Sex during pregnancy

When pregnancy occurs, a woman’s sexuality changes — sex begins to be perceived differently than before pregnancy. This is due to changes in hormonal balance in the female body. Most pregnant women sexual desire increases.

For a long time it was believed that the main purpose of a woman to give birth and raise a child, and sex should be engaged only for procreation. Therefore, a pregnant woman should not be interested in men, and they it. Many modern couples are of a different opinion and continue to have sex throughout the nine months. However, they are faced with certain difficulties.

Both for the woman, and for the man “pregnant” and “not pregnant” sex essentially differ from each other. Expectant mothers react differently to her husband’s attempts to fulfill their marital duties. Some feel a greater desire and sometimes bring men to the point of exhaustion. And others try to avoid performing their conjugal duties or go on about a loved one, but with all their appearance show that they are doing a favor.

The reason for this is the five most common problems, deciding that you will learn to enjoy the “pregnant” sex.

Problems of pregnancy sex

Problem 1. Hormonal explosion.

Your body is experiencing the strongest hormonal explosion, which, of course, is reflected on the sexual life. Pregnant women are unable to control their emotions, and are subject to a sharp change of mood. During sexual arousal, they may even cry.

The solution. Explain Clearly to your husband what you are experiencing at the moment. After all, he at all desire can not get pregnant. And, therefore, not aware of your fears and experiences. Achieving sexual harmony is possible only if the couple will be attentive to the psychological and physical needs of each other. For a man now the most important thing is not to neglect the unstable emotional state of his wife and not to respond to her often unfounded accusations. And you do not try to keep the experience in itself, otherwise you will find a real storm of emotions. Tell your husband about all your experiences, doubts and fears. Sexual satisfaction is possible only if you completely trust the partner. Over the next nine months, your mood will constantly change, and every day you will receive from sex new emotions. So don’t give up sex just because you didn’t like it yesterday. As at the very beginning of sexual life-look for what gives you the greatest satisfaction, and that, on the contrary, causes negative emotions.

Problem 2. Three in bed.

A significant role is played by the psychological factor. Because in bed you are already not two, but three and that would be to get used to the idea takes time. It is for this reason that some men perceive a pregnant wife as a mother and not as a woman. Sometimes women explain the refusal of sex: “it seems to Me that the child from the uterus is constantly watching me and appreciates my behavior. And I can’t relax in bed. It’s like having sex in public.”

The solution. it’s no secret that children are not found in cabbage. The beginning of each life gives sexual intercourse. It is immoral to have sex in the presence of an adult child. But over the next nine months, you and the baby are one. Remember, the baby is good only when his mother is good. At the moment of orgasm is a powerful energy exchange between the partners. Naturally, the fetus feels these changes, which have a beneficial effect on the pregnant woman and him. Scientific studies show that babies in the uterus react to the sexual games of their parents. According to the observation of ultrasound, the fetus reacts to the mother’s orgasm with a random movement and rapid heartbeat. During sexual intercourse, the uterus begins to shrink and for the baby, the maternal orgasm is a kind of training before the upcoming birth.

Problem 3. Toxicosis.

Nausea, dizziness and fatigue also do not add desire. In the morning you are sick of just eaten Breakfast, as soon as the toxemia passes, you want to sleep, then eat again, and in the evening you are so exhausted that nothing but sleep, and do not want to think. In addition, it is terribly annoying that the husband can not share with you all the unpleasant symptoms of pregnancy.

The solution. Move the bed games to the most convenient time for you. After all, you do not feel sick all 24 hours a day. According to the majority of expectant mothers, the optimal time for sex is early morning, before Breakfast or after a day’s sleep. Don’t change yourself for a husband to the detriment of their desires. The most unpleasant, if you are sick of her husband, but want sex. In this case, try to understand what irritates you: Cologne, bristles, tobacco smell, etc.and try to eliminate the source of irritation.

Problem 4. Pregnant body.

The woman’s body changes right in front of her eyes: the stomach gets just incredible size, the chest becomes painful and when excited, colostrum can flow out of it. Attempts to realize favorite sexual positions look ridiculous and nothing but inconvenience do not deliver. And instead of enjoying the caresses of her husband, you want to hit him, at least.

The solution. Love your pregnant body. Those changes in appearance, which is so afraid of a woman, for men are an additional highlight. Many men look pregnant wife strongly excites. Stop complaining about the huge belly. You will get fat gradually, and her husband will have time to adapt to your new size. In the next nine months, you can be proud of your belly, it will be addressed to him the main affection. Of course, as you increase your belly you will have to be creative in finding comfortable poses. But the variety in sex are welcome. Pregnancy – time gentle and unhurried sex without complex acrobatic gimmicks. As for the chest — do not suffer if the affection of the husband to cause you pain or discomfort. Explain to your loved one how to handle a pregnant bust. If upon excitation of the breast starts to leak colostrum — buy a beautiful lingerie and let him stay in bed.

Problem 5 (basic). Sex is dangerous for a child.

