Sauna during pregnancy

Usually at the first mention of saunas during pregnancy there is a negative reaction. However, our ancestors did not see anything dangerous and, often, the birth took place in the steam room. This is due to the fact that the bath was almost the only place where there was no shortage of clean hot water.

Risks of Sauna during Pregnancy

The benefits of the sauna seems to be obvious: the body is relaxed, with sweat out toxins, creates a feeling of harmony within, the skin becomes smooth and silky, reduces the pressure, and the immune system becomes more active to fight viruses.

But the sauna when pregnant causes mixed feelings among doctors and mothers themselves. On the one hand, if there are no contraindications and the woman feels well, then a visit to the steam room is very useful. On the other hand, it is impossible to predict in advance how to react to your body at a high temperature and humidity.

So, in any case, you should consult with your gynecologist, to pass all required tests to identify possible contraindications. Among the latter stand out:

  • low placentation/previa complete CVS;
  • blood-brown selection on the second trimester;
  • rashes on the surface of the skin that accompany neurological diseases;
  • infectious diseases of the reproductive system;
  • hypotension;
  • oligohydramnios;
  • up to 12 weeks.

That is, it can be concluded that the sauna and pregnancy are incompatible in the early stages and in the presence of pathologies. And on the second and third trimester if the woman feels good and there is no threat to the fetus, a visit to the steam room does not bear any threat for the life and health of the baby. So during pregnancy and infrared sauna, Russian sauna, distinguished not too high temperature and the moist air can go in your favor.

How to enjoy the sauna pregnant

If you do decide to go to sauna while pregnant, then take precautions.

  • How to enjoy the sauna pregnantlisten carefully to his condition – at the slightest discomfort disconnect from session;
  • don’t stay in the steam room longer than a quarter of an hour at once;
  • choose a sauna with a temperature above 80o C and with wet steam – this will help speed up the process of sweating and reduce the session;
  • do not jump into a cold pool after exiting the steam room – a sharp temperature drop in your case undesirable;
  • wear Slippers with ribbed sole, to exclude the possibility of the fall;
  • bring to the sauna personal towel and a sheet, so you reduce the risk of infection;
  • cover the head of a special felt hat – it will protect the hair and prevent dizziness;
  • in between sessions, drink clean water or herbal tea with honey so you can protect the body from dehydration.

If you feel good, there is no reason to abandon a beloved pastime. But do not put their own interests above the safety of the baby.

Sauna during and after pregnancy

It is Absolutely contraindicated for pregnant women sauna and hot tub in acute inflammatory diseases with fever, epilepsy, cancer, coronary heart disease, hypertension II and III stages.

You can not go to the sauna with bronchial asthma, after recent surgical interventions, with complicated pregnancy (threatened abortion, placenta previa, high blood pressure).

Before entering the sauna you should consult with your gynecologist!

Don’t forget about the bath and after childbirth. Infants, as a rule, all excited about communication with each other, from the abundance of impressions and pleasant sensations. Alternating the steam room with a dip in the pool — the perfect combination for mothers and kids. It’s more complicated with women who decided to go to bath soon after birth. Such mothers are more difficult to enter in the bath process, relieve stress, and children smaller the range of adaptation.

Enjoy a trip to the sauna: it will keep the health of you and your children!

What to remember when visiting a steam room

  • Head should be always closed. Good special felt hats.
  • In between the steam room, be sure to drink. Best broth hips, herbal teas or plain water. The more you drink, the more separated the sweat, and it displays excess salts and wastes.
  • Be Sure to cool the body after sauna. Ideally, of course, to dive into the pool, preferably with the head — you will immediately feel how the heaviness recedes, and the head and then won’t hurt.
  • Not to go in the steam room. It is better to go a few times, than once for a long time.
  • Good access to the sauna 1 time a week, devoting a lot of time.
  • Be Sure to wear the rubber Slippers bath and on the shelf lay a towel or Mat.
  • Pregnant women it is best to visit sauna in special groups for pregnant women under the supervision of an instructor.


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