Smecta is a drug of natural origin, it has an absorbent action. Stabilizes the slimy barrier, forms a polyvalent connection with mucus glycoproteins, increases the amount of mucus and improves its gastroprotective properties (in relation to the negative effects of hydrogen ions of hydrochloric acid, bile salts, microorganisms and their toxins).

Smecta has selective sorption properties, which explains its crystal structure; adsorbs in the stomach, bacteria, viruses. In therapeutic doses does not affect motor skills bowel.

Indications for use Smecta:

  • Acute and chronic diarrhea (allergic, drug Genesis; violation of diet quality and composition of food), diarrhea of infectious Genesis – in the complex therapy.
  • Symptomatic treatment of heartburn, bloating and discomfort in stomach with gastritis, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcers, colitis.

How to take:
Recommended treatment 3-7 days.


Inside 3 g (1 sachet) 3 times a day. Smecta Contents of 1 sachet dissolved in 1/2 Cup water, gradually the powdering powder and stirring it evenly.


  • up to 1 year – 1 sachet (3 g/day);
  • 1-2 years 1-2 sachets (3-6 g/day);
  • over 2 years – 2-3 sachets (6-9 g/day).

The contents of the sachet dissolve in a baby’s bottle (50 ml) and dividing into several doses throughout the day or mix with any semi-liquid product porridge, puree, juice, baby food).

Side effects of Smecta:

  • In rare cases, constipation. In this case, Treatment can be continued,
    reducing the dosage.


Hypersensitivity, intestinal obstruction.

Pregnancy and Smecta:

The Smecta can be used during pregnancy and lactation.

Interaction with other medicines:

Reduces the rate and extent of absorption of both drugs.


On cases of overdose have been reported.

Product Form:

Powder for preparation of suspension for oral administration (sachets), 3, 10 or 30 sachets with instructions in a cardboard box.


  • Keep at temperature not exceeding 25°C, inaccessible for children place.
  • Shelf life – 4 years. Do not use after the expiry date printed on the package.
  • Conditions of supply of pharmacies – prescription.

Powder grayish-white to grayish-yellow in color with a vanilla scent.

  • Dioctahedral Smecta 3 g .
  • Glucose 0,749 g .
  • Saccharin sodium 0,007 g .
  • Vanilla-0.004 .

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