Swaddling baby

Newborns do not know how to coordinate movements, jerk arms and legs. The child is often frightened of their hands and feet, and calms down, if it to squeeze the body of an adult, or at least hold his hands or feet with his hand.

For the successful development of touch of the child, it is necessary that the hands and feet of the kid always ran across different surfaces that are close to his body, while he had not yet “throws” and get scared. Incentives for the development of touch of the child is absolutely everything, what he can touch: diaper, clothes, the body of an adult, own body, etc. the more diverse the stimuli, and the more they affect the baby, the more active is the development of his sense of touch.

Free swaddling of the child

If the newborn is forced some time to be without a mother, especially during sleep, then the best way to protect it from to raise is the usual diaper. As soon as the baby is swaddled, giving it a fetal position, he immediately calms down. Free swaddling allows the child to move the hands and feet. The less clothes on under the diaper, the better develops the sense of touch.

Freely swaddled baby can pull the handles to the face, to find your mouth, suck their thumb or fist, talking down, etc. Gradually the child becomes accustomed to his hands and coordinate their movements more confident. This occurs about 10-30 to day, and from that time cease to Wake the kids themselves sharp movements. However, in some children to raise can last for a longer period — in this case, they need a longer swaddling.

Tight swaddling of the child

Most often under “tight” you see a tighter swaddle with the straightening of the arms and legs of the child. So swaddled children in USA or European hospitals and nursery 20-30 years ago. Of course, this swaddling promotes a more calm behavior during the to raise, but it also provokes a more violent reaction of waking up the baby.

How to swaddle a baby?Of course, such treatment does not stimulate a development of touch. Tips “competent” grandmothers “to make the legs straight” or “to sleep better” can’t be an excuse for such violence. Moreover, the thoughtless use of tight swaddling slows down the development of the basic movements of the hands, the child becomes accustomed to their pens only to 6 months, and maybe even 7-8 months to Wake themselves sharp movements.

Lack of diaper changing

It is noticed that a child who is being held without diapers and leave a long lie, waving his arms and legs, becomes more restless, it is more difficult to fall asleep, and falling asleep, he wakes easily.

When to stop swaddling the baby?

Age to stop swaddling each child is different, some happily say goodbye to the diaper in 10 days, others six months. The criterion of duration of swaddling may be the presence or absence of to raise. If the child raises his diaper during sleep he still needed, sleeping peacefully — there is no need.

How to swaddle a baby?

First of all make sure the child is clean, if necessary to put baby and put on his clean diaper. If you don’t use disposable diapers, you can make diapers out of gauze and put them under the baby’s bottom. In this case, the diaper will often be contaminated, so pre-purchase them at least 20 copies.

If the cold season, and the room is cool — prepare for changing two diapers.

Spread the diaper on the surface of the changing table or bed. Child carefully place in the center of the diaper, the baby’s head should be above the edge of the diaper. Push the right handle of a baby to a calf, and wrap the right corner of the diaper diagonally. The edge of the diaper should go to the back of the baby. Then press the left hand, and similarly wrap the left edge of the diaper. We have remained at the bottom of the “tail”. The edges of the folded under the baby and fix the resulting in the side pocket. All!

If it’s cold, then the baby, wrapped in one blanket, according to the principle described above, wrap the second diaper, the only difference will be that the child is already hidden and they should not be pressed.

In the hot season baby, you can swaddle with open handles, way the free swaddling. In this case, the child’s hands should be above the edge of the diaper and wrapping the edges occurs on the same principle as swaddling easy.

Swaddling the baby should feel comfortable. If he’s clearly unhappy, and even when worn on the hands you are unable to calm him down, check, do not interfere if he folds on the diaper, not too closely you swaddle him.

To be accustomed to swaddle a baby for a couple of times of training, then the process will get you on the “machine”. Most importantly, be confident, and success will not keep you waiting!

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