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Self-treatment of hemorrhoids

According to statistics, almost every second adult person has at least once been faced with hemorrhoids. But not everyone with symptoms goes to the doctor, trying to be treated yourself. Of course, the ideal is skilled care provided in a specialized clinic. Today’s methods allow for a fairly short time to get rid of the problem forever, and not to waste it waiting for the next exacerbation of the disease, risking complications. But a situation may arise when the opportunity to get to the doctor in the near future, and help is badly needed. As an option – hemorrhoid treatment home remedies. To facilitate the patient’s condition there are various methods applied at different stages of the disease.

Typically, the first signs are not too annoying man. Small itching and discomfort in the rectum, the patient did not give due attention. Although at this stage, taking action you can prevent further progression of the disease. The main causes of disease are physical inactivity and poor nutrition, leading to digestive disorders. Therefore, the implementation of simple physical exercises, prevention of constipation, these simple methods can be used in the prevention and treatment of hemorrhoids at home at an early stage of the disease.

But, ignoring the initial signs of the disease, the patient may buy running form. Bleeding, pain, prolapse hemorrhoids already require more substantial measures.

To help well help sitz baths. This is a tested home remedy for hemorrhoids. Enough to pour 3 liters of boiling water a handful of herbs, infuse for half an hour and to carry out the procedure. This prepared solution can be used in carrying out hygienic procedures. Therapeutic properties are:

  • mint
  • chamomile
  • nettle
  • herbal compresses

Herbs can be used individually or all together. This method is effective in combination with medication and diet.

Self-treatment of hemorrhoids

To reduce the symptoms of the disease using drugs of local action. Today there is a huge selection of medicines which have different spectrum of action. So, ointments can reduce itching, reduce tissue edema, improve microcirculation. Their composition is the component that prevents the thrombus formation. Also some ointments have antibacterial and healing effect. Rectal suppositories also act directly on inflamed hemorrhoids. With their help, you can quickly numb the hemorrhoids in the home, in addition, improve circulation and promote the resorption of formed blood clots, have anti-edematous, anti-inflammatory, hemostatic effect.

To buy drugs the local effects at the pharmacy in the free market. Today there is a huge choice of drugs, but each of them has its own specifics, which depends on the incoming in the drug is active component. Some suppositories contain natural ingredients (sea buckthorn, propolis, belladonna), best implemented with any isolated severe symptom. Others operate in several directions, such suppositories can be removed from several of the symptoms. Before you buy any medication, you should carefully examine the composition and contraindications – some substances cannot be applied under certain conditions. For example, preparations containing heparin, can worsen the condition when bleeding. Patients should be aware that the use of ointments and suppositories should be courses, usually not more than 10 days, then you need to take a break.

Therefore, deciding to treat hemorrhoids at home, it would be nice to pre-consult with the doctor about the possibilities of a drug. This rule applies if you are using tablet forms. Possessing a broad spectrum of action, they act in different directions, however, treatment with tablets should not forget about possible allergic reactions.

Exacerbation of hemorrhoids and self treatment

Exacerbation of hemorrhoids and self treatmentOften save from the first stage of acute hemorrhoids able home treatments. In fact, there are recipes of traditional medicine, proven by years of successful treatment. But anyway, to apply these methods at home should only after permission of the doctor and as an additional aid to General treatment. So what can lead to hemorrhoid treatment at home without surgery, what should I do to avoid the development of acute hemorrhoids?

  • Is Almost always the worsening of hemorrhoids occurs against a background of constipation. Therefore, to begin treatment of the disease should eliminate constipation. Will help the following method: the treatment lasts a month, so you’ll have to be patient. Daily, 20 minutes before eating, 3, 4 times a day, eating a spoonful of fresh onion juice and turnips. The method is proven and reliable.
  • To cure hemorrhoids at home is possible if you daily do the following procedure. In the evening treat yourself to a hot bath, the heat warming the affected area. Then cut from raw potatoes suppositories the size of a little finger inside the anus. To do this procedure every other day. This is not to use alcohol, a ban on which has been running for 2, 3 days before treatment. It is possible to treat the disease of candied honey, from which they also make suppositories and freeze them in the fridge, and then put inside for the night. You can use honey as an ointment, applying it on the bumps themselves. This treatment of hemorrhoids at home is considered a quality fight inflammation and gives excellent pain relief for the night. But, we must not forget that any method of treatment of acute hemorrhoids should consist of several types of treatment.
  • Baths hemorrhoids. To cure hemorrhoids at home can proven way. To do this at any moment when you are free and are at home, to do for yourself with a therapeutic sitz baths with herbs. To do this, boil in 3 liters of boiling water a handful of birch leaves and chamomile, let steep for half an hour to cure and carry out the procedure. Also effective hemorrhoids bath of wormwood, though the tincture of this herb can be used for cleaning, and for enemas or lotions. Do treatment for hemorrhoids at home of herbs such as chamomile, burdock, nettle. You can do trays of all grasses together, or each separately. This method of treatment is applied parallel to the diet and the medication.
  • To cure hemorrhoids at home on stage 1 is possible with propolis. Prepare the cream of this product of beekeeping is very simple. In boiling vegetable oil (90 g) add the grated propolis (15 g), to melt. Then strain, cool and apply as a compress or as an ointment. Getting rid of hemorrhoids at home this way you need to carry out up to 4 times daily. This home method effectively treats the aggravation, but applies to only 1, 2 stage disease.
  • Effective treatment of hemorrhoids or proctitis (inflammation of the lining of the colon) at home natural oil of sea buckthorn. As a rule, oil is good to treat swelling and inflammation of the anus for 2, 3 stage of hemorrhoids. This can be natural oil soak gauze and applied to the affected area for an hour. To treat such funds can be up to 4 times per day.
  • Another way of treating hemorrhoids in the home is birch tar, and effective method as 1, 2, 3 stage of hemorrhoids. He removes pain of any kind, treats puffiness and tension cones, quickly heals wounds and cracks. In addition, the birch tar is a great tool, in fact is a natural antiseptic and to treat them inflammation is still that the use of antibiotics. And most importantly, this folk remedy at home – a real barrier for any infections. This home method is very popular and really effective.
  • 1 remedy for treatment of hemorrhoids at home – celandine. At home you can do it from the lotion. Treat celandine: tablespoon of dried herbs of celandine tea and a teaspoon of the mushroom mix and close in a jar. Put the mixture in a dark and dry place for 3 days. Then squeeze and use as a poultice on all night.
  • To cure the aggravation of the hemorrhoids in the home, you can physical exercise. To cope with hemorrhoids 1st degree of the house will help special exercises, physical exercises aimed at the regulation of blood flow in the veins of the pelvis. The most important movement, which is included in all exercises is a clenching and unclamping of the sphincter. To do gymnastics regularly, but parallel to the physical training necessary to treat constipation and to take medication against hemorrhoids. It is this treatment of hemorrhoids at home will give fast and correct result.

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