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Snore occurs when the passage of air through constricted airways. Parts of the pharynx are in contact, and from the effects of the air flow vibrate and “rattle”. Most often snoring occurs when the curvature of the nasal septum, polyps in nose, enlarged tonsils, the presence of excessive weight.

Of innate features lead to snoring narrow nasal passages, elongated a uvula, some malocclusion. The muscle tone of the pharynx may also be affected by underactive thyroid, lack of sleep, fatigue, Smoking, taking sleeping pills of drugs or alcohol. Of great significance and age changes.

Causes and Treatment of Snoring

If snoring only occurs during a cold, impaired nasal breathing, can not particularly worry. When will respiratory events, snoring will disappear. Many snoring people a day feel “broken”. After all, loud snoring, man, himself without realizing it, Wake myself. During the night the brain does not have time to relax, which seriously reduces efficiency.

Constant snoring delivers and a number of other troubles. If the person does not have a separate bedroom, close to him at night experiencing significant discomfort. Sometimes it comes even to serious conflicts.

The most dangerous consequence of complicated snoring is the delay of breathing during sleep (apnea). Repeated stops breathing many times a night. As a result, the person falls the level of blood oxygen saturation. It is known that people with sleep apnea often occur night strokes and heart attacks. Possible even sudden death during sleep. Therefore, when apnea should be treated.

Symptoms and Diagnosis

People who suffer from snoring, you should visit an ENT–doctor. The doctor finds out, of the anatomical features of the respiratory tract. If changes are amenable to correction, the audiologist will tell you what treatment is necessary. Sometimes it is necessary to consult a physician and endocrinologist.

Snoring CausesTo find out, is not complicated if the snoring stops breathing during sleep, it is advisable to make a modern study of nighttime sleep — polysomnography. With the skin are fixed sensors and numerous devices, recording of ECG, respiratory movements, “waves” of the brain and other parameters. During the night continuous recording of sleep parameters under the supervision of a specialist. Polysomnography data become the basis for selection of therapy.

If ENT–doctor has prescribed You surgery on the Airways, you also need a sleep study. It will need to determine will not hurt if You operation. This study also carried out after surgery when you want to measure your success. In this case, you can use “truncated” polysomnography – cardiorespiratory monitoring sleep. This study does not require a large number of sensors, is well tolerated and costs less. His task is not to miss stops breathing before surgery and to measure improvement of breathing caused by the operation. This study may suggest, when the surgery need combined treatment.

Snoring Treatment

Start with a simple: develop a strategy for better sleep. Optimal for people is snoring, sleeping on your side. Thus it is necessary to abandon the high cushions. Sleeping the head should be parallel to the body below the cervical spine was not bending. This can be achieved by using orthopedic pillows.

Further treatment is chosen depending on reasons. Almost half snoring people complains of difficulty in nasal breathing. In these cases, the treatment of snoring begins with the recovery of respiratory function.

Sometimes sleep just good to clear the nose before sleep (for example, using sprays containing sea water). But not always this is enough. The most radical methods for the treatment of snoring caused by pathology of ENT-organs, are small operations: correction of deviated nasal septum, removal of the tonsils, nasal polyps.

If a person has no problems with airway, use other methods of struggle against snoring. They can also be different. Someone helps easy weight loss someone shows physiotherapy and medicinal treatment of snoring.

There are special oral appliances. They cure snoring by increasing the lumen of the pharynx by fixing the lower jaw or advancement of her forward. These devices can be difficult to get used, but they are quite effective.

Another version of anti — nasal strips-extenders. They expand the nostrils and increase airflow by approximately 30%.

Snoring and Stop Breathing

If snoring combined with pauses in breathing during sleep, the picker will be vehicles for so-called CPAP therapy (CPAP). Treatment in this case is performed using a device that is a sealed nasal mask connected to a small compressor. In the Airways through a flexible tube is fed a constant stream of air under a certain pressure. It doesn’t give the Airways to close and block the flow of air.

It is proven that snoring people using this device, better sleep. They gets morning drowsiness, fatigue, weakness, less common is a feeling of heaviness in the head.

Thus, there is now a whole Arsenal of tools to combat snoring. Contact the experts and they will suggest the optimal treatment scheme.

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