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Salt lamp

Salt lamp is beneficial to health, strengthens immunity and improves vitality, harmonizes the psyche, fills the house attracts luck and positive energy, gives a special charm to any interior.

The use of rock salt in the medical and preventive purposes directly related to her ability to constantly emit negatively charged ions (under the influence of natural humidity of air is very slow dissolution – hydration). Negative ions emitted by salt Na, Cl, J are useful not only for its chemical properties, but also the fact that by binding to positively charged ions, which are anthropogenic in nature and pose a threat to health, they purify the air and normalize microclimate in the premises.

Other sources of negative ions are the water bodies (this includes indoor fountains and aquariums) and plants. The highest concentration of negative ions observed at sea, high in the mountains, forests and river floodplains. Due to the peculiarities of the structure of the crystal lattice salt neutralizes harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation produced by the work of domestic and industrial equipment.

Indications for use of salt lamps are:

Treatment and prevention:

  • asthma
  • chronic and acute bronchitis of different etiology
  • bronchitis smoker
  • seasonal infectious and viral diseases
  • respiratory
  • allergic rhinitis, allergic dermatitis

Use a salt lamp:

  • increases the life energy
  • has a harmonizing effect on the psyche
  • helps in dealing with stress and nervous breakdowns
  • boosts immunity in children and adults and strengthens the body’s resistance
  • to harmonize the energy in spaces
  • beautifully decorates the room

Salt lamp – health benefits

Recommend using salt lamps for General strengthening of the organism, in diseases of bronchial asthma and other respiratory diseases, to normalize blood pressure, people genetically predisposed to various forms of allergies and skin diseases.

Addition to the above properties, the salt lamp has a number of other qualities:

  • promotes restful sleep in children
  • reduces the effects of electromagnetic fields emitted by PC and other household devices;
  • relieves tiredness
  • promotes relaxation and restores peace of mind;
  • prevents mold in the room;
  • eliminates unpleasant odors; is a wonderful decoration and addition to any interior.

In addition, crystal salt helps to cure many diseases. The biological energy therapeutist and crystal healers recommend the healing effect of crystal salt to support treatment of allergies, respiratory and blood system diseases. Salt lamps are often used in the treatment of rheumatism.

The variety of shades salt lamps are required all kinds of impurities, foreign matter, such as, for example, minerals and algae, are pressed with sea salt even during the formation of the rocks. Science has discovered that each color has a special impact. So that plants grow better if they are light red, orange or yellow. Assume that the specified color (for salt lamps are the most common) have an equally positive impact on human development – mental and physical.

Beautiful and rich colors of salt lamps allow the use of method chromatotherapy. The soothing light of salt lamps helps to relieve irritation, fatigue after a working day and to beat insomnia.

Colors of salt lamps:

  • Colors of salt lampsorange – excites, evokes a sense of intimacy and security, eliminates shock and injury, heal the nerves and mind, activates the kidneys and bladder
  • yellow – enhances the intelligence and the intellect, has a stimulating effect on the liver, gallbladder and pancreas;
  • red – strengthens the heart and stimulates the circulation, improves vital energy;
  • pink – promotes love and partnership, makes people more emotional;
  • white – excellent color purity, treatment, purification and disinfection
  • brown – enhances the relationship with the Land, to give health and helps a person to rest in the middle.

Lamp rock salt is unusual not only due to the presence of iron oxide, giving it such pleasant pinkish shade, but also thanks to a whole range of related minerals, the total content of which varies here from two to four percent. It includes: clay, anhydrite, plaster, quartz, hydrocarbon (in liquid and gaseous States), as well as potassium, magnesium, iron, calcium, zinc, carbon, bromine, iodine, and selenium.

Radiology of rock salt showed that like a mountain crystal, she radiates positive energy, is one of the so-called “warm minerals”.

Helio – phototherapy (the treatment of the sun and light treatment) today received a fairly wide distribution. Sunlight speeds up the metabolism, stimulates the immune system, calms the nerves and improves mood. The same properties, only of lower intensity, is characterized by the electric light.

Made of natural salt crystal, it is natural air ionizer that effectively boosts the number ofnegative ions in the room. The effect of ionized air is generated from the physical and chemical characteristics of the crystalline salts due to the formation of this mineral 250 million years ago in the conditions of ancient marine lagoon.

Salt lamps in Feng Shui

A salt lamp not simply combines the therapeutic properties of natural minerals and light, but also of their mutually enhances the action. Electric light heats the salt, under the influence of the temperature of the hydration process begins to flow more intensely, which ultimately means faster and more effective air purification. In turn, the salt, which is a kind of lampshade that will enable us without any harm for the eyes to behold the light source directly and thus get a lot of good memories. Making your way through the salt brings out its natural light color. This effect is based another group of properties salt lamp.

