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Stomatit and thrush in children

Stomatit (thrush) – photo and pictures

There are several forms of the disease stomatitis in a child. Fungal stomatitis occurs after antibiotic therapy, aphthous stomatitis occurs due to a disturbance of vitamin balance. And herpetic stomatitis is caused by a virus of simple herpes.

Symptoms of thrush in the child

Look the kid in the mouth. You saw on the tongue and inside of cheeks and coats whitish spots? This is the main symptom of the disease. Moreover, the baby may appear small sores are round or oval in shape with a diameter of several millimeters light yellow color and framed by bright red inflamed border.

Treatment of stomatitis in children

Show child to the doctor and immediately start to fight disease. Because this disease prevents the baby to nurse or drink from a bottle. The specialist will determine the kind of disease and prescribe treatment.

When aphthous form of the disease, the doctor will prescribe antibiotics, when HSV – special drugs that will successfully fight infection and simultaneously activates the protective function of the mucosa of the oral cavity.

Treatment of stomatitis in childrenFungal stomatitis passes after frequent soda proteranii. Make a solution of baking soda at the rate of 1 tbsp per 200 ml of boiling water and treat the baby’s mouth with a bandage soaked in this solution.

The chamomile will soothe the pain in the mouth and relieve the inflammation, therefore regularly rinse their mouth child. High temperature starting from the fever-reducing drugs. Eliminate from the diet of a baby fruit juices. Feed him not too warm, liquid or semi-liquid products (milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, mashed potatoes).

Usually stomatitis does not require serious medical intervention, however, with the development of the disease it is better to make an appointment to see the doctor.

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