Swelling (Edema) During Pregnancy

With such a pervasive pathology such as edema, affects most pregnant women. They arise from the excessive accumulation of fluid in the tissues and are considered the first symptom of diseases of different categories, including:

  • Cardiology
  • Kidney disease
  • Allergies
  • etc.

All of this – the numerous failures that occur in the body of the expectant mother. Often the reason for their appearance becomes a period of natural physiological processes, standard for the female body. There are many factors contributing to the emergence of the corresponding symptoms. The whole set of them brings expectant mothers discomfort, including psychological. Identify these reasons as early as possible, and immediately comes the stage of suppression of symptoms.

Causes of swelling during pregnancy

The development of edema in pregnancy based on the change of water-salt metabolism. They also appear due to failure of the outflow of blood, which is carried out in the veins of the legs and grabs the lymph, and changes in the composition of blood cells and vascular walls.

There are 4 stages of development of this phenomenon:

  • Education swelling in the lower parts of the legs – the feet and lower leg.
  • In the lower extremities, lower abdomen and lumbosacral region.
  • Formation of tumors on the hands, “puffiness”.
  • Swelling.

To identify the existence of this health disorder is simple. It’s enough to put pressure on the skin with your finger. If then the skin almost immediately got up, then most likely there is no problem. But if there is a pit, it is an alarming signal. He suggests that the skin suffers from edema.

Leg Swelling During Pregnancy

There are times when only swollen legs, or rather feet and ankles. This is quite a natural phenomenon associated with a lack of fluid in the body. In this condition, a woman experiences a constant feeling of thirst – because the needs of the body dramatically increases.

Often this problem is connected to the other number:

  • swelling of the fingers (it becomes impossible to wear the ring),
  • swelling in the legs turn into a permanent phenomenon (shoes no longer fit-to-size),
  • the person also suffers from swelling, and often this is a warning about the occurrence of very serious diseases – preeclampsia (that is, such complications of pregnancy as toxemia of late).

Swelling of feet during pregnancy?

In the standard situation, with 20 weeks may appear variety swelling which are considered alarming. In this case, the patient will need survey to be able to establish the causes of edema. At the same time, we must not forget: swelling is not always be a consequence of preeclampsia. If the pregnancy late, the reason is often the violated the outflow of urine that occurs due to overgrowth of the uterus and compression of the ureters.

Outflows occur for certain reasons. It is not only the origin of the changes observed in the body of the patient, but also all kinds of pathology.

Among the physiological problems are the following:

  • Swelling of a pathological nature.
  • Pathology and kidney disease.
  • Disorders of the cardiovascular life of the body.
  • Varicose venous extension.

Consider a physiological disorder, which occur swelling of legs during pregnancy, read more:

  • The fetus of the womb is growing, and increasing the womb. Starts to pressure the surrounding organs and vessels of different sizes, which in some cases have a large size. Because of this, there is the difficulty of the withdrawal not processed by the body liquids. Swelling this category often declare themselves after 20 weeks, and first of all – those who abuse salty food. When similar problems have resorted to outpatient methods.
  • Pathological varieties of edema (preeclampsia) are dangerous. With him, swelling captures the whole body, resulting in weight gain with increasing pressure in the vessels that carry blood. The reason for this condition lies in the spasm of blood vessels, deterioration of the fluidity and the disordered movement of human blood. So begins the process of tissue death. Preeclampsia is little more than a physiological effect when required supervision of a physician.
  • In addition to physiology, a large spread of the swelling in the pathology of such a body as the kidneys. More precisely, they develop because of glomerulonephritis. As a rule, on such diseases observed are known in advance. It significantly facilitates diagnosis. But it is not uncommon for a woman in her condition for the first time learns that sick. If this disease appeared swelling – it says little about the duration of pregnancy. First, at any stage of the condition begins to swell the face, then the arms, the legs.
  • When the functionality of the kidneys is disturbed, and the natural exchange of liquid material between the vessels and tissues downed – the time of development of pathologies of the cardiovascular organs. Its displays look a certain way. The liquid out of the blood vessels, the heart has to function within the normal range, and if his work is disrupted problems occur. A characteristic accompaniment of edema is considered to be heart pain, shortness of breath, bouts of weakness. When diagnosed by appropriate symptoms, hospitalization is required.
  • Consequences of varicose veins can be very dangerous. Their appearance is connected with the pressure exerted on the vessels of the enlarged uterus. In pregnant women there is a feeling of heaviness in the legs, can produce venous nodes. There are times when these symptoms are recognized as one-sided.