According to Chinese teachings of Feng Shui, all areas and all natural space is filled with invisible life force – Qi. The existence of this energy has already received scientific justification: German scientists managed to open a very thin electromagnetic vibration, with properties perfectly matching the description of Qi. This vibration is a carrier of information and is able to capture and convey favourable and unfavourable signals. Anxiety, fears, sadness can over the years to accumulate in the apartment. Their source might be, and they will continue to have a negative impact on the residents. To get rid of this disturbance is possible only through update Qi. For this purpose the best suited salt lamp, the properties of which allow to bring the house alive and healthy energy.

Salt lamps, placed in geopathogenic zones can significantly reduce their devastating impacts on health and life luck the owner of the house. To harmonize the energy in spaces, you need to install salt lamps in dark corners and places where there is a deficit of Qi. Properly placed salt lamps can help to build partnerships and attract financial luck.

How to use a salt lamp

Principle. When heated from the light bulb or from the flame salt emits negative ions. Here the mechanism of natural ions, the process proceeds gently. Negatively charged ions neutralize the negative effects of modern electronic technology such as computers, televisions, etc. Therefore, salt lamps not only pleasant, beautiful piece of furniture, but also natural Wellness device (ionizer). Natural salt in a cold condition has the ability to absorb (absorb) moisture from the air, and when heated – that may be the cause of cracking in the body of the stones from it.

Care for a salt lamp. the Lamp is easy to handle and does not require special care. From time to time with a dry soft cloth or a vacuum cleaner is necessary to remove dust from its surface.

Salt lamps can be placed everywhere in the house. However, it is worth remembering that rock salt, like sodium chloride, dissolves in the water and having absorbed much moisture, it becomes soft and can crumble. Therefore, do not place a salt lamp near sources of high humidity: cookers, electric kettles, home fountains, humidifiers, aquariums, water-loving plants and so on; the salt lamp in the bathroom. For the same reason it is not recommended to keep a salt lamp for a long time in the open air or in damp environment. If the lamp is still wet, the best way to cure is to turn it on for a few hours.

Because the salt lamp gives a soft ionization, in contrast to the powerful artificial ionizers, it can be kept on all the time.

Expiration Date salt lamp difficult to determine. The beneficial properties of salt do not disappear over time, and its beneficial effect lasts as long as the lamp remains switched on.

History of the appearance of the salt lamp

Rock salt deposits which are often found high above sea level, in the mountains, appeared in the Upper Permian period of the Paleozoic era as a product of natural crystallization of salt water in the world ocean in the conditions of dry hot climate. Another 240 million years ago, pressed in powerful (and sometimes their thickness is over a kilometer) layers of solid rock this salt under the influence of numerous natural disasters tectonic changes were hidden all the layers of different rock deposits. Nowadays, it is mined in deep mines.How to use a salt lamp

For a variety of useful properties, some of which are for someone vital, as well as being an indispensable component of the diet salt gained fame as”white gold”. The history keeps even the glory of those moments, when salt was worth its weight in gold. The healing properties of salt have been known since antiquity. It was used in the treatment of headaches, dropsy, skin eruptions, gout, and as a detoxifying remedy for poisoning. Ancient Romans used salt mineral sources to normalize the metabolism and strengthen the immune system. In recent times the beneficial properties of salt are taken into account in the manufacture of cosmetics. Health impact on the body salt pairs was discovered in the early twentieth century. Then across Europe on the site of the old salt mines underground sanatorium, which specialized in the prevention and treatment of various diseases through inhalation of ionized air. Recent studies have shown that even small-sized minerals have almost full range of therapeutic properties of rock salt.

In our days, rock salt is mined in only one place – in a deep kamenogosky mines from a depth of 800 m in the Himalayas in Pakistan.

Salt lamps – questions and answers

Salt lamps are known to be a popular piece of furniture and an excellent means of improving the microclimate in the house. Their natural properties cannot be reproduced by any artificial cleaners.

15 common questions about salt lamps and full answers to them.

1. Salt lamp can lower the humidity in the apartment?

Answer: Salt Lamp has a light bulb with a power of only 15 watts, maximum 25 (large lamps), therefore its heat dissipation is minimal, consequently it’s virtually no impact on the humidity in Your room.

2. What is the shelf life of salt lamps?

Answer: In principle, the shelf life of salt (or salt) of the lamp is limited only by the shelf-life of the electrical cord that is at least five years. The lampshade, made of natural rock salt can be used for dozens of years with proper maintenance. Only a light bulb change from time to time.

