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Strabismus in children

STRABISMUS IN CHILDREN may be inherited or occur if the mother had a difficult pregnancy or childbirth. The cause of illness can be a disease of the nervous system of the child, childhood infectious diseases, and injuries.

Often strabismus in a child is a symptom of other eye diseases, usually congenital. Often the cause of strabismus in children are also defects in the development of the muscular apparatus of the eye.

Symptoms of strabismus in children:

One or both eyes at the kid can deviate, often to the nose, or how would “float”. This phenomenon often occurs in infants, but by 6 months it should disappear. It happens that parents take for strabismus original location and shape of the eyes ( for example, children with a wide nose bridge ). Over time, the shape of the nose is changed, and false strabismus disappears.

Treatment of strabismus in children:

Treatment of strabismus in childrenAs soon as you notice that the boy squints eyes, immediately show it to your optometrist. Because the defect could lead to a sharp reduction of vision. If strabismus is caused by some other disease, you will need to eliminate the cause. If it is a separate disease ( when one or more muscles are less developed than others ), the question of its surgical treatment.

Perhaps before the surgery, the child will be assigned to treatments that activate metabolism in the muscles. If the operation is not desired, the kid is prescribed training on special machines under the supervision of a physician. Each selected individual treatment plan.

Also keep in mind that until today, in many cases, wearing glasses is a required element of the treatment of strabismus.

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