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Swimming pool during menstruation

Despite the fact that modern hygiene products allow a lot to do women that was not available to our grandmothers, all menstruating women feel a little uncomfortable and ask a lot of questions to which no clear answer.

Is it Possible to swim in the pool during your period

The first thing that interests women: “What cleaning product is better – lined or a tampon?” Most gynecologists recommend to combine them. For example, the night is preferable to a gasket, especially if it is with wings, rather wide and long.

In the last days of menstruation, when the discharge volume decreases, you can switch to tampons. Strict rules in this respect does not exist – it all depends on the physiological characteristics and lifestyle of a particular woman.

Important point – the rules of hygiene. It is advisable to wash at least twice a day, but preferably after the change of tampon or pads (i.e., every 4-6 hours). Tampons and pads should only be purchased in pharmacies, from well-known manufacturers.

During menstruation is not advisable:

  • To take too cold or too hot baths should be limited to a warm shower)
  • To visit the sauna or bath (may increase bleeding)
  • Swim in natural bodies of water (there may be harmful microorganisms)
  • To consume spicy, salty and sweet cuisine
  • To take medication containing Aspirin

Menstruation and pool facilities

If to consider this question from the point of view of security, it is important only to the reliability of tampons. Swimming in a pool usually does not last more than 45-60 minutes, which in principle is not enough to even the most profuse menstruation tampon was filled.

From an aesthetic point of view to the swimming pool during menstruation is not well. It is disrespectful to other visitors, who probably would not, if I knew that the next sailing women critical days.


However, the prerequisite is to change the tampon right before the swimming. If we are talking about physical activity, sports during menstruation is not forbidden to do, and in some cases just need to relieve spasms and pain. But if a woman feels weakness, fatigue, abdominal pain, physical activity should be abandoned.

If to speak about possibility of communicable diseases that can be transmitted through contact with chlorinated water, you should think before you go into a public pool.

Indeed, in the critical days of the protective functions of the organism are reduced and the cervix is open. It is necessary to know how well the swimming pool is sanitized. But it is important not only during menstruation, but also at any time.

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