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Sex During Your Period

Sex during your period was prohibited at different times in many countries. In some societies women are even isolated from society at the time of your period. One reason for this was that the blood might attract predatory animals and jeopardize the entire tribe or village. In other cultures it was believed that a woman during menstruation has special magical force that can bring others the evil eye or disease. still for men in countries with a certain religion question about the possibility of sexual relations during your period may not even be delivered. Woman in this period is “unclean”, and therefore any rapprochement with it should be banned. Although it is a religious requirement applies only to representatives of Judaism and Islam, old Testament dogma of the “impurity” so infiltrated the minds of many people that sexual abstinence during your period has become almost a rule.

Having Sex During Your Period

In modern society, the attitude to sex during your period different people varies widely. The slowdown factors that balance sexual arousal during the your period, is quite strong and there are both men and women. In addition to concerns about the health of women, this inhibition is associated with aesthetic considerations, but also with the shyness of a woman. In women sexual desire can sharply increase during the whole period of menstruation, and for only a few days of the your period. however, the change in sexual desire in different phases of the menstrual cycle varies widely in different women: from the lack of any connection to the appearance of strong desires in a particular phase and its absence in others. Among gynecologists very common belief that a healthy woman experiences increased attraction shortly before your period, and suffering from any gynecological disease during and immediately after it.

For men your period is often the very embodiment of the feminine. And the desire for sexual relations during this period can be unknowingly caused precisely the specific condition in which a woman. Sometimes even the idea that a woman is in a state of menstruation, pushing men into the arms of his beloved wife.

In our time for healthy, monogamous couples virtually no risk to have sex during menstruation.

How to have sex during Your Period?

Wait until there are the hard days, the more abundant menstrual flow, the stronger the braking. As a consequence, reasons for abstinence, more in the most severe bleeding and less at the beginning or the end of your period.

In advance, lay on a bed a towel and keep wet wipes. The best is the position “Man on top”, because when you are lying down, menses will not be as strong as if you were the top. Your period can also stop aperture.

Modern medicine believes that for healthy women sexual relations during your period are not dangerous, provided that you meet the relevant rules of hygiene of both partners. However, remember that the blood environment is a great field for the growth of microbes. Reduced General and local resistance to pathogenic microbes is of particular importance due to the fact that the microbes that reside in the female genital organs or penetrate back outside, found in menstrual discharge is extremely favorable for them a breeding ground and multiply rapidly. In addition, you should take into account that during menstruation from the uterus are endometrial cells – the lining of the uterus. If these cells will be grafted in its place, can develop endometriosis – severe disease, accompanied by pain, blood discharge, infertility. However, endometriosis can develop without sexual relations.

But on the other hand, some women suffer your period, and sex these days they may relieve the pain, irritability, reduce the amount of blood released, etc. So that someone benefit outweighs the possible harm.

To prevent possible infections, it is useful to use a condom. In General, sexual activity during your period may be limited only by the woman.

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Affect of sex on menstruation and ovulation

If we were talking about rabbits, the answer would be positive, as in rabbits ovulation starts after intercourse. People of the same sex does not affect ovulation or the duration of the menstrual cycle.

Nevertheless, sexual relationship, especially with a bright and strong orgasm, can expedite the completion of menstruation. This is due to the fact that with the beginning of menstruation in women, the endometrium begins to produce prostaglandins, chemicals that are similar in action to hormones and influencing, in particular, on blood vessels of the endometrium. In the men’s semen also contains prostaglandins, and when the sperm enters the woman’s body, the amount of prostaglandins increases. This leads to the fact that the body is released from obsolete faster endometrial cell, and menstruation ends a little earlier.

Although in some cases the local increase in blood, which continues at a time when the sexual organs are already excited, on the contrary, to extend the your period. During intercourse during your period blood supply can become so strong that the tendency to bleeding it may re-start, although previously stopped.

Is it Possible to get pregnant from sex during your period?

Normally menstruating women feel more relaxed during lovemaking, as it is not afraid to get pregnant. But the risk of pregnancy still remains, although the likelihood is quite small. If your menstrual cycle is shorter than usual, or your period was delayed for several extra days, your ovulation can occur during the menstrual period or immediately after it. Because the sperm can remain alive in a woman’s body up to 5-7 days, can occur fertilization. Pregnancy is also the most likely if during ovulation came out not one, but two eggs. Output: use of contraception, even during your period.

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