The severity of edema is large enough. This is especially true when they are not treated. Then the doctor performs additional tests. Neither his methods nor prescribed treatment should not harm either the mother or the fetus. Otherwise, you may experience unexpected complications. There are cases when assigned to the hospital. When exacerbations do not self medicate.

We have listed a number of reasons because of which there swelling. Most often they develop because of the liquid substances that are not removed from the body. They are retained in such areas, which are called the lower extremities. Uterus, growing naturally, compresses the veins. They become a factor, because of which the compressed veins, carrying blood flow.

In addition to the growth of body weight, that is the increase in hydrostatic pressure, which leads to a working state of the venous vessels and into the tissues enters the liquid component of blood plasma. If there is a predisposition, because of the long exposure on the venous wall changes the structure. With the development of varicose veins blood vessels cease to be elastic, begin their expansion and deformation. This leads to a further aggravation of the situation.

This is due to the following phenomena:

  • Violations of water-salt exchange.
  • A deficiency in the intake of protein with food.
  • Increasing the load on the kidneys.
  • Compression of the renal vessels.

If swelling during pregnancy become pathological – it may be evidence of decompensation of chronic diseases of these organs like the heart or kidney.

Despite its prevalence, swelling of feet in pregnancy has not ceased to be a painful phenomenon. To ensure that their appearance is not so difficult. When favorite shoes turn into huddling torture, and the weight exceeds the figure of 300 gr. in a week, despite the apparent accuracy of symptoms, sometimes confused with the natural swelling of the weight gain.

If a pregnant missing renal and cardiac diseases, swelling of the feet can be observed only in the second half of pregnancy. The development of the phenomenon is different. Often when first swell feet, and then hands, stomach and face. In the morning the picture does not seem disastrous, but in the evening, accumulation of fluid will again appear in the legs.

Not always swelling of the legs during pregnancy are considered pathological. The body of a pregnant readily accumulates compounds like sodium. It has the property to attract water, the fluid cannot leave the body. But usually the process is compounded by such facts as the use of salt and fried foods. As an additional negative factor is the heat. Meanwhile, it is believed that swelling themselves did not carry threat to health and are, in fact, a natural consequence of this condition.

How to treat swelling of feet during pregnancy?

In milder cases, for relief of symptoms will take a little bit – just lie on your side, giving the body a chance to rest, to undergo a diuretic tea and to minimize the use of salt with food. During pregnancy feet may be complications – particularly when the woman typed more than I should, weight. Then that education becomes a massive, grasping hands, face, and lower back. The rest are almost there. A similar condition called “preeclampsia”. Requires strict surveillance and, possibly, hospitalization. When it is severe form of preeclampsia – it starts with a noticeable increase in pressure, urine protein, and fetus the health status of the mother be threatened.

Complications of edema:

  • High blood pressure.
  • Urinary protein excretion is

Swelling Hands during Pregnancy

Often during pregnancy begin to swell hands and fingers. This – excessive amount of fluid in areas such as wrists and fingers. When the mass of liquid becomes a large – it covers the nerves, which are by nature formed to the hands, which deprives them of sensitivity, and the expectant mother feels a great discomfort.

When it comes to the third trimester – doctors do not advise to carry rings. Many swelling occurs in the second trimester – then jewelry before take off. If you do not remove them in time – they will dig into the skin. And when will come the stage of constant swelling, it will be impossible to remove.

Causes of Swelling during Pregnancy

  • Causes of Swelling during PregnancyHormonal Changes. When it comes to pregnancy, the body of the mother begins to produce the hormone progesterone, which occurs heavy changes. In addition to the causeless mood swings, in the body in large quantity starts to linger the water.
  • The Body becomes open to infection. Edema often is a natural reaction to some viral diseases.
  • Often it is an allergic reaction to food or household chemicals; poor quality.
  • Incorrect life regime, the fatigue. During this state, like pregnancy, even a perfectly healthy organism starts to suffer from changes, including deterioration of the skin, and the usual state of fatigue becomes a cause of the bad condition of the skin and swelling.

