Signs of onset of labour

Ideally its for pregnancy should last exactly 280 days or 40 weeks, and even though the anticipated date subsequent births several times double-check and calculate gynecologists, physicians, ultrasound and pregnant women, date it actually can be quite different from all the available forecasts. So on the final and the final date of delivery can affect multiple different factors, all of which are practically impossible to take into account directly when determining the forthcoming date of birth activity. But almost each of expectant mothers, which, in fact, the pregnancy has already come to its logical end, is able to very clearly identify the approach of subsequent labor for quite characteristic symptoms or signs. And, of course, we must admit that even re-birth or many times parous women this question is usually concerned with no less than those who carried only the first baby.

And, as a rule, the main precursors of early labor in multiparous mothers not much will be different from the same precursors arising from perforado. Though only expressed they are usually a little more brightly, Yes actually deliver the re-birth women proceed a little more rapidly (usually may differ and the General terms of their appearance). However, since many women start to worry that already have simply forgotten your first experience (although you can believe us that you are all quick recall, when it comes your time), we will remind you, our dear mother, the main characteristic signs indicating the approach of the date of the IRS.

Some sagging belly

Although it should be noted that not all of the pregnant women immediately before the onset of labor down the abdomen. However if this does occur, you believe, will be much better. You will be much easier to breathe, you won shortness of breath, and even recede troubling you heartburn. But to sleep you will be quite likely much worse: since you to find a comfortable position to sleep for a really becomes quite difficult.

Remember that multiparous women are usually the abdomen is lowered in just a few days before the upcoming labor.

Discharge of the so-called mucus plug

Actually as ptosis of the stomach, the full discharge of the so-called mucus plug may not occur at all or occur directly within a few days and sometimes even weeks before the start date actual labor. However, due to the fact that, for example, in multiparous women itself cervix opens much faster, then, of course, it is likely that you will be able to give birth in just a few hours immediately after the discharge of such mucous plugs.

But clearly understand that such a mucous plug has completely gone easy on the jelly-like mucous is not quite pleasant clot that went directly from the vagina. Such a clot can be transparent, as well as cream or even brown color, and it can stand out as a simultaneous whole detachable substance, and leave the parts in a few days and may even in some cases to contain streaks of blood. We must also remember that this mucous plug does not always departs strictly in advance: it may happen directly in the process of childbirth, and possibly together with the discharge of amniotic fluid, so that a woman may not even be aware that her mucous plug had moved on.

Sharp stomach pain

As you understand yourself bout you certainly hardly fail to notice, or as something to miss, because you already imagine what it is. Though, to confuse false or as doctors say, training bout with the real contractions, it can even powerseraya woman. Although it should be noted that the preparatory or false contractions can sometimes begin during the second trimester of pregnancy. You can be absolutely sure that you it’s time to give birth, only if the contractions become regular and continually frequent, and the intervals between them are shortened. If your pain is constantly only intensify, and literally all of your attempts to relax, or simply to lie on her side to sleep and remain quite futile, you know, reduce your uterus is constantly going on, and this can mean only one thing, you will soon see with your baby.

It is also possible to accompany your contractions are brownish or spotting can also testify only about the beginning of labor and the need to wait for the baby in this world. Be prepared: your birth in this case will be a maximum of six or eight hours, and can not even doubt.

Existing Discharge of amniotic fluid

One of the most famous among mothers precursors start a full-fledged labor is a full discharge or discharge existing amniotic fluid. And, as a rule, this occurs during regular contractions, although sometimes it also happens that the very SAC women pierce the doctors in the hospital, moreover, in the period during delivery.

But for example, when re-birth amniotic fluid usually leave a little more than say perforado. Moreover, it may occur suddenly, often even the night itself fetal bladder simply bursts and amniotic fluid can, as they say to hlystat thread. But the pain is almost not felt, but sometimes it may be heard a dull but quite noticeable cotton.

It is worth saying that the amniotic fluid also may deviate parts, especially if the integrity of your fetal bladder was already broken. If the amniotic fluid was completely gone, and most fights so yet, you should go to the hospital just immediately, and let’s hope that all goes well.

Behavior of the baby

In addition to the previous warning signs that your labor is already being said on the nose, you will be able to tell and your baby. Usually, a few days before his final birth baby really pritchet, the baby becomes very low and even gives the mother some signals only very lazy perturbations. And very soon this lull radical is replaced simply by excessive activity of the baby so that the baby just “work out” their subsequent behavior in the upcoming childbirth. And you can be sure: too long your baby in the tummy mom will not linger.

Kind of instinct privacy

Sometimes before childbirth it is unclear how, but just yesterday barely breathing pregnant woman with a huge belly today begins to feel quite sharp burst of activity and vitality in General. Woman wants most to quickly solve everything unfinished business possibly at home or on the farm, make, perhaps, the General cleaning of your home or even make yourself moving furniture, preparing the nursery for the new meeting their permanent resident.

Future mommy as if hovering, like a light butterfly, regardless is quite impressive to this most of the time their own dimensions, and imagine that it usually feels it is incredibly happy! And reasons for happiness is really a lot because soon everyone will begin.


As you can imagine, this is extremely unpleasant symptom actively approaching childbirth are also quite possible. A pregnant woman can be noted even sharp and does cause the disorder of a normal chair: as a rule, woman incredibly often as they say, running to the toilet. And that can mean only one thing, that the beginning of labor activity will occur in the coming days.

In addition to a severe diarrhea can also be completely join another, and severe nausea and even profuse vomiting so often future moms take all these harbingers of early labor for a common poisoning often not go to the office where it would be needed.

Other signs of onset of labour

For example, if you are pregnancy used to weigh every day, you may well be able to notice very small but still real weight loss that occurs on the eve of the birth of a child. So literally two or three days before the birth of his baby’s future mommy can lose approximately two or even two and a half kilograms of weight. In addition, together with the weight usually go completely and former edema. In addition to the other signs of early labor can join and appetite changes, some digestive disorders, and even empty the urge to complete emptying of the bowel. Somewhat less, but as immediately before delivery may experience aching pain somewhere in the pubic area or lower back, and a certain sense of pressure right in the crotch, and shivering.

If you notice not one, but even some of the forerunners of the onset of rapid delivery, then just tune in immediately for a trip to the maternity house. And remember that usually, the first and second periods occurred births to women re-spawns are much faster.

Definitely not too much to worry about and spend some analogy with their first childbirth, especially if your previous experience was for some reason not entirely successful. Know and be sure that every every subsequent birth will occur in a completely different way. And besides, the findings of modern statistics claim that it is often the second and subsequent generations are much easier than the first childbirth. This means that everything will be very good! And have your first baby is literally coming quite little brother or sister will agree it’s so cute! And very soon you will become twice mummy, and in direct reference to its most native people will say such a pleasant and magical phrase: “my kids”!

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