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Pregnancy and child bearing

Sore Breasts during pregnancy

From the first days of pregnancy the woman’s breast begins to undergo big changes. This is one of the earliest and most faithful of the signs of pregnancy, which feel almost all women. The level of female sex hormones increases dramatically. In this regard, and under the influence of pregnancy hormone (human chorionic gonadotropin) breast starts to increase (with increasing mammary glands and fatty tissues), heavier, to swell. It gets more blood, can be pronounced veins on the chest.

Many women notice swelling and darkening of the nipples and can even stand colostrum. Chest or only the nipples become very sensitive and painful. And all this is normal, do not worry. So, there is preparation of the chest to the future infant feeding. In addition, all taking place in this period, changes in the breast are a special development of the mammary lobules, which can occur only during pregnancy. And women survivors of such changes, that is, those who became pregnant and gave birth, become less susceptible to cancers of the breast in the future.

Sore Breasts during pregnancyDifferent women these processes occur individually, manifesting itself in a greater or lesser extent, separately or all at once. Some have noted a tingling or burning sensation in the nipple, someone nipples only darken, the other breast is very sensitive without any additional symptoms. Some women feel pain in my chest only when touched or pressed. Sometimes, you receive sensitivity to cold. Many sensations reminiscent of the approaching month. And someone’s chest at all in any way does not disturb, and significant changes to it, like as not happening.

Typically (but not necessarily) all unpleasant and painful sensations in the chest begin to ease up to 10-12 weeks.

How to reduce breast pain during pregnancy

How to reduce breast pain during pregnancy1. The most important thing is comfortable right lingerie. The bra should be comfortable on wide straps and pitted, not to pinch and not RUB the Breasts and nipples. Necessarily made of natural fabrics and preferably without unnecessary seams and decorative elements. But he must lift and support the Breasts to improve its blood circulation and prevent stagnation. It is best to buy a special bra for pregnant women, which then will be useful in the feeding period. With the growth and breast augmentation, you need to replace the bra to a larger size.
2. If hypersensitive nipples and react to any stimulus – try not to remove the bra at night.
3. In the allocation of breast colostrum should be bought at the pharmacy special pads in the bra, which will absorb. And, of course, do not forget to change them on the net.
4. Every day you need to wash the breast is warm (or room temperature) water, or at least wiping with a damp towel. Do not use this area soap and other means – they can overdry the skin.
5. From the second trimester of pregnancy, you can start hardening of the breast (which is also a good prevention lactational mastitis): take air baths, conduct contrasting wet wiping.
6. Simple physical exercises will strengthen the muscles and ligaments that will facilitate the flow of lymph from the breast and improve the support of the mammary glands.

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