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Shingles (herpes zoster)

Talk about one such understudied disease as herpes zoster. Yet it is fashionable to call the Latin name herpes zoster (herpes zoster). It is found everywhere, with the same frequency as men, and women. Particularly susceptible to surrounding deprive people over 50 years old, but it does not mean that herpes zoster is not found and the young.

Causes of shingles

All probably remember, and many were ill as a child of such infection as varicella or “chickenpox”. Called it the same virus Varicella zoster, and herpes zoster. After a successful recovery, he hides in the cells of the spinal cord and may not manifest itself in any way. But due to precipitating factors that lower the immune system, the virus “rears its head”.

These factors are hypothermia, chronic diseases, colds, HIV, chemotherapy… and he is confronted with the shingles.

Symptoms of herpes zoster

Often suffer from intercostal and trigeminal nerves (nerve, innerverse eye orbit, upper and lower jaw), but can be involved and other nerve fibers.

Symptoms of herpes zosterThe disease consists of several periods:

1) Prodrome – this is when there is severe pain along the nerve. All this is often accompanied by deterioration of General condition, temperature. This period lasts from 1 to 5 days.

2) the Period of rash, blisters with clear content. This is the most content and can be black or mixed with blood (in more severe gangrenous form of shingles).

With a favorable course in place of rashes are formed crust. The process allowed in 2 – 3 weeks. I want to note that bubbles can not be, then there is only one manifestation of neurologic syndrome (nerve pain) without rash – herpetic neuralgia, and often it is taken for back pain, intercostal neuralgia, heart pains. In this regard, is assigned to the wrong treatment.

Particularly severe in eye shape and ear shape of shingles, itself when the affected trigeminal nerve, branches of which Innervate these sensory organs. Rashes appear on the eyelids, the mucous membrane of the eye, the ear, the ear canal. It all ends with the defeat of these bodies in varying degrees.

Diagnosis of herpes zoster

Differential diagnosis in the bubble period is carried out with contact dermatitis, impetigo, herpes.

The diagnosis most often is set on the basis of the clinical picture. Sometimes the doctor can take on the study of tissue sections and their contents. be Sure to donate blood for HIV because shingles may be the only marker of this disease.

Treatment for shingles

The course and outcome of herpes zoster in a very direct manner depends on how the time You went to the doctor and started treatment. Treatment of tinea are jointly and separately, dermatologists, ophthalmologists (eye shape), internists, neurologists.

Treatment for shinglesAfter the doctor put a diagnosis, go immediately to the pharmacy and begin treatment! In treatment it is necessary to use antiviral drugs in the form of tablets (acyclovir, valacyclovir), ointments (hectare), immunomodulators (cycloferon, genferon), nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs(lamisil), aniline dyes on the bubbles (solution of brilliant green), physiotherapy (quartz), vitamin.

During treatment given the sick list, is prohibited bathing, the use of alcoholic beverages. It is recommended to eat more foods rich in vitamin C (lemons, oranges, cranberries).

Folk remedies have to be taken with medication. As a rule, they possess the properties of pain and improve immunity. This, for example, a decoction of peppermint, cranberry juice, broth buckwheat. Remember, a breakthrough in the treatment of herpes and herpes zoster was made only after appeared acyclovir. Which, by the way, the author received the Nobel prize. It did not have any means known, killing the herpes virus.

Prevention of herpes zoster

For the prevention of relapses is recommended 2 times a year to take courses of immunotherapy with cycloferon 10 injections intramuscularly or IFN – lipitor, which is taken orally.

Complications of herpes zoster

The most common complication of herpes zoster is intercostal neuralgia. When I tell You this in front of my eyes the patient is 67 years old, who later went to the doctor and was self-medicating. The slightest movement from her was causing her pain, she was exhausted. Treatment I and good neurologists little than helped her, as intercostal nerves were damaged. So do not be afraid to disturb once again doctors.

The other complication is the spread of the infection meningoencephalitis (inflammation of the membranes and substance of the brain), which leads to disability or paralysis.

Don’t forget that rashes can join and secondary infection (immunocompromised) with the appearance of pyoderma, and facing consequences.

Prevention of herpes zoster

Prevention is the healthy way of life, tempering, treatment of chronic diseases.

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