Summer Diet

Despite the fact that fruits and vegetables are now available all year round, summer time is still special, because there are no gifts of nature from warm overseas countries are not comparable with local cucumbers, tomatoes, various berries and fruits. However, many believe that if it’s all local, native, that you can take straight from the garden or twigs, and eat, at best, having wiped hands. That’s why summer is so widespread food poisoning.

Therefore, proper nutrition during the summer is not only a special summer diet, but the right approach to its organization. Hardly anyone of us wants a month of summer to lie in the Gastroenterological Clinic with food poisoning. But if we adhere to the simple rules of the summer food, it is nothing like meditation.

Summer Diet – Best Products

Of course summer fruits and vegetables a priority, but let’s not forget that proper and healthy diet should be varied, balanced and also include:

  • Dairy products (from dairy, especially adults, should be abandoned);
  • Protein foods (meat, fish, eggs, beans);
  • Cereals (bread with bran, muesli, cereal porridge) and even reasonable-fats.

And let’s not forget that the food should not only provide us with a sense of satiety, but also positive emotions. So, based on the basic principles “important”, “useful” and “tasty,” we will balance our summer diet.

Grains and Cereals

They contain a large number of “correct” carbohydrates, essential amino acids, vitamins and protein they are also rich in fiber, making the grains clean our body first and foremost, the intestines, removing from it the accumulated toxins. If this is not done regularly, the body is “clogged” and responds by failures in the appearance of a variety of diseases.

In summer it is preferable to include in the diet are cereal products, such as wholemeal bread, muesli, oatmeal. But white breads and pastries better to exclude the benefit from the special no, a calorie is more than enough.


They can be used in any pleasant for you: raw, boiled, steamed, baked, hash, etc. But don’t overdo it with heat treatment of vegetables – in this case of them will evaporate most of the vitamins. And yet this advice: greasy, heavy dressings, e.g., mayonnaise-based, can take all the benefits of vegetable salads. In the summer, use “lightweight” versions of dressings. One of the great flight options – lemon juice with a drop of olive oil.


Of course in summer you need to eat as much seasonal fruit, and preferably those that grow in your region. Strive to ensure that typical for the season, the fruit was present on your table daily: June – cherries, strawberries, cherries; July – raspberries, red and black currants, gooseberries, apricots, apples, peaches, melons, watermelons. They all contain lots of different vitamins and everyone, without exception, vitamin C, and in fact one of the strategic objectives of the summer to prepare the body for winter by strengthening the immune system. It is best to consume fruits in the morning – so they are better absorbed.

Dairy Products

Kefir, fermented baked milk, yogurt, yogurt – in the heat of these healthy foods not only perfectly satisfy hunger, but also provide the body with beneficial trace elements. And also help cleanse the intestines. Try to buy products with minimal fat and milk products  – the expiration date it in this time of year is quite short. But to dairy products in summer should be treated with caution, especially to avoid them to be combined in one meal with fruits and vegetables.


Protein is the building material for our body, which is necessary in any time of the year. However, meat is a very nutritious food for digestion which the body requires a lot of energy, so in the summer it is recommended to reduce meat consumption. Twice a week would be sufficient. And even better to coincide with the event to the traditional summer barbecue.


Fish protein is digested better than meat protein, so partially by giving up meat, replace it with fish and seafood, especially as they harmonize perfectly with the vegetables. But from ryboy raw, such as sushi and even herring, in summer, should be abandoned – likely food poisoning.


Cakes, pastries and other high calorie and heavy for the digestive tract sweets is better to exclude from the diet, especially because they often become the cause of poisoning. A great alternative is a variety of fruit desserts, jellies, mousses and Ice cream etc. fruit is also better than butter: healthier and easier to digest.

In summer drink more fluids

In the summer we lose a lot of moisture and so avoid dehydration, you need to regularly replenish the water in the body. Give up black tea and coffee (or at least keep their consumption to a minimum). Top five summer drinks should look something like this:

  • Water (better dining room);
  • Juice, jelly fresh fruit;
  • Green tea with lemon;
  • Ginger tea
  • Juice (preferably fresh).

Which products are better not to eat in the summer?

In the composition of proper nutrition in summer, should not be fatty and salty food as it causes severe sense of thirst and water retention in the body. With caution need to eat dairy products, in the heat they very quickly develop bacteria, better to give preference to dairy.

It is not recommended starchy and sweet food, especially cakes. With proper nutrition during the summer, try to avoid coffee and sweet drinks, they do not stimulate thirst. Of sparkling water it is better to refuse, and the use of alcohol to minimize.

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