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Scoliosis in Children

Scoliosis is a complex deformity of the spine in which there is a lateral curvature in his plane back and twisting rotation of the spine around its axis. During active growth of the child, provided low activity and poor posture are more likely to get this disease. And, unfortunately, for life. Because even with persistent treatment of existing scoliosis to get rid of him is extremely difficult.

Running scoliosis dangerous irreversible changes in the spine, the deformation can cause the rib hump, the asymmetry of the pelvis and disorders of internal organs. Fatigue, complaints about headaches and muscle pain is also a consequence of scoliosis that time did not pay attention.

Not less important is the fact that a child whose parents have missed the initial stage scoliosis of the spine, over time, will feel in society slender and neat peers sort of a black sheep, but look for adolescent girls or boys at a certain point begins to play a very important role.

How to Treat Scoliosis of the Spine?

How to treat scoliosisIt is believed that the development of scoliosis ends simultaneously with the completion of the growth in 18-20 years, and after straighten the spine is no longer possible. So to pass the time when treatment and recovery is still possible, in no event it is impossible.

Usually orthopedists assign children to wear a special locking corset, remedial exercises that strengthen the back muscles, toning treatments. These measures with a serious attitude to the child and his parents will help in dealing with scoliosis. Otherwise the time will need a serious operation – installation of mechanical devices, corrective curvature of the spine.

The question of treatment is very complicated, simply because will require full control not only by parents, but primarily the kid. Discipline produced even in such conditions, will be very useful to him in the future. The crumbs should watch your posture when standing and when sitting, and during the walk.

The child needs to get used to the exercises several times daily. And to give convincing arguments that will help him to cope with laziness and unwillingness to work, the main task of parents.

If there is a possibility to send your baby into specialized sanatorium, where timetable and strengthening procedures will become a habit, use it On his return home he will find it easier to keep track of the regime itself.

However, there is another option: replace the unloved physical education for active sports ( not professional, of course ). Only it must be sports, which give a uniform load on the spine.

Sport and Scoliosis

Good help from scoliosis of the spine – swimming. Water naturally relieves the spine. Classes increase the endurance of the back muscles, at the same time develop and train the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Doctors recommend different swim styles: breaststroke – expressed and progressive disorders, crawl and butterfly, when the progression of scoliosis is stopped.

Skiing in winter is another great tool to strengthen your back and entire body. But skiing and snowboarding absolutely contraindicated!

For girls it will be interesting to study in the Studio of dance and dance – there’s the ability to keep your posture under the control of one of the most important conditions. Whether your child deal with the coach individually or he will begin to walk in a group is a matter of choice of the kid.

Do not write child with deformities of the spine in a circle sports and gymnastics. He cannot be Jogging or weightlifting. Sports, unevenly developing hands – tennis, badminton, too will have to wait. But if the son really wants to play with friends in football after school, and my daughter play volleyball is not a good idea to argue with. A small, but active and pleasant retreat from the prohibitions will be more likely to benefit than harm.

Child Nutrition and Scoliosis

Parents need to take care about the correct mode and nutrition of the child.

The food should be balanced, not to contain a lot of animal fat ( overweight for patient spine – additional load ), but rich in carbohydrates, proteins and minerals. It would be good to enter into the diet drugs of calcium to strengthen bones, and we should not abandon vitamin complexes. Proper nutrition will give your baby, and it will be easy to deal with fatigue.
Buy a table and chair on growth, a pillowtop mattress and a flat pillow – this will ensure gentle treatment for the spine.
And, finally, eliminate too high heel shoes for girls and wearing backpacks-portfolios. They should replace the convenient bags. Agree with the teachers that the child will wear to school the minimum necessary textbooks and books.

If diagnosed, you cannot lose. Need to find a good specialist who will be able to observe the child for several years and time to take action to prevent changes for the worse. Experts warn of possible complications, when parents choose alternative therapies. For example, manual massage is dangerous for the child, who has yet to grow and grow. Consult with several specialists. The main thing – do not let the process take its course, it’s dangerous!

How to Determine Child ScoliosisHow to determine scoliosis in a child

Ask the child to stand up to you back and relax, let him take his usual pose. First of all pay attention to such signs of scoliosis of the spine ( enough of even one of the signs ):

  • one shoulder is slightly higher than the other;
  • one of the blades went “braslet” ( shoves angle of the scapula );
  • different length pressed against the side of the arm to the waist;
  • when stooping noticeable curvature of the spine. If the spine is curved, immediately contact your doctor!

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  • I’m afraid my daughter may have scoliosis. I am no professional, and cannot assume how severe it is, but after reading this, I will be sure to have her checked out by a professional. As you said, experts are able to warn of possible complications and will be able to track progress and recommend treatment. Thanks for this insightful article on scoliosis!

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