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Sauna during menstruation

Sauna is considered to be the place where you can go with friends to relax, socialize and have fun. A man can go to sauna at least every day, women things are a little different. During menstruation you need to be very careful. You need to understand whether it would be useful to visit the sauna during the critical days. My period is a bad period with various aches and discomfort. Let’s see if you can visit a sauna during menstruation.

Is it Possible to go to sauna when menstruation by using tampons?

Generally, the swab has the ability to close inside the woman’s vagina and provide a protective element and not to give the opportunity to penetrate the infection. But as you know, in the world there is no such substance that would give a 100% guarantee and a tampon this is no exception. You can not only get infected but also to the bleeding.

When you bathing in the sauna, your blood vessels dilate, and the blood moves much faster. So the usual period can turn into a thing that is not bleeding and to stop it, you will need to contact your gynecologist. If you need the additional health problems? Remember always that the sauna and the Your period are not a good combination.

How to go to sauna during menstruation

On the first day of menstruation to the sauna to go not very desirable. If you really want to sauna, then only in the last days. If you have your period are painful, then you are in a steam room it is better not to enter at all. If menstruation is normal, no abdominal pain, then you can go to the sauna for a bit to warm up. When you are in the sauna, watch your health, in order to detect the approaching weakness and to avoid different unpleasant situations.

Of course, when the sauna is large company, the time goes very quickly. But if you have your period, you should stay in the dressing room, not in the steam room. During this period, for the body is not very good to be in a hot room. But if you really want to go in the sauna to the steam room, then stick to the principle: often and for less time than with a steam room once or twice and for a long period of time.

Precautions when visiting the sauna during menstruation

It is recommended to follow certain measures when visiting the sauna during menstruation.

  1. How to go to sauna during menstruationIn the sauna, use only reliable means of hygiene. Better reinsurance and use the swab and seal at the same time, in order to avoid unpleasant situations.
  2. Do Not drink alcohol in the sauna. Heart you give a double load and therefore do not need to aggravate the situation.
  3. Do Not expose your body overheating in the sauna. The optimum temperature in the steam room should not be above 80 degrees, if a woman to menstruate.
  4. Avoid sudden changes in temperature. When you exit the steam room does not need to jump into the pool, reduce the temperature gradually under warm water. This applies to heat treatments. When you enter the steam room, first get used to the temperature, which is, down there near the door, then sit on the bottom shelf in the sauna.
  5. There is no such type of women whose periods are irregular, occurring meager selection. In connection with this present pain. In this situation, the sauna is possible and even necessary. There should be some procedures for medicinal purposes. You can make a poultice out of the sand, oats, flax seed or salt in the abdomen. This activity will help you to get rid of painful sensations.
  6. If you are in doubt whether you can go to the sauna, it is better to visit a good gynecologist. It is recommended to go to the specialist that you see and consult with him.


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