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Sluggish child

Found 28 diseases with symptom & nbsp;Sluggish child.

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Baby is lagging behind in weight gain
Complete helplessness of the child from birth

Symptom of disease

Name Threat number of signs
Traumatic anuria high 13-17
Toxic nephropathy high 13-17
Nuclear jaundice (syndrome) high 6-8
Diabetes mellitus high 3-5
Nephroblastoma high 4-5
child concussion Syndrome high 8-11
Reye’s Syndrome high 13-17
Pierre Robin Syndrome high 15-20
dehydration in a newborn high 10-13
severe neonatal jaundice high 8-10 + basic form
Metabolic acidosis (syndrome) high 12-16
carbon monoxide Poisoning high 11-14
newborn Pneumonia high 7-9
Gangrenous omphalitis high 4-5 + basic form
Severe vomiting of pregnant women high 13-17
Phenylketonuria high 7-9
Omphalitis of a newborn with little or no bleeding high 10-13
Fanconi’s Syndrome high 15-20
congenital rubella Syndrome high 12-15
Kwashiorkor high 21-28
mental Retardation high 11-15
progressive Duchenne muscular dystrophy high 16-21
tuberculosis (VDP) in young children average 6-8
Enterobiasis average 9-11
rett Syndrome average 15-20
General intoxication Syndrome in children (syndrome) average 3-5
Hypervitaminosis D average 13-17
Acute bronchiolitis of unknown etiology average 11-14

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