he cannot run because he has weak joints or flat feet develops. If no companion for Jogging that often like women, choose good music and forward – towards the health of a beautiful body!

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