Do not always have the opportunity to understand why is there swelling during pregnancy. The necessary operational lab tests, regular observation by a physician, and then will be able to reduce the harm caused by these phenomena to a minimum.

How dangerous swelling hands during pregnancy?

Swelling of hands and fingers – a standard condition for the period of gestation.

Symptoms of edema of the hands:

  • Numbness of the hands.
  • discomfort of the wrists.
  • Constant feeling of being in the fingers of something tingling.

Usually swelling of the hands occur under certain conditions – for example, the women knitting or sculpting. In addition, the symptom shows up from working at the computer, when constantly performed the same actions. So, they are working with knitting needles, tapping on the keyboard. In addition to these manifestations, many begin to suffer from the so-called “tunnel syndrome”. It is a constant pain in the wrists.

These troubles are easy to avoid if you do exercises and workout for the hands. There are cases when swelling in the hands is joined by the sacrum, the abdomen, back. Then urgently recommended to consult a specialist.

Facial Swelling in Pregnancy

Swelling of the face in pregnancy – a phenomenon which is caused by certain reasons:

  • In red blood cells remains less salt and protein than in other tissues, and the blood becomes dehydrated because water comes out of it.
  • When come the last weeks of pregnancy the uterus is literally constricts the veins and the system of lymphatic vessels coming from the legs.

To understand why there is swelling you have to learn to understand the stages of the phenomenon of pregnancy.

They can only select 4:

  1. On the first swollen feet and shins.
  2. When the second captures the swelling of the leg, closest to him part of the abdomen and lumbosacral region.
  3. Swollen hands, the feeling of puffiness person.
  4. Stage General edema.

The external signs of swollen face can easily are different: it begins to look rounded, but when pressed with fingers in place of the push remains pit. When these symptoms are established – it is necessary to consult the doctor and then to take measures aimed at prevention of serious complications. Most often recommended diet and medication.

Swelling of the face during pregnancy is associated with certain mechanisms. First and foremost, it is the relationship with changes in water-salt exchange. Because of the violation of the outflow of lymph and blood through the veins of the hands, face and feet swollen. It should not be ignored.

Facial Swelling in Pregnancy

Swelling of the face, it is easy to distinguish visually. He feels unwanted curves. In addition, we have already referred to this method as the pressure. It is not necessary to push hard – even if it’s only fingers, when you can stay by displacement of the bruises, and the condition worsens.

A woman, convinced of the presence of such symptoms, tends rather to visit a doctor. He could more accurately ascertain why come this condition. Respectively, followed by the establishment of treatment.

This condition is quite common, and because of this, even a number of will take. So, there is a belief that a person can’t be touched – if you’re doing this often, then the child will be born with birthmarks on the face. We can say that the connection with reality here is quite shaky. If you touch your hands to the face – the pores of the skin become contaminated, and given the changes of the body, pollution can accrue to the fetus and cause similar consequences. Such cases are rare, and usually, frequent touching is harmful to the mother.

Edema during pregnancy – When to Worry?

Edema during pregnancy – When to Worry?Each technique is accompanied by examination of the pregnant woman. Especially the face and legs because it allows you to identify pastosity. Permanently you need to carry out procedures such as weighing. This is the best way to detect excess weight gain. Swelling during pregnancy is a certain phenomenon associated with increased body weight. On the feet they may be poorly expressed. If they do not of expression signals of hidden, internal, swelling.
Before each examination by a gynecologist is required to do a urine test. Using the results establish the function of the kidneys and differencebut “normal” swelling. They should not be confused with the phenomenon of preeclampsia or a kidney problem.

Causes of swelling set can be difficult. The gynecologist will need a result additional investigations (renal ultrasound, blood test). The patient should be considered a diuresis (identify the amount of liquid and a lot of urine). If the mass of urine is insufficient, it makes sense to begin treatment.

How to get rid of edema in pregnancy

The best way is to drink clean water. You can add lemon. And this drink, like coffee, will have to give.

