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Pregnancy and child bearing

Sick kidneys during pregnancy

During pregnancy all the internal organs of women are working in emergency mode. Especially large load on the kidneys. This is why pregnant women are at risk for kidney disease. And that is why they need to be especially careful and run to the doctor at the first suspicion.

Of course, during pregnancy what does not hurt! Probably more and more everything else back. After all, the spine has a very serious burden. And discomfort in the back during this period is quite commonplace thing. But how to recognize and kidney pain? Self-diagnose the problem actually is very difficult, and often impossible. Therefore it is better not to experiment and immediately go for a consultation with a specialist.

When to go to the doctor for pain kidney:
Urination accompanied by pain and discomfort.
There is a feeling of incomplete emptying of the bladder.
Urine analysis shows the presence of protein. The swelling.
The increase in blood pressure.
Pain in the area just above the waist.
Growing pain in my side and lower abdomen.
The pain is constant and does not go away if the woman is taking a more comfortable position of the body (which is observed in muscle pain).
Sensitivity to touch.
Can be high fever, nausea, chills, vomiting.

Treatment of pregnant pain in kidneys

Sick kidneys during pregnancySo, if you are sick kidneys or “somewhere” in the area – you must inform your gynaecologist. You have to pass the required tests and find out the reason. Because pregnancy at all flows very individual, the treatment should be prescribed only by your leading physician taking into account all the nuances. Do not engage in Amateur.

A lot depends on what time you have a problem. Because in the first trimester is impossible to take any medication, and the physician should provide you with a comprehensive herbal remedies. They do not affect the process of development of the fetus, act gently and effectively providing a diuretic, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial action. You will have to exclude from the diet of fatty, fried, spicy, sour: these products are irritant effect on the mucous membrane of the bladder and preventing recovery. Yes and no diet and proper herbal treatment will be ineffective. It is good to drink cranberry juice, cranberry leaf, special urological fees. But still it is better to try to prevent the problem.

Prevention of kidney disease pregnancy:

– cranberry juice is good not only for treatment but also for prevention of diseases of the urinary system. Better with the earliest deadline to withdraw from fatty, spicy, fried and smoked salt, beans and white bread. The optimal number of drinks per day of liquid should be 2 L.
– go to the toilet as often as you can – tolerate very harmful, especially in your position. Wipe the perineum should from top to bottom.
– do not wear tight panties, pants, tights. Underwear should be only natural cotton designed specifically for pregnant women.
– give preference to the soul, and not – during pregnancy it is advisable for many reasons.
– the good effect gives hour on all fours: take a position several times a day for 10-15 minutes. Belly at this time, hang down, uterus no pressure on the kidney channel and kidneys in this way rest from “cargo”. This exercise is very useful in the preventive purposes, but also it significantly eases back pain.

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