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Sleep Position During Pregnancy

Every pregnant woman is faced with the question of how to sleep during pregnancy. Familiar in everyday life poses for sleep at a certain stage of pregnancy are unacceptable for women. Sleep the already broken after the hormonal changes of the body, but there is also a significant change in shape of the expectant mother.

How to Sleep During Pregnancy?

Constant drowsiness during pregnancy is not uncommon. Only towards the end of gestation can cause problems with sleep. A big belly doesn’t allow to find a comfortable position, their different concerns and thoughts about the upcoming birth. The insomnia occurs night and day because of this, very sleepy. And if the drowsiness to fight is not necessary, with insomnia can and should be.

Many pregnant for a good night’s sleep help:

  • walk before going to bed in the fresh air,
  • open the window at night
  • making bedtime a soothing bath,
  • drunk on the night of mint tea or warm milk with a little honey,
  • correct day regimen and nutrition.

Poses for Sleep During Pregnancy

So, in the first trimester the pregnant woman can afford to sleep in absolutely any position – in that to which accustomed, and which is most comfortable. However, if a woman knows of her pregnancy, you should gradually accustom themselves to sleep in other positions recommended for subsequent terms.

As soon as the belly starts to show (someone this is already the thirteenth week, someone on the twentieth, and who are at the twenty-fifth), sleeping on the stomach will not happen again, and we can no longer two.

Sleeping on the back is still physically possible, but the twenty-eight weeks undesirable for women and child all the medical reasons.

The remaining two poses on the right side and the left. When you cross previa usually doctors advise to sleep on that side, where the baby’s head. In theory the sleeping on your left side is more favourable for the health of mother and child health. However, few people can sleep all night in one position, it is impossible, but not necessary. Therefore, any doctor will recommend the patient change positions for sleep times three to five per night: from one side to the other. This is valid and breech fetus.

How we can and should pregnant sleep: on my stomach or back?

Poses for Sleep During PregnancyAs already mentioned, in the first trimester of restrictions regarding the posture of sleep for pregnant. The expectant mother can sleep on my stomach and back, i.e., how she is most comfortable with.

In the second trimester of pregnant it is recommended to sleep on your left side, but she can still sleep on my back. But sleeping on the stomach is unlikely to succeed – it will be uncomfortable for mom posture because of the protruding belly, and unwholesome situation for the health of the baby and the pregnant woman.

In the third trimester, the doctors categorically do not recommend to sleep on my stomach nor on his back. It may even be dangerous to the fetus and lead to negative consequences.

Can a Pregnant Woman Sleep on Her Stomach?

While the belly does not protrude and does not interfere with sleep, the expectant mother will be willing to surrender to Morpheus in the pose “belly”. However, as soon as it begins to grow, and the fruit grow rapidly, it is better to change this habit. Should find another position to sleep, because despite the protective for the baby the amniotic fluid, there is a risk of a threat to injure the baby. And, in the end, it just becomes uncomfortable.

Can a Pregnant Woman Sleep on Her Back?

On the back you can sleep long enough, but from the second trimester it is not very useful, and the third – categorically harmful. Constantly increasing size of the uterus and growing fetus increasingly put pressure on the intestines, lumbar spine, Vena cava pregnant. And this can lead to problems such as poor circulation and insufficient supply of the fetus with oxygen. In connection with this can cause such problems:

  • frequent dizziness and fainting;
  • difficulty breathing;
  • palpitations, tachycardia and arrhythmia;
  • pressure drop;
  • worsening of hemorrhoids;
  • poor blood circulation in the kidney and placenta.

Often in such cases, the baby is signaling to the mother that he’s uncomfortable and not enough oxygen – it begins to actively push. If you turn to the side, he immediately calms down.

Best Sleep Position During Pregnancy

So, it is proven that the most comfortable and useful position for sleep during pregnancy — on the left side, right leg bent at the knee and lying on the pillow.

In the position to sleep On your left side you get:

  • improves blood flow to the placenta (and thus, the child also gets enough for his development of the oxygen);
  • well the kidneys (which in the last months particularly important);
  • reduces swelling of feet and hands;
  • there is no pressure on the liver;
  • not sick back and pelvic region;
  • maintain optimal heart mother.

Best Sleep Position During PregnancyIn the case of transverse presentation in which the baby’s head on the right side, the doctors recommended to sleep on the right side to help the child to take in the future the correct position.

Comfortable sleeping position also help to take a pillow of a different size. You can experiment with them: to put under the stomach, under the leg, between the legs, under the waist — depending on the choice of the expectant mother.

The main thing – that the woman was able in a dream to gain strength and relax, because in front of her baby, which spent a lot of effort and energy. And after giving birth, very few moms are able to relax the strong a long sleep: it is already a baby who requires constant care, and even late at night.

Tips for Pregnant Women for Better Sleep

  • If you are concerned about insomnia, in any case, do not use hypnotics (they may appoint a doctor and only in extreme cases). Remember that any drug not only affects you but also your unborn baby.
  • Should Not be used on beverages containing caffeine. During pregnancy it is necessary to abandon or significantly reduce your consumption of soda, coffee, strong tea.
  • Try not to drink plenty of fluids and don’t eat 2-3 hours before bedtime. If you suffer from evening or night sickness, you can eat a few crackers or drink a glass of yogurt.
  • Before the night is out to get some fresh air, however, in no case, do not need to engage in active physical activities.
  • Try to establish a clear routine sleep: fall asleep and Wake up at approximately the same time.
  • If you woke up from leg cramps, you need to stand up and stand for a bit, and then to make a plucked-relaxing massage. Convulsions – a symptom of lack of calcium within the body. Increase dietary intake of foods that contain this trace mineral.
  • If you interfere with sleep fear and anxiety before birth, antenatal courses, visit the training, talk to friends already delivered, look good films. Knowledge and pleasant conversation will help you not to be afraid, and then, sweet sleep at night.

And remember, whatever you choose the pose, if your quilt will be too light in winter, and in summer too hot if you sleep less than 8 hours, if you watch the Thriller for a night or much quarrel with the husband, it is unlikely you will be able to sleep deeply and sleep healthy sleep. Take care of your sleep and appreciate every hour.

Sleep Position In Pregnancy

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