Prevention of edema during pregnancy:

  • Maximum reduction of consumption of salt is better to start with sauerkraut – it rule out first. After eliminated pickles, herring, black bread, salted nuts, olives. Then cut your food with spices, carbonated drinks, fried, smoked.
  • At least once a week shows fasting day eat only apples and juices.
  • Hiking in the heat is forbidden.
  • Eliminated the fatigue.
  • Contraindicated for long periods in one position.
  • It is Recommended to do physical exercise.

All these measures are allowed if there are no contraindications. You need to devote time to proper walking, the outdoors. When it comes to sleep better legs to put on some height.

How to get rid of edema in the legs:

  • cool bath,
  • foot massage
  • a decoction of dried apricots.

In the latter case, you will need to fill the dried apricots with boiling water and leave overnight and in the morning the compote drink 30-40 minutes before meals. Can cite the example of many other so-called recipes of traditional medicine against swelling. Dangerous to self-treat such entities medications like diuretic pills. Such decisions need to be discussed with your doctor.

Above we have listed the physiological swelling. In such cases it is enough diet for pregnant women and monitoring fluid intake. In the first situation, refuse from junk food – salty and fatty, fried, smoked. But that salt is the reason that the fluid cannot leave the body. All the food takes a bit insufficient salting. Statistics: rate of salt during pregnancy – 8 g, and in the usual as – 14 g.

When there is the presence of strong physiological edema, can be a time to stick with salt-free diet. There are cases when prescribed diuretics, but such as shall proceed only after consultation with a specialist.

Are the types of edema that cannot be treated by diet. Then resorted to medical treatment under strict medical supervision. Of particular importance remains the exception root cause.

A Very difficult problem of preeclampsia. Despite the swelling, expectant mothers almost without exception suffer from dehydration. That is, to exclude from the menu the water, can not be considered. In this case, resort to diet. It is quite strict. But it is not an absolute solution, but a little relief is guaranteed. Also, the doctor gives recommendations that must be followed, and faithfully to undergo medical treatment.

How to relieve swelling during pregnancy?

At home swelling during pregnancy is treated quite successfully. As a rule, resort to hospitalization in extreme cases. In the exercise therapy of long duration the result is guaranteed in most cases, if it quietly comes the period of hospitalization. In severe cases, it is necessary to conduct additional conditions and to identify the causes of obvious pathology.

We want to focus on the tips where the risk to cause health to yourself and the fetus will be minimal.

To do this, follow a few simple guidelines:

  • In the day you should drink 1-1,2 liters of liquid a day (this number includes soups, juices, fruits and so on).
  • To stop using food that provokes thirst.
  • To abandon the carbonated drinks.
  • Regularly perform gymnastics and exercises for pregnant women.
  • As often as possible to eat foods steamed, boiled, prepared on pair nature, cereals, vegetables and fruit.
  • If swelling is expressed – often use of diuretics (only in consultation with the lead physician).
  • Way of life must be sufficiently agile, active.
  • Not recommended for a long stay in the stuffiness and heat.
  • As needed, conduct a cool foot bath.
  • Eliminates the wearing of uncomfortable shoes, shoes, boots, flat shoes or excessively high heels.
  • To wear special anti underwear – tights or stockings.
  • To give the feet a rest, avoid being in prolonged standing or sitting.

Treatment of pathological edema is commonly based on the elimination of manifestations of the disease, triggering their appearance. Despite the fact that in this condition women sometimes take rash actions, we need to resort to any measures only after consulting the specialists.

Diet for pregnant women against edema is one of the most common measures. We must admit that the views here differ. Sometimes there are opposite statements. Many years ago, was adopted the recommendations, but now it turns out that they are not quite right, and they were modified.

Diet to prevent edema

A day should not drink more than 1-1,2 liters of fluid. Don’t forget that it includes soups and fruit, and not just water. If you are going to consume more fluids, the swelling will increase.

Much more effective advice on diet. He gave the result most often, because it is a true measure. Diet is not a rejection of the products needed by the body, and some recommendations. We also talked above. Recall that the detention of the liquid contributes not only salt, but also protein. This files most often migrate to food lacto-vegetarian in nature.

How to reduce swelling in legs during pregnancy?

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