Spring Diet

In late winter and early spring, almost every one of us is peerd choice: on the one hand, the figure requires a correction due to the winter heat exchange and energy costs, offset the extra calories. And on the other hand, there comes a spring lack of vitamins. You have to combine the two at first glance opposite factors carefully to make your diet and lifestyle.

Spring Diet – Harmful and Healthy Food

To unwanted and unnecessary products in the ratio are:

  • in the first place, the alcohol, since with it poorly absorbed vitamins a, C, D, and most of the vitamins of group B. Those who smoke, need to pay attention to vitamin C and B12;
  • any fast food (but this applies to any other time of year);
  • products with an excessive amount of preservatives containing TRANS-fats, subjected to strong heat treatment.

What is still needed is to simultaneously clean up your body not to gain extra weight and get the required amount of vitamins? This:

  • products with the minimum of industrial and heat-treatment: you need vitamins, and the less processing will undergo the product, the more vitamins it can be stored. It may be unpolished rice, unrefined vegetable oil, bread flour , instead of meat sausages;
  • vegetables, greens, cabbage, citrus and pomegranates. Unfortunately, due to storage conditions the majority of the useful properties of the green is lost so remember that herbs can be grown on your own windowsill, and vegetables and berries – to freeze in the fall;
  • nuts, seeds, dried fruit, honey – they can be used separately from each other and together. If you add to the mixture the juice of a lemon, then get one of the best remedies from anaemia;
  • sprouts, soy sprouts;
  • be sure to leave in the diet of chocolate and bananas – serotonin and the feeling of joy when spring jumps, the mood is particularly necessary;
  • multivitamin complex (it is advisable to consult a doctor).

Proper diet well Supplement different healthy drinks. Are great herbal teas, decoctions from the hips, dried blueberries, viburnum. For example, this recipe will help to cope with lack of energy: mixture of St. John’s wort, nettle leaves, BlackBerry, flowers of dead-nettle have to brew in a thermos, leave for three hours and drink as tea three times a day after meals. Another great tool is pomegranate juice, preferably freshly squeezed. And ginger and raspberry tea is not only useful, but help to lose weight.

Morning should begin with drinking on an empty stomach a glass of water along with a spoonful of honey or a squeeze of lemon juice, as the body prepares to receive food.

Detox Diet in Spring

With diets this time of year should be especially careful. Do not dramatically restrict the body of food and required vitamins. More correct way would be the correct mode of nutrition and diet products, as well as a large amount of water consumed.

In the spring refreshed, so it is a good time to carry out various cleansing procedures. If you are still greatly worried about the extra pounds and feeling uncomfortable, you can try a special cleansing diet or so-called detox diet. So your body will not have time to feel stress and be prepared for spring.

A classic detox diet involves switching to a system of “fruits and vegetables”. In the first half of the day allowed to eat unlimited fruit in the second half of the vegetables in any form: fresh, baked, steamed. Below is one of variants of the detox diet with a few additions.

Cleansing Spring Diet

  • on an empty stomach before Breakfast, drink two glasses of water with a squeeze of lemon juice. Half an hour later eat one piece of fruit (e.g., grapefruit), then a portion of brown rice or porridge made from millet with olive oil, preferably cold pressed;
  • for lunch and dinner, prepare the steamed vegetables and add the olive oil and some spices;
  • hunger is difficult to endure, you can include in your diet additional 100-200 g legumes or poultry.

Well promotes body cleansing tea of Tulsi, the so-called Indian Basil. This tea is widely used in the practice of Ayurveda and substitutes for caffeinated beverages. You can use both fresh leaves and dry.

Tea of Tulsi: pour two teaspoons of the dried leaves of Tulsi boiled water (fresh would have to take twice) and let stand for a few minutes, add ginger.

Thus, following these tips and rules for correct food, it is possible to properly prepare for the spring.

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