It is believed that an intimate life during pregnancy can cause a miscarriage or damage the unborn child. On the one hand, a woman really wants to make a pleasant husband, and on the other — the fear for the child does not completely relax. And instead of enjoying life, a young mother either deprives her husband of a full sexual life, or agrees to sex only for the sake of her husband and suffers from fear for the baby.

The solution. Pregnancy is not a disease, but a double responsibility, which means caution. Therefore, some restrictions are still present. Sex is an additional risk factor. If a woman is healthy, and pregnancy proceeds without complications-you can not give up a full sexual life. But it is necessary to closely monitor their feelings and at the slightest doubt to see a doctor. Do not be afraid to accidentally harm the child during sexual intercourse: it is well protected by the fetal bladder and uterus, and amniotic fluid reliably absorbs strong tremors. It is necessary to be sure that the partner does not suffer from sexually transmitted diseases.

When is sex contraindicated?

To decide whether you can have sex, should be watching you doctor. He should explain, why sex is contraindicated and on what period (on a certain “critical” term or until the end of pregnancy). If you are given a “green light”, that is, the doctor’s permission is obtained, you can decide whether to do it. And if so, be sure to listen to your feelings. If after proximity amplify or there are pulling pains in the lower abdomen or in the lower back, spotting, sex should be abandoned and consult a doctor — NAC what period is necessary.

However, if your pregnancy falls into the category of “high risk”, it is necessary to refuse not only from sexual contact, but also from sexual arousal.

Abstain from sex

  • in multiple pregnancies (twins, triplets), doctors, regardless of the health of the expectant mother, recommend from the 20th week to abandon sex life. This is due to the fact that in multiple pregnancies there is always a risk of premature birth, and sexual arousal can stimulate labor;
  • if the uterus is constantly in tone. In this case, regardless of the period of pregnancy, sexual intercourse can provoke uterine contractions and premature birth;
  • if you have a low location or placenta previa due to ultrasound indications — sexual intercourse can cause bleeding. In this case, doctors recommend to abandon the poses providing deep penetration (man behind, woman above, etc.);
  • in case of bleeding or spotting, it is recommended to refrain from sexual contact before visiting a doctor;
  • if you have already had miscarriages and premature birth or threatened miscarriage, in particularly dangerous periods, it is necessary to refuse sexual contact. In this case, the days of the alleged menstruation are considered dangerous, that is, every fourth week of the term (4th, 8th, 12th, 16th, etc.), as well as the dates of previous miscarriages;
  • at any venereal diseases, and also in cases when pregnancy came during treatment for venereal diseases;
  • 2-3 weeks before the expected date of delivery, most doctors recommend giving up intimacy. During sexual arousal the female body produces the hormone oxytocin, stimulating uterine contractions. A similar effect has the male hormone prostaglandin, contained in the seminal fluid. So sexual intercourse just before delivery can cause contractions. But if a woman moves, and in the expected period of childbirth does not begin, doctors, on the contrary, are advised to stimulate the beginning of labor through sexual caresses.

Advantages of sex during pregnancy

In the intimate life during pregnancy, in addition to a number of problems, there are special advantages:

  • finally you can fully relax and think only about pleasure. The most favorable for sex is the second trimester of pregnancy: already passed toxicosis, the threat of miscarriage is removed, you are accustomed to your new position, but the stomach is not too large and to give birth quite far.
    It is important to remember that pregnant women can only have sex with a condom! And it’s not necessarily about sexually transmitted infections. First, sexual intercourse, causing microtrauma, can provoke exacerbation of banal candidiasis (thrush), which is already often exacerbated during pregnancy. Secondly, “normal” microbes that can penetrate with sperm, although they do not cause venereal diseases, but sometimes provoke an inflammatory process, for example, cystitis. During sexual intercourse, microbes get directly to the cervix, which increases the risk of intrauterine infection. So that during pregnancy should be especially carefully protected from infections;
  • blood supply to the uterus and vagina increases sharply from the first weeks of pregnancy. The absence of orgasm (anorgasmia) in some women is caused by a violation of the mechanism of the flow of additional blood to the uterus and genitals when excited. Thus, the changes in the vascular system and intensive blood supply to the uterus allow women to experience orgasms. In addition, immediately after sexual intercourse, the outflow of excess blood is delayed, thereby inhibiting the decline of sexual tension. So pregnant orgasms are not only more frequent but also more prolonged in time.

If you for some reason do not want to engage in traditional sex, do not force yourself, even for the sake of her beloved husband. To give birth to a healthy and calm child, you need only positive emotions. And in nine months, everything will be back to normal.At the same time, do not completely deprive the spouse of sexual life. It is always possible to find a compromise, and to find ways of a sexual discharge and mutual satisfaction without traditional sexual intercourse.Pregnancy is a special period in the life of a married couple. It is now that future parents, more than ever before, need to feel spiritual closeness and support each other. And often confidential conversations, gentle touches and kisses bring much bigger satisfaction, than traditional sexual intercourse. Tell your spouse about your experiences, talk with your child and dream. If you successfully survive these nine months, your spiritual closeness will become even stronger, and your family — stronger.

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