Signs and symptoms of cancer

If you detect cancer at an early stage of development, it can be cured. It is important to monitor their body, to understand what the status for it is considered normal, and the appearance of deviations to go to the doctors. In this case, if you are ill with cancer, doctors will notice this at a very early stage.

There are various General cancer symptoms. If you notice them, it means that in your body there are certain changes. Contact your doctor if you have symptoms:

  • swelling;
  • shortness of breath, cough, hoarseness;
  • bleeding;
  • a change in the digestive tract;
  • of a mole;
  • causeless weight loss.

What to do if discovered early symptoms of cancer? Let’s try to answer this question.

A Tumor is a symptom of cancer

If you know how your body works under normal conditions, the you can define Oncology, or rather, to suspect it when it appears early changes, which could be a disease. If somewhere on your body you will notice swelling, you should immediately contact a doctor. Very well, if you’d be able to say how long ago you got it, if it bothers you, if she increases in size. Very often, cancer tumors painless.

Recognize cancer tumor origin on the touch is extremely difficult. However, if the doctor suspects that you have malignancy, it will direct you to an appropriate specialist for further examination and testing.

Should take into consideration that if your body quite often there are swelling and bumps, it is likely that they are not malignant.

Shortness of breath, cough, hoarseness

the So-called breast cancer symptoms — a cough, shortness of breath and hoarseness. Of course, they can also be caused by infections, inflammations, and other diseases and ailments, but in some cases, these signs point to lung cancer. If more than two weeks you have not is shortness of breath and cough, immediately consult a doctor. Also, professionals should appear in the sputum if you see blood.

Cause of hoarseness is laryngitis often. This disease means inflammation of the larynx. However, in rare cases, hoarseness is an early symptom of laryngeal cancer. If this malaise hurts for more than two weeks, go see a specialist.

Violations in the digestive tract

the Characteristic changes in the digestive tract — the presence of blood in the stool. She’s usually bright red or dark. The presence of fresh, red blood is a sign of hemorrhoids.

symptoms of breast cancer may be changing the frequency of the digestive tract (constipation or diarrhea) for no apparent reason. Also sometimes there is a feeling of insufficient bowel cleansing after stool. Some patients experience pain in the rectum or in the abdomen.

Interested in varieties of tumors and the question of how to recognize them, it is important to remember that change is not always indicates the development of cancer. The reasons may lie in the change of power, emotion, medication. If within a few weeks the stool is not normal, to exclude a dangerous disease, you must consult a doctor.


Any bleeding for no apparent reason is a sign of disorders in the internal organs. This is a good reason to go to a specialist.

Bleeding from the rectum can be a symptom of hemorrhoids, but also one of the symptoms of cancer of the internal organs.

If women formed a malignant tumor in the uterus or cervix, bleeding may occur between periods or after sexual contact. If haemorrhage occur in women after menopause, she urgently needs to see a doctor.

blood in the urine can be a symptom of bladder cancer or cancer in kidney disease. However, the reason for this phenomenon may be infection. Contact your doctor if you find that your urine is present spotting. By the way, you should take into account that sometimes urine turns a pink color due to the presence of dyes in food. This can occur if before you ate, for example, beets.

If you are coughing out sputum with blood, the cause of this serious infectious disease. Sometimes it is a symptom of lung cancer. Blood in vomiting may indicate gastric cancer, however, the reason for this phenomenon may be an ulcer. Therefore, the exact answer to the question, how to identify cancer — you need to see a specialist.

nosebleeds and bruising is a rare cancer symptoms. Sometimes these signs are the result of leukemia. However, people suffering from this disease, there are other, more obvious signs of cancer.


How does skin cancer? Think about it, many people on the body which has numerous moles. Let’s try to answer this question.

a Variation of this disease is melanoma. As a rule, it occurs with the change in appearance of the skin. Sometimes it seems that you have formed a new big mole. However, melanoma can develop in an existing mole. Therefore, to distinguish benign from malignant is extremely difficult.

You must be diagnosed at the doctor immediately if you have moles you experience the following symptoms:

  • asymmetry (moles are usually smooth and symmetrical, and melanoma);
  • uneven edge;
  • atypical moles color (if moles usually have a brown hue, melanoma is brown, black, pink, red, white, and even bluish);
  • large size (moles usually do not exceed 6 mm in diameter, melanomas — more 7 mm);
  • presence of crusts, itching, bleeding: melanoma may bleed, crusty, itching (these symptoms of skin cancer does not often happen, but forget about them should not).

If the skin had any marks, which are not few weeks if you notice the above signs of melanoma, immediately consult a doctor.

Weight Loss for no reason

How else can you define cancer? This will tell your body mass. If for a relatively short period of time (e.g. two months) you are greatly diminished in weight, and thus you had stressful situations, excessive exercise or diet, it is a serious occasion to make an appointment to see a doctor.

If weight loss — a consequence of the cancer, the patient may be other symptoms: fatigue, pain, nausea.

What to do if you have symptoms of cancer?

What to do if you notice the main symptoms of cancer? The answer is obvious: you have to go to the doctor. Only a specialist can assess your condition and prescribe adequate treatment. Only the doctor can refer you to undergo x-rays, tests, etc.

If the doctor suspects cancer, he will refer you to biopsy, imaging, and advise the relevant specialist. If the doctor thinks the cause of your illness is of a different nature, it is in any case can help to cope with ailments, and faster than if you were self-medicating.

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