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Sports nutrition as a branch of sports medicine and nutrition is in constant evolution. Modern fashion for the healthy lifestyle, sports activities generates a large demand for nutritional supplements. Due to which there are always new (or old but with a new name), their types, and the growing number of stores that distribute sports nutrition. Among the range of food supplements and specialist will is difficult to understand. Besides the advertising campaign often does not give complete information about a particular product. At the same specialists who thoroughly understand all aspects of the rules of sports nutrition, very little. And often they have a material interest, offering various kinds of additives.

Today there is a lot of debate about the dangers or benefits of food additives included in the composition of sports nutrition. What better principle or amino acids? The unequivocal answer to this question, as in any branch of medicine, no. There are many points of view, and myths a huge number. The statement is not true that all sports supplements – a solid chemistry. In particular, a protein manufactured from natural ingredients: soy, eggs, milk.

Healthy Sports Diet

In athletes the question often arises, what is better: protein or amino acid? Protein or a protein made up of amino acids connected by chemical bonds. And the addition of amino acids is a split protein, which has a faster digestible form.

No one would argue that some supplements, in fact, nutritious and healthy. Their various forms – powder, a tablet or a concentrate differ only by the rate of absorption. But natural food is still not able to compete, no additive. You say that on the shelves of modern supermarkets is difficult to find products where it does not interfere with genetic engineering. But the same milk for the production of protein gives a cow, stuffed with various drugs to grow and to increase milk production.

Unhealthy sports nutrition

1. Steroids and prohormones.

This is a large group of substances that is converted after entering the body hormones, mainly male: testosterone, progesterone, cortisol and others. The meaning of their work lies in the fact that a large number of producing hormones in the body stimulate the development of masculine characteristics – high performance, muscle growth, fat burning.
But they are a double – edged sword. Side effects increase the level of male hormones are increased aggressive, Central nervous system disorders, difficulties with memory and concentration.

In addition, the use of sports nutrition hormonal type private limited hormonal levels of the body. So, women under the influence of these sports supplements can start to grow facial hair, and men in some cases these substances can turn into female hormones, causing breast development in the female type.

Without steroid and hormonal agents can, in principle, and necessary. Because they are produced in our body using its own resources in optimal quantities. That’s only for the elderly after hormonal pauses work on his body without steroids is almost impossible.

2. Food additives with metals.

Food additives with metalsFor example, vanadium and chromium. At one time they were considered almost a panacea for weightlifters, providing them with quick muscle growth, fast fat burning and increased insulin sensitivity.

Special studies have confirmed the only increase in insulin sensitivity when taking sports agents with these metals. And severe harmful effects if you overdose. By the way, in a normal natural balanced diet and vanadium, and chromium sufficient to meet the needs of any person. Even the athlete.

Yes, and the same iron to be a well-nourished athlete does not need a special diet containing it, is worth more than without it.

3. Fat blockers and binders of carbohydrates.

This group of sports nutrition contains elements that are designed to neutralize the fats and carbs before getting to the intestine and thus to prevent their absorption.

Fats are thus eliminated as a direct material for building fatty tissue, and carbohydrates – like material to build the fat. In this case, the binding of the necessary components of nutrition equal to the power of simple starvation. That’s never made anyone bigger and stronger. And for continuously practicing harmful consequence of drinking job location and binders of carbohydrates can be a disorder of metabolism.

4. Glutamine.

GlutamineOften called by athletes “Glutamine”. The essential amino acid produced in the body and necessary for the normal course of energy processes. It should not be considered dangerous or harmful. Rather, it is a fiction.

When ingested, this amino acid is broken down in the stomach and intestines, and blood vessels miss. And the body synthesizes it in sufficient quantities. So her purchase of this sports supplements – simple money for the wind.

Food additives are harmful and useless

To the same senseless products can be attributed, and all other artificially synthesized amino acids. Sports nutrition this type is not harmful, but buying it makes no sense. In natural food products, amino acids are sufficient for the needs of the body. In addition, the majority of the athlete is ensured by the use of the protein of any type.

Yes, and other such fictions, the producers came up with a lot, playing on the aspirations of athletes. The same homeopathic medicines do not lock their properties, colostrum, not giving the athletes and half of the protein that contains protein shakes, myostatin, and protein bars – all products not falling into the category of “harmful sports nutrition”, but not anyone else gave serious victories and achievements.

Therefore, a meaningful approach to choosing the right sports supplements is extremely important for everyone who is committed to the health, strength and beauty. And knowledge of the main posts here will help you to achieve success without harm to health

Summing up, we cannot say that sports supplements are harmful to health. The same thing then we can talk about professional sports. All depends on the motivation and the expected result.

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