Dermatology - diseases of the skin

Human Skin Parasites

Parasites — the creatures living on the nutrients derived from the host organism. Skin parasites can live on the skin (lice) and under the skin (scabies mites).

There are a huge number of biting and stinging insects. Bites many of them can cause various health problems and disrupt the normal condition of human skin. List of skin disorders caused by insects:

  • Hemiptera accompanied by itching and irritation of the skin, sometimes an allergic reaction. Develops after the bites of bed and triatomine bugs.
  • Flebologiya – dermatosis, cause the development of which serves as the ingress during a sting in the skin of salivary glands common in the tropics mosquitoes of the genus phlebotomus.
  • Sialidosis characterized by itching, swelling, appearance of papules and tachycardia. Develops as a result of the bites of blood-sucking midges.
  • Polices accompanied by itching and a rash at the bite site. Pathogen – which is rare in the present time, the human flea.
  • Sarcomeres or tungos is called by female fleas several species of these insects in the tropics. This disease is manifested by itching, severe pain in the affected areas of the skin and the appearance of large inflammatory formation at the site of the bite that looks like a red swollen sores with a black dot in the middle, surrounded by a white aura.
  • Lice – a disease caused by lice. The person can parasitize three types of lice: head, body and pubic.
  • Myiasis is a group of diseases that develop as a result of development of the larvae of parasitic flies. Different species of these parasites choose a place for “settlements” within the host’s body and on the skin. Cutaneous myiasis can be of two types: dermatomes or surface MIAS and deep, when the parasites live in the tissues adjacent to the surface of the skin.

Human Skin Parasites and Skin Infections

Skin parasites - symptoms and treatmentLice cause a disease called pediculosis. There are three varieties of lice parasites in humans: head, pubic and body lice. These insects are easily passed from person to person and through contaminated stuff – towel, linen and clothing. The most obvious symptom of lice infestation is itching.

Lice are dangerous not only in themselves, they can transmit serious infectious diseases (typhus and relapsing fever).

The most common parasitic disease of human skin – scabies. Get infected scabies can, even following all the basic rules of personal hygiene. The pathogen is easily transmitted by contact between people, as well as through the objects of General and personal use. A characteristic feature of the disease is severe itching, especially worry the man at night, which can bring even to a nervous breakdown.

Pediculosis and scabies can be treated successfully by a dermatologist. When identifying scabies need the most complete disinfection of housing, and processing of linen, children’s toys and clothes.


  • i went to a va hospital for a visit, when i was leaving i bought a field cap and put it on. when i got home i felt a painful bite on the back of my neck. so i reached back to where it was and it was a bug so i tried to remove it, but i lost my hold on it, as i tried to get a hold of it again it was already under my skin. its been back there in my neck for over two years now and it still bothers me greatly . it leaves kind of a hard shell at the point that it went in and if i don’t remove that shell it draws the skin so tight that it gets unbearable. my question is how do i get rid of it. i’ve been to the doctor about it and think i’m nuts

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