3. Salt lamp hypoallergenic?

Answer: Lamps made from natural salts are sold around the world for over 10 years, and to date we have no data about any adverse effects of lights on human or induce any allergic reactions.

4. How to calculate what weight should be salt lamp for my apartment?

Answer: on average it is believed that the lamp of 2-3 kg weight is enough for a room area of around 12-15 sq. m. If You have a larger room, it is recommended to use the lamp a little larger.

5. Salt is a food?

Answer: the composition of salt is very close to food, since 99% of its composition is NaCl, but not because it was special food handling, to use it as normal salt for use with food of course is impossible. However, such pieces of salt have been successfully applied, for example, for feeding animals. For example, in Europe very popular feeding breeding horses small pieces of the salt. They are strung onto a small rope and used as a lick for horses. To replenish necessary minerals in the body of the horse. But always, of course, in such matters, you must consult with specialists.

6. How animals respond to salt (salt) lamp?

Answer: despite the fact that animals have a more developed sense of smell, no problems! Your pet will feel relaxing on the beach.

7. It works on 220 volts?

Answer: Yes, salt or salt lamp operates on 220 Volts. Our lamp is equipped with an electric light bulb 15 watts ( lamps and some large size – 25 W) and are intended for use in networks with a voltage of 220 Volts, so You can not worry about wasted electricity.

8. How bright she lights up the room?

Answer: Salt lamp may not be the main light source, but will serve as a great nightlight in a nursery or bedroom and the living room will create a favorable atmosphere for communication.

9. They say that salt lamps remove bad smell of cigarettes? Is this true?

Answer: Yes, salt lamp really reduces odors from Smoking. Due to the fact that salt lamp is a soft ionizer air she partially removes this unpleasant smell. But of course, we need to understand fully what the smell is impossible to remove, especially if the room is too smoky.

10. Is it true that salt lamp ionizes the air?

Answer: Yes, indeed, salt lamp when heated shade of soft salt is a natural ionizer, making it useful to put near electronic equipment to reduce the harmful effects from computers, TVs, etc.

11. Why red Sol expensive?

Answer: Due to its composition and the red tone, salt lamps from reddish salts give a very gentle and noble glow. Unfortunately, the red salt is much more difficult to get and requires a special sort, therefore, the red salt is considered more noble, and therefore more expensive to manufacture. Lamps of this red salt are much more expensive than for example the lamp light, almost white salt.

12. What does the salt lamp have to do with Chinese science of Feng Shui (or Feng Shui)?

The answer is: directly. According to ancient Chinese science of Feng Shui salt is considered the element that takes all the negative energy, therefore this lamp is not only a great decorative ornament, but also will help bring to Your home warmth, comfort and happiness!

13. Why the company collects salt lamps here instead of taking them like some others from Pakistan directly?

Answer: it’s very simple. Pakistan is a developing country in which it is difficult to control the whole manufacturing process of lamps, which does not allow to achieve high quality. Plus, during long transport packaging often lose its appearance. Just imagine, because the containers are delivered from Pakistan by sea, and this is more than a month way, a huge amount of moisture and the constant bumpiness. Lamps imported from Pakistan directly are distinguished by a beaten and battered cardboard package and a very cheap cardboard. We believe that a salt lamp can also be perfect gift for Your loved ones. Well, what a gift without the colorful, pretty packaging? Therefore, the packaging we produce here in USA, the best imported equipment. This packaging has always a beautiful view and long lasting.

14. The manual says that the lamp is afraid of humidity, but what if the lamp is still getting in a humid room and managed to collect the moisture?

Answer: If the lamp is gained moisture , for example, this can easily happen during long transportation in low temperature or high humidity, then if the time to take action, the situation can be corrected. The first thing to do is to remove the lamp from the plastic bag, wipe dry the lamp with a dry cloth, place it in a dry, preferably warm and well-ventilated area and give the bulb time to dry properly. It is better to leave it that way for a day or more. In no event it is impossible to turn on the lamp in this state (until she finally prossies), since this may lead, first to the burnout of the light bulb, and secondly to the emergence of the so-called “salt pot” in white. Once the lamp is dry, it can easily use.

15. What if the salt lamp is left on for a long time in a humid environment, and on its surface was made by “salt sweat” ?

Answer: In principle, with the lamp nothing terrible happens, if it acts white “salt pot”. It can be used as a regular lamp and it has exactly the same properties as regular salt lamp. But unfortunately, in most cases, suffers from the appearance of the lamp, which in this case is next to impossible. However, in some cases, the situation can be corrected. For this purpose it is necessary a file or emery paper to remove the white bloom (the salt pot), then you must quickly (within 1 minute), wipe the surface of the lamp with a damp cloth, then immediately with a dry cloth and thoroughly wipe dry the entire surface.

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