Pregnancy test

Strip on pregnancy test

Let all pregnancy tests are equally sensitive and quality, they are made on the same principle: a special reagent reacts to urine, which is the hormone gonadotropin. This hormone tells us that women have held the pregnancy. In each test there is a test area and a control, in which there are two bars: the first is a control, the expression of which speaks about the information content and the suitability of this test. Occurs the second strip only if the urine is the hormone of pregnancy – it is covered with a special reagent that immediately responds to the hormone.

All tests with instructionStrip on pregnancy test - how uses. They specify the time when you can determine the outcome of the test, as a rule, no more than ten minutes. After the time expires the result of the test is not informative. It was at this time may occur, for example, dim a second strip that is not to say the pregnancy.

Also shouldn’t be considered for a positive result, the appearance of gray or white second strips – called stripe drying. This situation can occur if the test will get plenty of fluids.

It should be noted that for the positive result of the need to take a clear manifestation of the two strips. They should not be blurred and the same sizes, which are undoubtedly in the test and control area, and of equal intensity, brightness, and color. Can be made very early pregnancy test can show the presence of HCG in urine, but because of the low level of the reagent is poorly expressed. However, without a re-test, no need to hope. In all the instructions to write tests that even poorly expressed in the second strip is regarded as a positive result. But practice shows that this is not always the case. If the second strip is very blurry and pale – this suggests that the test is unsuitable for use or you are not in the rules tested. In addition, false positive results can be expected in the development of pathologies of pregnancy, when the presence of tumors, post-abortion, disorders of the kidneys.

Weak 2 stripe on pregnancy testStrip on pregnancy test - positive or negative photo

In General, fuzzy second strip should be regarded as a false result and to confirm your guesses spend several repeated tests. Do not forget that the tests do not show a positive result until the delay period, although there may be exceptions.

Say that the weak band says about ectopic pregnancy – however, this is not the case. Most likely that pregnancy begins with some deviations. As a rule, all the tests determine the absence or presence of pregnancy in General, but where it occurs, it can be set only by ultrasound.

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