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Stimulation of ovulation

All women dream to have a baby. But not always a woman unable to conceive a baby. Infertility… Many years ago such a diagnosis sounded like a death sentence, and now he will win, if the desire and strength. But when you want a baby – they can not be.

Stimulation of ovulation or pregnancy – modern reproductive technique. Using this method, the likelihood of getting pregnant becomes 70%. Only, unfortunately, it does not suit everyone. The method is ideally suited to future mothers, which are formed in the ovaries of healthy oocytes, which for some reason does not ripen. Suitable method and those suffering from polycystic or who have irregular ovulation.

Stimulation of ovulation - metod 1This method is contraindicated in women who have not produced a healthy egg. Do not stimulate ovulation and thus in violation of the hormonal background, and inflammation of the ovaries, at least, to cure these diseases. To refuse stimulation pregnancy need if there are age restrictions and diseases, due to which a woman uses drugs. The decision regarding the stimulation takes only a doctor!

The first and important before conducting the method of ovulation stimulation, the physician must diagnose and determine the causes of infertility. Using the schedule of basal temperature is difficult to diagnose: it is necessary to do a thorough medical examination. Can also be male infertility, so your partner needs to be examined.

The pair should be tested for hepatitis ,HIV, syphilis, and stroke. Also need to do an ultrasound of the chest and the study of antibodies to rubella. There will be examination of the fallopian tubes, because they fertilization occurs, it is very important for expectant mothers who have had a spiral, inflammatory processes, curettage for bleeding, abortion. Necessarily before the stimulation examinations hormonal background.

Ultrasound is a permanent place, if the woman decided to spend stimulation of an ovulation. Doctors will monitor the small pelvis. Ultrasound do for 9 days, and every two days prior to the detection of ovulation. And men make sperm and to stimulate the start, if it is positive.

Stimulation of ovulation - metod 2The main purpose of stimulation of pregnancy is to develop follicles size 2.5 cm. Then prescribe HCG. Using it will be running ovulation and prevent the formation of cysts and reverse the growth of the follicle. Usually a day after the nearest substance comes ovulation. Then the support ovaries hormones of the second phase – Duphaston or progesterone.

Do not rarely stimulation of pregnancy do drugs based gonadotropic is the hormones that are responsible for the sexual organs. The most common among them Gonal-f and Menopur. Usually, it’s the shots that make specific days of the menstrual cycle, and in strictly certain concentrations. Only your doctor determines how long to take medication.

With a minimum dose of clostilbegyt start ovulation stimulation from the fifth to the ninth or from the third to the seventh day of the cycle. More can assign HCG. The woman in the period of stimulation pregnancy must constantly check the level of hormones and observe basal temperature, physician to conduct ultrasound control of maturation of the oocyte and ovarian response.

As for sex during the procedure, the doctor will advise you to engage in sexual acts every day.

Typically, stimulation clostilbegyt do a maximum of five times in my life, after all, constantly increase the dosage, and drug can lead to early onset of menopause or early depletion of ovarian cancer.

If this method does not help – probably another cause of infertility. However, today there are many good medical methods by which you can become pregnant.

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