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Sunstroke and Heatstroke

Spending a lot of time outside in hot season, people are constantly exposed to the risk of heat or sun stroke, which is very often interrelated. By itself, heat stroke is a painful condition caused by prolonged exposure to high temperature on the body. Simply put, it is the overheating of the body. Naturally, you can get it, being a long time under direct sunlight, but heat stroke is easier than the sun – is enough to spend a few hours in a stuffy room or to work out sometime in too tight clothing, while solar requires almost resort conditions.

What is the principle of the impact of the thermal shock on the body? For its normal functioning, human body temperature should not be above 40.6 °C (105.1 °F) degrees, as a result of overheating in the body, strengthens the processes of heat production and simultaneously slow down the process of heat transfer. As a result, all vital functions are seriously violated until the heart stops in especially difficult cases.

The Symptoms of Heatstroke and Sunstroke

Symptoms of heat stroke are dizziness and headache, weakness, vomiting, rapid breathing and pulse, high body temperature, muscle cramps, complete lack of sweating, hot dry skin, loss of consciousness. In the case of sunstroke, the symptoms are more severe and are longer. At their first manifestation of the need to start immediately to assist in heat stroke.

Sunstroke and Heat Stroke: Risk Factors

Under prolonged exposure to heat and sunlight to sunstroke can be absolutely anyone, but there are still the people most susceptible to overheating. This:

  • Children and the elderly.
  • People suffering from diabetes and cardiovascular disease and who use diuretics.
  • People who are overweight.
  • People who are on holiday in places with a hot climate and working in the heat or in high temperatures.
  • People who abuse alcohol.
  • People whose body is dehydrated.

Prevention of Heat Stroke and Sunstroke

In order to reduce the risk of heat stroke, just follow the listed recommendations:

  • to wear light, not hampering clothes made of natural fabrics and not to forget about the hats.
  • needs to reduce physical activity outdoors in hot weather, especially during the day. An intense workout is to move for the morning and evening.
  • it is Important to drink plenty of fluids, but limit the consumption of coffee and strong tea, and carbonated beverages. Alcohol in the heat it is desirable to eliminate completely.
  • to eat is small portions, but often.
  • under any circumstances do not leave in a closed car children, the elderly and animals.
  • to monitor the body temperature – if it rose above 37 degrees, so the body is trying something to deal with, and in this case – overheating.

Heat Stroke – First Aid

Heat Stroke - First Aid

If you suspect overheating is another person you need to call an ambulance. If for some reason it is impossible or difficult, try to provide first aid for sunstroke, which, by the way, you need to start to render and in the case of waiting already called the ambulance. The complex of measures to aid for sunstroke consists of the following steps:

  • to put someone in the shade or a well-ventilated room ensuring to drink plenty of liquids. It is important to put the person strictly on my back!
  • it is advisable to liberate man from wear or at least tight and narrow parts – belt, tie, etc.
  • if possible, immerse the victim in the cool water, wrap him in wet sheets or just wipe the water out of his body.
  • to a speedy cooling of the person you can use a fan or fans, and also to keep him on ice packs or frozen products.

The Effects of Heat Stroke

In addition to exacerbation of existing diseases, which can lead to death, heatstroke, and sunstroke can these diseases provoke. Among the most serious consequences of the overheating of the body include ophthalmic problems, cardiovascular disease, neurological disease up to stroke, disorders of coordination of movements, etc. This is because prolonged exposure to sunlight in the cerebral cortex can not remain unnoticed by the body and leads to all sorts of problems, from headaches and ending the deadly pathologies. Hence the importance of prevention and timely aid for sunstroke.

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