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Essential Summer Vitamins

What vitamins are necessary to a man in the summer, and in what quantity? Whether in the warm time of the year to take synthetic vitamins? Many experts believe that it is not necessary, as in the summer time it is possible to diversify the diet of fresh fruits and vegetables. But this statement is not entirely true, as even with the abundance of summer food can’t fill all the needs of the human body. Is saturated some nutrients thus, there is a lack in the other.

Not all useful items that are needed can be obtained from food in the required quantity. Of course, in summer it is much easier to saturate your body with trace elements and vitamins, but you need to have daily fruits and vegetables by the kilo! For example, to fill the daily requirement of ascorbic acid is necessary for the day to eat 15 oranges or 12 lemons, what to do is not so simple. Therefore, even in the summer it is recommended to take vitamin-mineral complexes, containing essential nutrients.

The Body’s Need for Nutrients

A person must saturate your body with vitamins and 42 trace elements, 3 of which are developed independently, and the rest should be filled with appropriate foods or vitamin-mineral complexes. Digestible nutrients only, if the person does not have any violations in the functioning of the digestive system. But at present, problems with the intestinal flora and digestion are quite common, which is the cause of food synthetic additives that destroy the natural bacteria that inhabit the human body.

It is physically impossible to fill the body’s need for nutrients is even in summer abundance. People loses about 40% of the necessary vitamins and minerals, which entails the development of various diseases caused by the malfunction of internal systems and organs, and also decrease immunity.

Many believe that the summer should eat a lot of fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs to stock up on vitamins for the winter. This misleading error, as vitamins are active compounds which immediately after receipt the body involved in metabolism and, consequently, do not linger in it for a long time.

How to saturate the body in the summer?

What vitamins and minerals are necessary to the person throughout the year, and with the help of any food or drug, you can make up for the lack of them? Most important in the hot season is considered to be ascorbic acid, vitamin a (beta-carotene) and vitamin E.

Vitamin D in summer, is produced by the skin by exposure to sunlight, which allows for the Sunny months not to worry about its drawback. Due to regular sun baths strengthens the skeletal system, teeth and nails. Ascorbic acid also enters the body in much larger quantities than in the winter, because vitamin C is destroyed during storage, allowing summer to get the maximum dosage of this element by eating foods, only freshly plucked in the garden.

Folic acid is the man summer is also almost no need in getting her fresh greens, melon, strawberries and asparagus. Thanks to this element you can compensate for the lack of iron in the summer, during which most people refrain from eating meat, trying to eat bole for easy weight loss and rejuvenation. Saturating the body with folic acid can prevent the development of anemia and to insure themselves against possible trouble with the blood.

Summer often there is a deficiency of vitamin A as food, which he is mostly excluded during the hottest time of the year, for example, liver, caviar, and butter. Restricting yourself from eating various cereals, vegetable oils, nuts, eggs and liver can “earn” a deficiency that will soon affect the condition of the skin which is exposed to the merciless sunlight.

Vitamins for: Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring

How to remedy the lack of vitamins and minerals in the summer?

What vitamins and minerals will help a person to cope with the lack of nutrients in the summer period and will not over-saturate the body? Should take only those synthetic vitamins that contain more antioxidants than nutrients.

Criteria for choice of vitamin-mineral complexes for summer:

  • Large amounts of antioxidants – vitamin C, A, E and R;
  • Content of magnesium, iron, calcium, and phosphorus;
  • Vitamin B6 and B12 in an amount of 1.5 mg and 3.0 mg.

Chemical and pharmaceutical products can be of various kinds such as drugs, supplying 50% or 100% of the daily requirement of an organism in nutrients. For the warm time of the year most suitable are those vitamin-mineral complexes, which are not 100% dosage that will allow you to avoid an overabundance of vitamins and minerals. Also it is recommended to take those complexes that do not contain vitamin D, as its excess can lead to serious diseases not only for children but also for adults.

In the pharmacies you can buy some vitamins separately from the other in individual dosage forms, such as vitamin E, b vitamins, ascorbic acid and some minerals. Using this feature can be hard to supply the body with a certain substance that allows for a fairly short period of time to restore the skin, hair or nails, and also to strengthen the immune system. Using each item separately to avoid saturation of the body with certain substances, and retaining only improving their health.

Vitamins people need all year round, as they need nutrients and antioxidants for all life. Different seasons require a certain amount of certain elements that are needed for energy and function of internal organs and systems. Well-organized diet or the selection of the suitable vitamin preparations can protect themselves from shortages of necessary items, and thus to insure themselves against the occurrence of various diseases.

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